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Poll: Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Episode 12 Discussion

Jan 5, 10:59 PM
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Im surprised with how it ended as well as disappointed. I get they wanna build up for the next season which is totally gonna be bloody. But why the ex machina? I understand the enemy was tracking them so they could summon reinforcements on them but sinon and leafa dont have that so they shouldnt be able to ex machina. Also why not end it when the hero reinforcements show up? That seems the the best ending to excite people for the next season
Jan 6, 3:59 AM
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No body is worried that Sinon isn't really Sinon? I mean, the guy just before said "send me with the 20 000 Americans players" He knows Asuna, then he said "I've got a account in reserve" or something like that. I'm afraid this guy was sent whit the account and the physical apparence of Sinon...
Jan 7, 5:38 PM

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Nice episode, now all the real world characters are getting into Underworld.
I'm looking forward seeing Kirito coming back next season to kick some asses.
Overall 6/10.
I enjoyed more the first season of Alicization.
Jan 11, 9:27 AM

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The first couple episodes were boring af tbh, Kirito is basically a side character in this season lmao.. it got better when Asuna finally showed up in the underworld which took 8 focken episodes. and Sinon's entrance was so cool.. i cant wait for the others from ALO to get into underworld, it's gonna look like the Avengers : End Game.

What a season, i hope the next season really worth the build up

Overall score 8/10
Jan 11, 1:30 PM

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I feel the previous season gave more impact but maybe its missing Kirito. Though hopefully Kirito can recover and be back in battle for S2
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Jan 12, 9:17 PM
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Days ago I had finished the previous season and I was praising how SAO seemed a bit more mature in Alicization, no harem, no forced drama and even Kirito were noticeably less overpowered in the first part of Alicization. I expected the same things for War of Underworld but unfortunately in my opinion it didn't happen.
This second part seemed rushed and all the elements that I didn't miss in the first part returned. For example the first episodes insert new characters just to kill them minutes later as an attempt to force some commotion, even Kirito's harem is back in this part and now we have more girls joining the club. Not to mention some important details that were not/or/badly explained, the account migration is one of them.
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Jan 14, 9:53 AM

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The alicization arc is the best!

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