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Jan 3, 8:36 AM
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How many volumes will it likely cover?
Jan 4, 6:26 PM

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I’m guessing it’ll be 12-13 episodes, since it’s only gonna be one cour. So I was looking through the chapters, & there’s 23ish chapters 207-229 (Volumes 24-26) with most of 207 already have been animated in the last episode of season 3 (actually looking again, all of 207 might have been adapted...). But anyways I don’t think they’ll make a full season out of just this, based on the pacing of the previous seasons, so I think they might add in the first game of nationals as well. So that would be chapters 230-247ish which is the night they arrive in Tokyo for the nationals, and then the morning of the second day. So that would be about 40ish chapters possibly.

So to answer your question more directly, I think it might go from about chapters 207-247, which would be volumes 24-28.