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Why do people discriminate those who say shonen anime are the best?

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Jan 15, 1:13 PM

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Elitism. A lot of people are introduced to anime through shounen anime, I was. So some people feel like they've moved on to watching "better anime genres" and use that pov to look down on others.
Jan 15, 1:37 PM
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I feel the same way. Some of my favorite anime happen to be shounen. But it's simply what people do. Some people feel the need to judge other's tastes.

There's also that "this is popular so I'm gonna hate on it" thing that happens to shounen anime sometimes. And I'm sure those same people who do that also criticize people who like said popular anime and (sometimes) try to redirect them to a less popular anime.

Some people also think of shounen anime as that one genre that most anime fans start off watching but then move on from. Not everyone wants to move on from shounen anime though. And that's perfectly fine...but not in the eyes of some people.
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Jan 15, 1:39 PM

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Mark_Dingemanse said:
Diyeeshe said:

So you hate Shounen fans because Vinland Saga fans (an anime that is Seinen not Shounen) downvote botted Chihayafuru?

You can't be serious, some of you just want to blame everything on Shounen...It's ridiculous.

Its not Idol anime fans that are ruining the ratings a great shows mate. Its always the shounen fanboys

What part of Vinland Saga is Seinen do you not understand?
Jan 15, 2:32 PM

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The feeling of having that thought that you have superior taste compared to others is one human trait we all have, since most people in here are mid teens/adults a shounen show thats for little boys makes them look at it as a story on the level of understanding for kids.
Anyways just ignore em, like some people here Im a huge shonen genre fag! I love my shonen shit!!
Jan 15, 3:10 PM
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LOL ignore them. Who cares about what some random internet guy/girl has to say about your preferred genre of anime? Some people also tend to go against the grain solely for the sake of being contrarians.
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Jan 15, 3:14 PM
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phantom346 said:
Diyeeshe said:

That's funny, because your profile states Hunter x Hunter is the best anime or are you one of those who think it's actually Seinen? If so that's laughable.
Hunter x Hunter is neither a shounen nor a seinen. I would like to know why you think the shounen genre is a tier above the rest?

Your favourite list is filled with shonen anime. And Hunter x Hunter IS literally a shonen anime by definition. It ran in Weekly Shonen Jump, a magazine that targets the shonen demographic
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Jan 15, 7:01 PM

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People always hate what is popular.

And shonen is possibly the biggest genre of both anime and manga.
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Jan 15, 7:04 PM

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It's easy-shonen anime is fucking shit-pure and simple.
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Jan 15, 7:28 PM

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First thing to know about the anime community is that people will hate you for liking what you like regardless of what that actually is.

Aside from that? Battle shonen often lack much in the way of thematic depth or intellectual stimulation. They're marketed to adolescent boys, so they tend to heap on lots of sex and violence because that's what sells. I'm certainly not saying that's true of all battle shonen, but it's true of a lot of them. Also the female characters tend to suck.

The problem is that people jump from, "I don't like battle shonen," to "People who like battle shonen, and therefore don't agree with me, are idiots." I've seen maybe two or three battle shonen that I liked and a ton of shows I disliked, but I'm not about to give you or anyone else shit for liking battle shonen.

I reserve that for the lolicons and harem fans. ;)
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Jan 15, 9:40 PM

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It's fuckeeeen 2020 and people still judge and look down on others who don't have the same view or likes that they do.

If someone liking something doesn't hurt anybody, then it's completely okay.
Ya'll need to chill.

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Jan 16, 3:16 AM
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I don't see Battle Shounen lately because of too many cliches
Jan 16, 4:49 AM

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Discriminated? Battle shonen is everywhere. It's the most popular genre both in Japan and overseas BY FAR and it keeps appearing in every top list for every season and always among the most anticipated and hyped. Some people not liking the genre and being more or less vocal doesn't constitute a discrimination against a vast majority of fans.
Jan 16, 5:01 AM

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Because of the superiority complex that elitists have
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