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Jan 4, 2020 9:36 PM

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How do I join Simulwatch?

We have specially chosen Kast to host this special event, it is a very reliable and versatile app/website to host anything on a screen for a group of people.
If you don't already have an account on it then we highly recommend you should go and make one now, it only takes a few seconds!
To make a Kast account, go to Kast and sign up with your email address, username and password. Extremely simple with minimal information!
Kast offers 3 fun options for watching: Webbased Version, Windows or iOS app. Android users are advised to use the Webbased version in Chrome browser on their phone/tablet.
When Simulwatch is about to begin wait for the announcement with a ping on Discord, from there you can use the invite link to the Simulwatch group. You can also pre-register for access by using this link.

When are Simulwatches and how often are we going to watch a show?

Simulwatches are hosted twice a week on Tuesdays at 8PM (CET) / 7PM (GMT) & Saturdays at 2AM (CET) / 1AM (GMT).
We will announce it 15 minutes before the Simulwatch is about to start on our Discord server.
Join us if you haven't already,it is very simple!
If you want to see what time it'll be for you, Click Here. Fill in CET then simply convert your timezone to this one.

How many episodes are we going to watch? Will we finish the whole the series?

We will watch 6-7 episodes, or 1 movie, depending on whether the show we are watching contains 12 episodes or 13 episodes.
The remaining episodes we did not watch will be carried over to the next week.

How are shows chosen?

We have our members decide between 5 anime from our admin's selection as well as user recommendations.
If you want to recommend an anime, make sure to let me know.

Want to recommend an anime but not sure where or how?

You can either DM me (Ixolos) your recommendations, if I am online then just let me know on Discord for a quicker response.

What shows have already been watched?

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