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Poll: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 139 Discussion

Jan 15, 3:14 PM

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After the forehead cover worn as a pendant, I guess we can all go home... I guess I'll be skipping until we get to a semi-decent arc. Before anyone starts blabbering about fillers in Naruto, I haven't watched them. To me, watching fillers is a waste of time. So I'll never do regardless of how much I like one show.
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Jan 19, 2:12 AM

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Such a weak episode honestly. We didn't even see anything about this whole "Enko's friends abandoning her" story. Lmao where was that? All we saw was that they didn't want to leave her alone, so like where was the big "they're afraid of her and that's why she can't control her power" thing? Lazy story writing. But whatever I couldn't care less about these no-name characters and their rushed episodes. Next week we will finally see some Yamanaka family content.
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Jan 19, 7:58 AM

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I definetly liked the characters, and Enko is definetly more interesting than some characters from the actual main teams, (the same with the team 25) the episode is kinda meh. But I do hope to see them in the future in the canon manga or smt.
Jan 30, 7:49 PM

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This was actually a good one, it was nice to see Ibiki again.