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Poll: How varied is your favorite anime?

Jan 14, 7:38 PM

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Please read before you type and vote

The title of this thread appears to be completely different from what I'm trying to tell so please hear me out on this.

I'm not claiming that I have a strange taste in anime because it's shit. I like my taste and I love my favorite shows.

It's just that all of my favorites are completely different from one another that makes me say, "my taste is strange".

How different exactly, allow me to show you my favorites. I have these shows which I have no problems for it to be together...
Violet Evergarden
Code Geass
Haruhi Suzumiya

But then there are these shows which is kinda weird for me to see all of them together:
Demon Slayer: a popular choice for shonen-tards that most people in MAL forums love to shit on (ngl that's the sad truth)
Fruits Basket: a somewhat nostalgic choice
The World God Only Knows: a very unpopular choice in which most people think is nothing more than an average cutesy anime
Princess Tutu: a really unpopular and obscure choice
Baccano: a normal choice for a lot of people to have in their favorites, but by comparing this with the last shows I mentioned, it almost feels out of place. Heck, despite how similar they are in the gory side, it's still quite too different from Demon Slayer in terms of appeal.

Looking at my top 10 personal favorites kind of amazes me to see all this different kind of shows together in this list. Despite how weird they are together making my taste in anime look shit, I love the variety and diversity that all my favorites have.

My question is, how varied is your favorite anime? Is is as varied as mine, or do you mostly stick to having favorites from one type of anime (eg only has battle shounen in favorites)?
If it's varied, does it look strange to see two or more completely different anime together?
If not for the most part, what type of anime do you mostly root for and why?

This thread is kind of inspired by a certain forum game. But we're here to discuss the descriptions of our taste in anime.

EDIT: Based on some comments, I kinda forgot to mention how my favorite shows differ. I'd say, in terms how each show impacted the fanbase, it's popularity and it's tone which can include the art style, sound, characters and writing of the show. Not a major genre or demographic as they can be quite broad. I can include subgenres though.
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Jan 14, 8:02 PM

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Your taste isn't really that strange to me. All of your top 10s are among the most popular shows (except Princess Tutu)

I also can't judge myself having a varied taste or not but I try to have a varied taste
Jan 14, 8:12 PM

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Your favorites look good to me. I'm personally a sucker for psychology & romance, despite that, Hajime no Ippo--a sports anime--is my 2nd favorite out of all anime. I'd say I'm pretty gray when it comes to having a taste, as I can enjoy basically anything unless it's yaoi or yuri.
Jan 14, 8:12 PM

Joined: Dec 2018
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I guess I have a somewhat varied taste in anime...
If you take a look at my actual anime (and manga) list, you'd be surprised with some of the stuff I've watched in there.
I mean you can clearly see my love of fantasy (especially magical girl) and shoujo series in both my anime and manga lists, but you can also see some super obscure/old titles in there or even stuff that you wouldn't expect from a huge magical girl fan. For example, people who have visited my list have been surprised by my rating for Dragon Ball Super: Broly lol

I wouldn't say it's as varied as yours though, you've clearly watched more anime and from all over the place—I'm impressed, gg right there.
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Jan 14, 8:17 PM

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i guess my taste is more varied? i have a specific bias for fate stuff but i like the occasional sports anime like Haikyuu or a mecha one like Code Geass (maybe NGE too if I bother to watch it).

I don't believe it's strange to see completely different anime together. People have a variety of tastes and the anime could've just had an effect on them because of a well written story, lovable characters etc
Jan 14, 8:19 PM

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I watch a lot of types of anime, but in terms of my favourites the majority of them are cute stuff.
Jan 14, 8:29 PM

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My favourites varies from cute stuff to something like Jojo and Vinland....

ᶜᵃⁿ'ᵗ ʷᵃᶦᵗ ᶠᵒʳ ᴹᵃʲᵒ ⁿᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᶦᵗᵃᵇᶦ ᵃⁿᶦᵐᵉ ˣ⁾
Jan 14, 8:32 PM

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The main thing with my favorites is that comedy is always a very common theme amongst them. If it starts getting into higher rated series it starts to split a bit and if I focus on shows I generally enjoy then it can be very broad.
Jan 14, 8:32 PM

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My taste is mostly just about characters so that leaves a looooooooooooooot of genres in my range. xD

Definitely big on tear-jerkers though...and magical girls.

Jan 14, 8:35 PM
Joined: Oct 2012
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Nah, all anime in my list that I rate above 7 have something in common: they are good
Jan 14, 8:39 PM

Joined: Mar 2018
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i like a lot of different genres but also know what i DON'T like....
so my anime tend to fall into several different categories....
Jan 14, 8:48 PM
Joined: Jul 2017
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I'd say my favourite manga are a bit varied, but most of them are quite common choices. My top 5 includes,

1. One Piece
2. Shingeki no Kyojin
3. Monster
4. Koe no Katachi
5. Berserk/Yotsubato!
Jan 14, 8:54 PM

Joined: Apr 2019
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There are many ways to slice the data on your favourites. Popularity wise, genre wise, demographic wise, even art style or animation wise. A list might be varied along one dimension, but homogeneous along another. For example, my list has many different genres, but most shows are seinen with a few shounen thrown in.
Jan 14, 8:56 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
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I don't care about the genres, I can and I prefer to enjoy different things.
Jan 14, 9:00 PM

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You are a fucking casual. That's what.
Arknights is 👌
Jan 14, 9:02 PM

Joined: Aug 2018
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I don't think it's strange at all. Liking one genre doesn't mean you can't appreciate the aspects of another, they're not mutually exclusive. In fact I think it's rarer to have people who exclusively watch and only enjoy a certain genre?

Besides using different types of genres as a gauge of "taste"/variety, there's also other ways to see it e.g. art style, production studio, whether it's a manga adaptation, voice actors etc. So of course just going by genre alone, placing some titles together as favourites may seem weird, but they may also have similarities in some other way that's just less obvious.
Jan 14, 9:03 PM
Joined: Jan 2019
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I wouldn't say that's too varied. A lot of comedy with a some romance, some feels, and some good ole princess tutu. I would say its about as varied as my top 10
(in no particular order)
Code Geass
Kemono no Souja Erin
Koe no Katachi
A Place Further than the Universe
Glass Mask
Jan 14, 9:04 PM
Magician of Nom

Joined: Mar 2016
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I love almost all genre of anime except perhaps mecha. And ecchi is something I dont look for but can sometimes enjoy with its comedy.

I dont really have a strange taste in anime. I just actively seek horror anime every chance I get bc when that shit is good it is my absolute jam. Unfortunately....its usually a miss for me honestly.
Jan 14, 9:19 PM

Joined: May 2016
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I like everything from Miru tights to Yu Yu Hakusho to Damekko Doubutsu. I don't even think I consider myself to have "taste" because that would mean that there are certain anime I don't like, and there really isn't a type of anime I wouldn't watch/end up liking. I will admit it now though that I don't watch yaoi/shounen ai. Not because I don't want to, but because I've never really randomly watched one. And I do plan to watch some when I free up time!
Jan 14, 10:05 PM

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operationvalkyri said:
There are many ways to slice the data on your favourites. Popularity wise, genre wise, demographic wise, even art style or animation wise.

While yes, most of them have comedy and fantasy elements. I'd say they are very different in terms of impact, popularity and tone of the series.

Kaiser-chan said:
You are a fucking casual. That's what.

*looks and has SAO in favorites*
Not as casual as yours at least. I'm ok with your taste but still.

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Many people say that anime is not a cartoon.
But in the end, they're nothing more but drawings on paper.

Jan 14, 10:07 PM

Joined: May 2017
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I don’t know.

I know I watch way too much Nadia, but I think I’m not the right person to answer this question.
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Jan 14, 10:12 PM

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Well my favorite genre are action,sci-fi/mecha,adventure,supernatural,fantasy and ecchi (not necessarily in that order),and my favorites are a mix of said genre. So, you tell me if my taste in anime is strange.
Jan 14, 10:18 PM
Joined: Dec 2014
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Most of the anime that I have in my faves are battle shounen anime they are the type of anime I love.
I have however loved other anime and rated those 8-9 and a lot of them are romance anime.
Jan 15, 12:10 AM

Joined: Jul 2016
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I can certainly relate to this feeling because all of the anime i have in my favourites are completely different from each other.To be frank,don't like limiting myself to one genre because i stumbled upon most of my favourite anime by chance.
I have animes that are battle shounen,shounen ai,psychological,magical girl,kids anime,slice of life all lumped in together in my favourites(and that´s not even counting all of the sub-genres)and i like each of them for different reasons.I think more than anything based on genre,my preference in anime is based more on execution.
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Jan 15, 12:33 AM

Joined: Feb 2019
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i watch love live, but at the same time neon genesis evangelion
Jan 15, 12:52 AM

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I can't accurately discern the similarities and differences in mine aside from the fact that there's 70% actions and all of them leaning more to fantasy settings so I'll go for option 3.

For manga, I give up, I can't tell. Op??

For characters, they're all tragic heroes. Op4

For people, its either a singer or a writer. Op5
Jan 15, 1:18 AM

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For me, i don't necessarily have a particular taste. Usually what draws me into something is the characters/i strongly connected to them or got a lot of meaning out of it. Since you can have strong characters in most genres, there's a lot of vary.

i grew up with shounen, and then a bit later focused on shoujo. but i dont consider myself a Fan of battle shounen or shoujo romance its just a vast demographic with plenty of good apples. Hit or miss! like anything else.

If not that then the atmosphere, something that felt to me had a really strong tone and vibe uniquely to that series, or just from an artistic standpoint. But most of the time i just love good characters!
Jan 15, 1:29 AM
Joined: Dec 2017
Posts: 551
I don't think my taste in anime is strange but it is somewhat varied. I have some typical shounen favs like Mob Psycho 100 and My Hero Academia but I also really love Dororo. I don't watch a lot of shoujo but Banana Fish easily makes my top 5.

Basically, I can watch a lot of things if it's interesting but I'm really drawn toward psychological and action anime. After that, I'd have to say horror, mystery, supernatural, and comedy but I really enjoy it when these genres blend. That's precisely why I love anime like Parasyte, Bungou Stray Dogs, and Blue Exorcist.
Jan 15, 1:46 AM
Joined: Jul 2018
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My first anime was Girls und Panzer and I LOVED it! You decide.
Jan 15, 2:03 AM

Joined: May 2018
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You are such a standard MAL user, what is supposed to be the strange part?

Not sure why you even mention shounen-tards: those only watch and value battle shounens. They ignore the rest and you obviously don't do that.

About the varied part.
Not sure there should be standards about that - only if you are some sort of journalist or reviewer.
Your list looks varied enough for conversations on many themes.

About mine - I don't really care.
Jan 15, 2:12 AM

Joined: Mar 2016
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My taste covers a lot of different genres, so I am varied in that sense, but I still stick with what I like and rarely branch outside of that.

My top 10 are all over the place. There's shounen, shoujo, senien, and even josei.
There's psychological thrillers and comedy.
There's action and slice of life.
There's shoujo ai and shounen ai, and then there are ones with no romance whatsoever.

I could possibly lump a few together:

Serious, psychological:
Shinsekai Yori
Death Note

Shounen ai (even though these three have nothing in common outside of that):
Junjou Romantica

Action + Fantasy:
07 Ghost
Nabari no ou

Even these lumps are really a stretch. I have a problem putting Junjou Romantica and Vassalord in the same category... one is a cute romantic comedy and the other is dark and serious.

A few (not many) people have told me they cannot seem to figure out my taste going by my favorites. But there is a pattern to my chaos. I know what I like, and that can be seen on my profile. But I will copy and paste in a spoiler:

Genres not mentioned in my "like/dislike" list are neutral. I seem to actually have a lot of action anime on my list (and three of my favorite anime have action as a genre), but I never watch anime for the action. In fact, while action is a neutral genre for me in anime, it is actually one of the genres I hate the most in movies.

So, I really don't know how "varied" my taste can really be seen as. Clearly there's a lot of different genres I like, and they seem to go from one end from the other, but is it really that varied when I'm so specific about it? I won't just watch whatever.

Sorry for writing a novel. I found this topic interesting, and it was fun to think about :)

Jan 15, 3:01 AM

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I genuinely don't see anything strange. These are not unknown titles and I can't say they're so drastically different from one another.

It's normal people are fond of several genres at the time, be they polar opposites or tightly knotted.
Jan 15, 4:02 AM

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TheKawaiiToon said:
operationvalkyri said:
There are many ways to slice the data on your favourites. Popularity wise, genre wise, demographic wise, even art style or animation wise.

While yes, most of them have comedy and fantasy elements. I'd say they are very different in terms of impact, popularity and tone of the series.

Kaiser-chan said:
You are a fucking casual. That's what.

*looks and has SAO in favorites*
Not as casual as yours at least. I'm ok with your taste but still.

Lol that again.

Back to topic: Since I have watched anime for like over 20 years now and consumed media, I have a very good idea of what I like. I might watch different genres, but still.
When I talked to others and looked through MAL profiles, I found out that quite many older girls / (younger) women share tastes similar to mine. That was a quite remarkable pattern and high % of shared and similar rated anime I saw there. Not the same, but with similar patterns like @Kiyomice two above me and you too @TheKawaiiToon lol
So I really would say my taste is very "feminine" overall, although it's not about pink magical girl series or anything. The colors of the Pretty Cure-series etc are too flashing for me, I just don't like them. I'm also not fond of the typical Shoujo styles, especially the older ones.

TheKawaiiToon said:
is as varied as mine, or do you mostly stick to having favorites from one type of anime (eg only has battle shounen in favorites)?

Funnily yes, both answers are yes lol
Still, most of my favorites are shounen. I made a screenshot to see that and underlined all battle & adventure shounen & seinen and characters from there purple, other shounen and seinen blue and all shoujo & josei pink.
Although there is so much of them, we all know for example Pandora Hearts has a huge female fanbase haha.

I care much about development and character interactions and relationships, family themes, friendship themes if done right, stuff about communication, overcoming traumata, making huge mistakes in life etc. and very much coming of age-stories or life-time drama too and stuff about sexuality and so on. And stuff that heavy relies on feelings.

Although I rarely care about too philosophical themes, if they are too detached to their characters and humans in general, but I like to see more insightful things about war, racism and so on. Something that is more attached to society and humans than some other philosophical themes. Someone tried to get me interested about cyborgs and so on, but I really don't like too much techstuff, although Ghost in the Shell was pretty good, but Cyberpunk is just not mine.

In general:
- Dark Fantasy, also the darker types of shounen with more intruiging characters and settings that interest me. Rarely horror tho.
- Everything with a new concept about settings and world buildings to me too.
- High fantasy in medieval age and adventure fantasy, although they are a big hit or miss most times. 12 Kingdoms? Great. Another super generic isekai setting with generic medieval age? No.
Doesn't have to be european either.
- Mythology stuff, just because I like these. Mythology all over the world is great, but I especially like Japan mythology and for aesthetics I love kimono and so on.
- Some types of romance or hinted couples, more adult romances too. Or stuff like Scum's Wish, which is pretty much more realistic.
- Some Slice of Life, especially if mixed with fantasy.
- LGBT characters that are much more humanized than in your standard BL or GL give me life lol
- Steampunk-ish settings, just because I really like them.
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Jan 15, 4:12 AM
Joined: Jun 2019
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I don't really have a strange taste cuz most anime I watch are shonen. And your favourites don't seem "strange" to me at all
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Jan 15, 4:25 AM

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There are hundreds of different genres and subgenres in anime and every person has different tastes, it is impossible to generalize because there is no category that is defined as strange, everything has its audience. Moreover the genres and subgenres themselves also vary a lot with each anime series.
Jan 15, 4:33 AM

Joined: Jul 2019
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Nothing strange about it though. Taste is taste. You might be a bit broad in preferences, others might not be.
Jan 15, 4:58 AM

Joined: Nov 2010
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My top 5 is:

- Angel Beats!
- Code Geass
- Madoka Magica
- Free! Eternal Summer
- Yuri on Ice!

I think those make some sense. There is bit of disparity between Free! + Yuri on Ice! against the rest since both are focused on normal life. But three others make sense together to me as do Free! And Yuri on Ice together.

I'm not sure what my top 10 is. But I guess i could add Mob Psycho and Hinamatsuri there at least. I think they still fit in with the rest.

Jan 15, 5:00 AM

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I didn't expect what this was actually about.
I'd say my taste is stranger than yours, OP, since your faves are all popular/well-known shows while mine are sometimes obscure as hell, but by your criterion for "strangeness" mine is less strange, since my favorites tend to be of my favored setting genres, fantasy and sci-fi.
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Jan 15, 5:11 AM

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>Tutu >really unpopular and obscure
Jan 15, 5:19 AM

Joined: Dec 2018
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Refined taste I know what I like .Pure lesbian females! So Yuri CGDGT Idols magical girl or anything with females only that have some Yuri vibes! I dont like anime males so I often stick to the ones with females who have no interest in males!!

Sometimes I do exceptions if it have something interesting

But I dont watch that much anime everyday. Maybe a couple of episodes a day! So the bigger part are the once I really like!! With my pure lesbians!!! They are so fucking cute!!!

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Jan 15, 5:30 AM

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I dont really have a distinct taste, a show needs to have depth and multiple well executed layers and its a good contender to be one of my favorites. So all shows in my favorites differ pretty much from one another, if we talk surface settings but what i think they all have in common is depth, very many genres are at least 1 time in my favorites.

I have a g rated series, Berserk and a furry show on there...

I dont really think your taste is that strange, most are pretty popular shows.
Jan 15, 11:02 AM

Joined: Apr 2016
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Yeah I've got a varied taste. I watch anything and everything.
Jan 15, 11:08 AM

Joined: Aug 2018
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I'm really into yaoi/yuri and dementia, so I guess I have weird taste
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Jan 15, 11:11 AM
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my favorites are usually action series especially hyper energetic ones bonus points if they are motivational since my life is boring so i need a dose of excitement
Jan 15, 11:14 AM

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Just give me all the Slice of Life Anime!
Jan 15, 11:15 AM

Joined: Mar 2018
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I love weird, slowass mystery thrillers. BUT also mid-2000s shoujo romance bullshit. I'll give really anything a shot, even if I know I won't like it (slice of life shows, beware).
Jan 15, 11:23 AM

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I love drama works. One can hardly proclaim that a strange taste.

OP your taste is that of an "anime favorites starter pack"

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Jan 15, 11:28 AM

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I guess my taste is quite varied.
Monster, Hunter x Hunter, Bakemonogatari and NGE are in my top 10
Jan 15, 11:48 AM
Joined: Nov 2016
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U're no weird, ur taste is common nothing special, all of ur like basically based on smart ikemen, psychological stuff & heavy drama

Compared with me, myself also confused to considered my favorites whether include in a lot of variety or restricted on certain genre

If looks carefully, i choosed my favorites usually coz :
1 the show had been ended
2 great conclusion regardless sad, good, sweet, or tragic ending
3 great insert song
4 have momentable scene

But while categorized i have fews anime plot that is :
1 About Endless Scramble consists of Code Geass, Tengen Toppa Gurren Langan, Texhnolyze, Zegapain
2 About favor people consists of Clannad, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Angel Beats, Kobato
3 About fun nonsencial family like Seto no Hanayome

But dis weird coz too much ascpect not yet mentioned from what we said before, so literally dis thread isnt accurate coz after all taste is a subjectivity absolute by everyone until there is clear border in size it, like Most Popular, Rank list, etc
Jan 15, 11:48 AM

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Title of the thread and the poll question are a little different.

Someone can have a highly varied favourites list without it being all that strange.

For me, I'd say my favourites are quite varied, but not strange.

Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho
Girls Last Tour
Monogatari Series (Bake in list but it's a stand in for the whole series)
Shinsekai Yori
Ergo Proxy
Non Non Biyori
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (this is the only strange one, it's not a very highly regarded show, most people just thought it was generic harem trash)

So in terms of genre, there's comedy, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, harem, romance, SOL, ecchi and more if one starts to really reach.
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