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Jan 7, 7:49 AM

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This got an anime adaptation announced recently. A visual is up on the official site now so I'm curious what people are expecting from this upcoming anime.
Jan 7, 8:57 AM

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Seems like the artist is heavily involved so it will be good.
Hope the animate the action well.
Jan 9, 10:57 AM
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Yeah. I hope this gets good adaptation. 😊 Also, I have some speculation as to who one of the Voice Actress may be... I've been following her for months and it seems like her tweets leads to this series.
Jan 18, 10:36 PM
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Love the manga and light novel so I'm excited for the anime
Jan 23, 7:22 AM

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I'm not uually a fan of isekai anime, but are there any particularly stand out reasons as to why I might wanna watch this? Could i know your thoughts manga/light novel readers? <3
Feb 3, 4:48 PM

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I'm extremely excited about this adaptation to anime.
Mar 22, 11:55 PM
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kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma
Mar 26, 8:02 AM
Mar 26, 8:04 AM

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Mar 26, 8:43 AM

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Well... that's a bit concerning but at least the director is solid. The PV don't look bad either.
Mar 26, 4:16 PM

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Any guesses as to when this anime will air? I hope we'll see it before 2020 ends.
Mar 26, 6:27 PM

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EMT.. well unless they get their shit together then this adaptation will end up like the last 2 light novels they adapted.
Mar 28, 2:40 AM

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More Moe-sekai? Sign me in.
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Mar 28, 2:48 AM

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Not expecting to watch this honestly, unless people claim it's better than dog days.
Mar 29, 2:35 PM
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The design looks good and i love the voice acting how they chosed a more mature sounding voice actor as Yuna