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Jan 2, 7:39 AM
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Happy New Year, MAL!
Jan 2, 9:10 AM

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Happy New Year everyone !
Jan 2, 10:17 AM
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Happy New year! Hope this will be a great year for everyone 🥳
Jan 2, 10:51 AM
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AlexThePotato said:
phantom346 said:
Happy new year weebs. Who else spent the new years all alone jacking off? one? just me? okay

Happy new years.

Damn, I wish I could. I’ve just been alone and flipping the bean
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Jan 2, 11:17 AM

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A big thanks to the mod who ban me from the discord server 2 years ago because I criticized him then blocked me when I wanted to ask him why I got ban. A big thanks for having one of the worst mods in who are biased on specific threads. A big thanks for not banning 2 people for posting troll posts in 2 or 3 weeks and not getting a ban (I checked their profiles everyday they were on). A big thanks for the mod who told me not to report old posts although nothing in the rules says I can't. A big thanks for banning me for 3 days because I did something disliked. A big thanks for the mod who never responded to me in discord for 2 years when I wanted to tell that mod that another mod is abusing his powers. Note: Don't attack the mods. I'm not saying all of them abuse their powers and are biased, but a lot of them are.
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Jan 2, 11:32 AM
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U too, thanks for update. Although MAL staff is away until 5th January.... first time I seen a lots of anime pending approval. As well on increase of anime broadcast delays, as I never seen this happen before, since I join MAL.
Have Great Day =)

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Jan 2, 12:03 PM
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Happy New Year!
Jan 2, 1:31 PM
Case is closed!

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Happy new year all! I wish this year will be the happiest and best for you <3
Jan 3, 10:42 AM

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Happy new year to MAL, to all of its denizens and to those who provide it.

This makes ten full years I've been on this site for. Thanks for everything.
Jan 3, 1:18 PM
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Happy New Year!! ♡
Cheers to 2020!! (^_^)
Jan 3, 3:09 PM
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Happy "Barely Used" Year LOL, just kidding :3

Happy New Year!!! and hope all you can achieve your goals

Jan 3, 6:21 PM

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Thank you for the update and summary of changes. Very nice to see this. Happy New Year's :)
Jan 4, 7:48 AM
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I wish all members a Happy New Year!!

May we have lots of great anime and manga and even more important may you be Happy and Healthy
Jan 4, 9:07 AM
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Happy New 2020!
Jan 4, 11:39 AM

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Merry New Years!
Jan 4, 3:02 PM

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Happy 2020 to everybody
Jan 5, 9:13 AM
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Happy New Year
Jan 5, 6:12 PM

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Hello everyone happy few days of 2020. I've returned to MAL in hopes to crush the last decade known as the days of despair for MAL. I have yet to configure and reset my List as it needs to be Deep cleaned.

MAL has been a big part of my current place of inquiry for Anime. No way around it I need you MAL.

Lets all get along this new decade and I hope to meet new people and mb create new Enemies lol



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But my feels.
Jan 5, 9:31 PM

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Dark theme, when? BB buttons, when?
Jan 6, 1:48 AM
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Happy New year :)
Jan 6, 5:12 AM
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Happy New year🎉🎉 although I'm kinda late lol
Jan 6, 6:36 AM

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Happy New Year!!! ^^
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Jan 8, 11:48 AM
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Happy New Year!!
Jan 10, 10:32 AM

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If you truly wish to fight the MAL Score inflation, please do not allow users to rate an anime before it even airs....
Jan 10, 3:56 PM
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Happy New 2020 Year!
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