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Jan 7, 3:41 PM

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evilchris said:
Im sure many are worried about the studio change. However, remember passione is about to blow us away with their first anime to hit the billboards top 100s.

Passione adapted to near perfection their previous slow burner Mystery book adaptation "Rokka no Yuusha" without much of a budget and still looked really nice.

That alone makes me very positive regarding this adaptation, I'm hoping for the same staff. Infinite is also a good producer, so this will likely be a well presented small budget production, which fits Higurashi just fine in my opinion.
Jan 7, 5:42 PM
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Remake or not I am so happy to see Higurashi stuff.. (≧Д≦) yay!
Jan 7, 5:43 PM

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Thx plan to watch notification for reminding me to watch the original of this
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Jan 7, 9:22 PM

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I'm not quite sure if I'd want to see a full remake on the Original Anime, probably not.

First of all, the nowadays' standard is to make just 1 cour of Anime and that isn't nearly enough.
Even if this gets 2 cours, the original too felt a bit rushed here and there aswell with those ~24 eps.

Secondly the music, enough said that Kenji Kawai really did something memorable in the original, however, they used the 'original' music in the PV, so maybe he would be assigned again?

And finally, the Seiyûs, the voices of practically everyone (atleast the main characters) were very, very well done, fitting the athmosphere just as well as the music.
Naturally by default the old cast would be joining on this, but it's been well over 10 years since the orginal, for better or worse, I'm afraid it won't be the same.

Higurashi is all about feeling,
And I'm worried the new one (if it's a remake) can't quite reach those heights that were reached before.

I wish it's just a set of adaptations of the unseen Manga/PS chapters, or at most a full 1 cour remake of a single chapter.

PS. I'd really hope they'd adapt the Onisarashi-hen in future :3
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Jan 8, 12:53 AM

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Just adapt Umineko Chiru already
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Jan 8, 4:37 AM
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Its a Higurashi Remastered right
Btw Rena looks like Sengoku Nadeko
It'll be cool to watch a remake of one of the Greatest anime created by a studio with tons of great anime on its name
Jan 8, 4:53 AM
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One of my all time favorites so I really hope this is good
Jan 8, 6:41 AM

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should have been Umineko but i guess everyone and their mother prefer higurashi so who cares :( damn a man just want to see his fav girl erika trolling around even in a shity adaptation anyway IMO this is 100% a remake since the author teased the announcement days before so it's a big project not just some 2 or 3 ova
or maybe it will be a new fragment like

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Jan 8, 9:55 AM

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My fingernails are not ready
Jan 9, 9:16 AM
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umineko remake when
Jan 9, 2:51 PM
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GrAVit said:
Quite excited for this! I'm hoping for a remake. That way we have hope for a Umineko reboot in the future, too. Down with the DEEN! :D

I wish the Umineko anime was as good as the manga. It needs a reeboot and it needs to be longer.
Jan 9, 3:54 PM

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EveRainBerry said:
GrAVit said:
Quite excited for this! I'm hoping for a remake. That way we have hope for a Umineko reboot in the future, too. Down with the DEEN! :D

I wish the Umineko anime was as good as the manga. It needs a reeboot and it needs to be longer.

I wish they had at least *finished* it to begin with. Then again, I think they screwed some things up in the first season that would've left the answer arcs with some plot holes. And I had even more of a reason to read the VN instead. Umineko needs justice.
Jan 9, 8:57 PM

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higurashi but with akio watanabe designs.. is enough to excite me no matter what it ends up like. even if just for the official art in his style uvu

i do hope it's a remake, and i do hope it's good, but i'm trying to stay optimistic in such a way that i'm not disappointed no matter what i get

i can't waaait to see mion and satoko in this style ovo
Jan 9, 11:03 PM

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I'm thinking it's gonna be a remake, though there isn't any surefire way to know for sure. Cautiously optimistic about this, but if they handle it well, then that's all I can ask for. :)
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Jan 9, 11:56 PM

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hoping for remake, but seeing that higurashi is still alive is a pleasant surprise.
akio watanabe's style works surprisingly well with the character designs from the one key visual so far

maybe if shin project goes well we might be able to see a ciconia anime?
Jan 10, 9:33 AM

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I see quite alot of people hoping for it to be a remake, I on the other hand hope for this to be nothing but new content, getting any story to be completely adapted into an anime is quite dificult nowadays, if there is any Higurashi content that has yet to be animated then we may not get the chance to see animated if this is just a remake of something that we already watched.

in any case just because it has the name "Higurashi" in it, it will automatically get a 10/10 from me no matter what it is once I watch it.
Jan 10, 2:46 PM

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I'm really excited for this tbh, the moment I saw Rena I was filled with nostalgia. I loved Higurashi so much in my younger days

Kakeras said:
Calling Higurashi Kai a disaster is some buffoonery if I've ever seen it.
Regardless, I think a reboot could be good if they play from the strengths of the original adaptation and improve what didn't work about it, namely the dated visuals and the overemphasis on gore that gave people a very misleading impression about what the story's focus even was.

I agree. I really hate that back in the days, Higurashi was popular among edgy kids that only watched it for the gore and didn't even watch s2 smh

Birdsanddrugs said:
My fingernails are not ready

God I chuckled out loud at this
Jan 11, 6:27 PM

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I mean it can’t be any worse than Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni : Kira right ? Right ?... ( Fingers crossed). :) Ps. Why can’t they make another Umineko series instead, I love Higurashi but another season is over kill even with a new storyline.
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Jan 12, 7:40 AM

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Damn I was just gonna say it myself it can't be worse than the fanservice OVA but you beat me to it.
Jan 12, 11:00 AM

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harushipanda said:
Damn I was just gonna say it myself it can't be worse than the fanservice OVA but you beat me to it.

Agreed, that was absolute garbage.
I hope for either a remake or a new series in a different setting. There are a lot of manga's not animated. They could easily pick a whole new setting to tell the same story in a different way.
Jan 12, 12:42 PM
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This will be a reset or an alternative history?
Jan 13, 6:27 AM
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The anime skipped so much it's ridiculous.
Jan 13, 7:57 AM
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5Cats said:
A remake would be nice! Season 1 could use some improvements, and season 2 was such a train-wreck it could not possibly be worse!
Even if they added a large dog who says "Higurashi-doo!" all the time...

What do you mean the 2 season was a trainwreck?
Jan 13, 11:00 AM

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Vapsiainen said:
5Cats said:
A remake would be nice! Season 1 could use some improvements, and season 2 was such a train-wreck it could not possibly be worse!
Even if they added a large dog who says "Higurashi-doo!" all the time...

What do you mean the 2 season was a trainwreck?

Hard to say without tons of spoilers... It's just that the mystery and 'eeriness' of Se.1 was lost, replaced by (second half especially) 'cartooniness' which reminded me of a bad Scoobie-doo episode. Plus things like "unending hail of bullets" and iirc exactly 1 person gets hit? And he doesn't even die... Thousands of bullets, literally flying everywhere!
Some of the plotlines were fantastic, but others were just... bad.
Jan 20, 6:28 PM

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If these are original arcs like those in Rei & Kira, I ain't watching. No need to grip your nostalgia goggles, folks; the art in season 1 of original TV anime was terrible. I would definitely pay money to see the scene where Shion shakes the ladder done in a way that isn't horribly awkward
Feb 1, 1:45 PM

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A remake seems unlikely, and adapting the rest of the "bonus arcs" or console exclusives at this point in time wouldn't make much sense.
I expect something short, 12 eps tops, with a completely new and original scenario and maybe some new characters even.

Would be nice to get some new content after all these years, I've always enjoyed Higurashi anime exclusives, even when it's done poorly, so I'll definitely watch this.

Of course if it turns out to be a remake of the original 8 arcs, even better.
Feb 6, 8:09 AM
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sarious said:
I really hope it's an expanded version of Kaku Outbreak.

Oh yes, I really wanted Outbreak to continue. It only felt like a prequel for me rather than an entire story, nothing was concluded. I also heard the LN had alot more going for it.
Feb 6, 2:18 PM
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This is much more plausible than a Umineko remake. Adapting Umineko would be next to impossible and there's only a couple studios I could imagine ever pulling a feat this great off.
Feb 8, 6:08 AM
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I'll take more Higurashi
Feb 8, 1:36 PM

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Whether its a remake or just new stuff, Im excited!


Feb 11, 9:33 PM

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I hope it's a remake so we can eventually get a remake of Umineko after. Would take years but this would be the best possible future.
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Feb 17, 5:41 PM
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Y'all I'm so hyped for this not just because I'm a fan of the original but because this time around, the character design will be done by Akio Watanabe a.k.a the guy who designed the characters for the Monogatari series.

I'm so keen to see the visual style of this new project and if Passione will do it justice.
Feb 19, 4:52 PM

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i'm just happy to see poyoyon rock get to draw satoko and rika. i loved the original anime, now that i'm on the games i see the anime really lacking the same depth, but i don't think that will ever be possible with an anime anyway. so whatever comes out, i'll likely be happy.

i hope this leads to an umineko anime (there IS no umineko anime, after all :D) in the future!
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