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2019 Yearly Wrap-Up... Code
At the beginning of the year, we announced that MAL had been acquired by Media Do. This was good news for the community, which was still frustrated by the events of the previous year. However, with a new company comes a new team that needs to understand both the front and backend of the website workings, and this takes time. Thus, the first half of the year had relatively little development or bug fixes, despite an active team working hard for MAL behind the scenes.
  • Closed Beta & Open Beta API—Our API was switched off by our previous owners and development was stagnated. After thoroughly reviewing the progress made by the previous owners on a new API and creating a new 3rd party developer agreement for API use, a select group of developers were given access to the API for beta testing. After a few months, these developers were able to release their apps for public use, as the beta API continues to be expanded and vetted. If you have experience working with MAL's previous API and have developed an application which does not include illegal content, feel free to message me regarding the beta API.
  • HIDIVE Partnership—The new API enabled a partnership with HIDIVE, whereby MAL's community scores are available on HIDIVE's platform and first episodes of select HIDIVE titles are available for free exclusively to MAL members.
  • MAL Live Streaming Platform—A new streaming platform to view anime-related events from around the world was launched and the first event was a broadcast of Lantis Matsuri at Anime NYC. The service's second event has already been announced: FREE global streaming of Carole & Tuesday's 3rd Live. More information can be found here.
  • 15th Anniversary Giveaway—In celebration of MAL's 15 years since creation, a giveaway was organized for all MAL members! Over 18,000 people entered the giveaway for which more than 50 users were awarded gifts based on random draw.
  • Account Self-deletion—To reduce heavy burden on the MAL adminstration team and customer support, a self-deletion function was added for users wishing to remove their account information.
  • Free Manga Service Begins—A new integrated manga service started which allows MAL members outside of Japan to read manga from select titles for free. Five titles are currently available and more plan to be added soon.
  • Site Speed Improvements—Our dev team has been modifying backend code, trying to improve page loading times as MAL's community continues to grow. While this isn't a change most users can really "see", it improves user experience and is very important.
  • Security Upgrades—Continued effort has been put into making MAL safer. Particularly with the new self-deletion function, please remember to change your password often, keep your email account up-to-date, and only use your MAL password for your MAL account.
  • Rating Troll Score Fluctuations—We have been investigating backend changes to combat and prevent score fluctuations due to malicious up/down-voting accounts and plan to implement code for this problem in the beginning of the new year. Please be patient with us for a bit longer, and I will write a site announcement as soon as we have begun implementing changes. Community
Come hell or high water, MAL's recurring community events continue on. If you haven't done so yet, make a New Year's resolution to try at least one in 2020!
  • 2019 Anime Watching & Manga Reading Challenges—Want to increase your anime/manga power levels and diversify your list(s)? Our yearly challenges are a great way to do this. Watch for our 2020 challenges opening within the next week!
  • Who Will Be Your Mod MALentine?—This year, MAL's Moderator team whipped up a Valentine's Day Quiz to pair you up with a special moderator from the MyAnimeList team. MALentine's event changes up each year, so keep an eye out for our 2020 plans.
  • Characters Now Censored to Comply with EU GDPR Law—Poking fun of the mess that was GDPR for the internet during 2018, we censored all character names in our databases to protect character privacy.
  • No Easter No Life—MAL's Easter Bunny decided to bring the joy of Easter to as many isekai series in the database as possible, before being stopped by 526 MAL detectives! Our participation exploded this year and we're hoping more users get involved in 2020 as well!
    MAL's yearly Easter event involves a site-wide treasure hunt (including riddles!) to save Easter, and is a favourite of many community members.
  • Fantasy Anime League 2019: Spring & Fall Editions—FAL continues to be a popular event for many users. The goal of the event is to guess which new anime will be the most watched and talked about show that season. Fall 2019 is wrapping up next week, but the event should return for the Spring 2020 season.
  • MALoween✟Mansion: Boo-ku no Horror Academia 6th Season—Our spooky mansion returned for its sixth year, filled with challenges and quests. Only 216 users attempted the event, so we'll be hoping to see an increase in that number next year. Still it's super fun for the staff to see many returning users and new faces each year.
  • Secret Santa—Final user count still to come, but Santa's Workshop shipped out a record-breaking 1,501 gifts this year! If you missed it this year, be sure to sign up in the first week of December 2020. Contributions & Crew
A very big thank you to all our active users who participate in our community, are committed to improving our databases, write reviews and recommendations to help fellow users, and who make up MAL. We are now 6.7 million registered users!

Special shout-outs to:
  • MAL Discord—A big thanks to all our Discord staff for moderating our server which continues to grow since we opened it in April 2017. Feel free to join and chat about anime, manga, and more.
  • MAL Rewrite—Our DB synopses rewrite project marked its 4th year anniversary since reboot, and the club is still going strong~
Last but never least, a very big thank you to the ever-growing and dedicated staff. I am constantly grateful for their hard work, candid opinions, and camaraderie. Innumerable database additions, edits, requests, reports, and problems are processed each and every day of the year (even on Christmas!). Please remember that they work tirelessly and voluntarily—in the time they could be watching anime or interacting as a user—to keep MAL running smoothly so that you may enjoy it. A little consideration and politeness when making requests goes a long way.

Finding capable people who are self-motivated and able to follow our increasing standards for consistent and accurate content is becoming increasingly more and more difficult. If you would like to give back to MAL, are well-versed in the guidelines and requirements of your position of interest, and have the motivation to work independently, please consider checking out our Open Applications thread.

Current DB Statistics—taken on Dec 25th (I might need to double-check some of these numbers)
  • Anime: 15,010 (↑974)
  • Manga: 48,494 (↑1,981)
  • Characters: 115,965 (↑7,096)
  • People: 36,944 (↑1,163)
  • Forum: 923,905 (↑49,496)
  • News: 9,976 (↑857)
  • Reviews: 169,018 (↑18,462)
  • Recommendations: --- (↑---)

Happy New Year! Here's to a new decade for MAL and for all of us!

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Jan 1, 1:13 AM
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Happy New Year to all the members of mal !

Jan 1, 2:13 AM

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Happy New Year everybody! Wish you all a great 2020 ahead!
Jan 1, 2:21 AM

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Hope this will be beginning of a good decade. And for people to stop whining about score everyday.
Kickstarter for Rokujouma is fully funded. Good work everyone. Lets wait for the result of our hard work together.
Jan 1, 2:53 AM

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Happy New Year to all!

I’m looking forward to seeing what MAL will have to offer for the year and decade!
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Jan 1, 3:01 AM

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>We are now 6.7 million registered users!
Starts placing bets on how many are going to be purged.

Happy new decade I suppose.
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Happy new year to all of you! Can't wait for the future features of MAL.

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Jan 1, 3:47 AM
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Happy new year!

Thx Kina.
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Jan 1, 4:08 AM
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Happy new year MAL 😍🎄🎉🎊
Jan 1, 5:17 AM

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Happy new... Years? Or are things just going to be the same this decade.
Jan 1, 5:20 AM

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Happy New Year!
Jan 1, 5:29 AM

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Happy new year!

Can't wait for AWC 2020

Jan 1, 5:37 AM

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Happy New Year!
Jan 1, 5:52 AM
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Happy New Year everyone! :)
Jan 1, 6:40 AM
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>Site Speed Improvements
>Security Upgrades

this are nice but hopefully front end changes comes soon too especially the outdated site design

>Account Self-deletion

oh shit this is tempting to make a fresh start lol


Jan 1, 6:41 AM
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Happy 2020 to the MAL community!!!
Jan 1, 7:28 AM
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Wooo happy new year MAL :D
Jan 1, 7:29 AM

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'Innumerable database additions, edits, requests, reports, and problems are processed each and every day of the year (even on Christmas!).'

Is that why those name corrections I submitted half a year ago still haven't been looked at
Jan 1, 7:41 AM

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Happy new year everyone!
Jan 1, 7:42 AM

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Happy New Year! May everyone have a great 2020.
Jan 1, 7:42 AM
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Happy New Year to all
Jan 1, 7:46 AM

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Happy 2020!
Jan 1, 8:01 AM

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Happy New Year!
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Jan 1, 8:11 AM

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Happy 2020!
Wow those are some pretty impressive stats
Jan 1, 8:15 AM

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Happy New Year!
Jan 1, 8:19 AM
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Happy New Year to all MAL users.
Jan 1, 8:51 AM

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Happy New Year to all.

Hopefully the troll accounts for voting are dealt with swiftly. Makes one wonder how bored a person has to be to do that, right.

Would also hope that with the new year, the game of changing the same title over 10 times during the year stops... very frustrating with the MAL AWC ^^:
Jan 1, 8:56 AM

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Nice wrap-up. Thanks MAL!
Jan 1, 8:56 AM
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Myanimelist New Year Resolution: fix Chihayafuru 3 score.
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Jan 1, 9:02 AM

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Happy New Year!!! Looking forward to more great things on MAL.
Jan 1, 9:43 AM

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6.7 million is a lot of people.

Happy New Years everyone.
Jan 1, 9:45 AM
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Happy New Year!
Jan 1, 9:50 AM

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Happy New Year to all users.I hope this year bring much more fun in our lives.

Jan 1, 11:00 AM

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Happy 2020 to all. Thanks for sharing this.
Jan 1, 11:06 AM
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Their R know rules'
Jan 1, 11:16 AM

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Happy New Year everyone!
Jan 1, 11:45 AM
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Happy New Year everyone :D
I´m just patiently waiting for the 2020 Manga Challenge ^^ Last year was so fun c:

Jan 1, 11:47 AM
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Happy new year weebs. Who else spent the new years all alone jacking off? one? just me? okay

Happy new years.
Jan 1, 11:50 AM
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happy new years everyone 🎉

Jan 1, 1:59 PM
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Happy New Year!! 2020!
Jan 1, 5:24 PM
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With all due respect, I hope u guys can fix this Chihayafuru BS before the end of january. It's embarrassing.
Jan 1, 5:31 PM

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Happy New Year everyone! :D
Jan 1, 5:46 PM
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Happy new year all!! Thank you to the MAL community for all it does :)
Jan 1, 7:22 PM

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Happy new decade everyone! :D
Jan 1, 9:31 PM
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Happy New Year fellow degenerates (jk don't kill me) Here's to a beautiful year of even more beautiful anime
Jan 1, 10:08 PM

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Happy new year all the best from your boi.
Jan 2, 2:33 AM
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All these events I didn’t know about?! I’m excited to try and participate more with anime this year. It was about two years ago before I had a job, before school got serious that I watch like 20 anime in the summer. Thanks VRV. But now I’m at the point where I barely watch anything for the past year. I’m very satisfied with my life. Everything is going my way but I never felt like watching anime or doing much of any hobby. With these community anime watching things I think I might participate more! Especially after I did the Secret Santa! Thanks so much for this year MAL! I’m excited for the upcoming year and how now I got a hobby to relieve all the stress that will come with my last year of highschool
Jan 2, 2:35 AM
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phantom346 said:
Happy new year weebs. Who else spent the new years all alone jacking off? one? just me? okay

Happy new years.

Damn, I wish I could. I’ve just been alone and flipping the bean
Jan 2, 3:38 AM
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happy (late) new year!! :)
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