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Dec 26, 2019 7:02 PM
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Genre: Older Teen/Seinen, Fantasy, Fighting, Supernatural

In the World of Archipelago (group of islands), justice has reigned for many generations, but evil has lay dormant in this world of peace. Archipelago has been ruled by the Kingdom of Pandoras, who keeps peace by their own rules which have started to become corrupted. A cursed evil woman, Saliria Tombs who has been living in secret her entire life, soon emerges to execute her own mission and to show this world can never be truly peaceful.


This will be aimed towards a Older Teen/Seinen manga. It will have deaths, but no extremely violent scenes. We're going to be on other platforms to release chapters, so places like this will probably be not updated as fast. Thank you to anyone for viewing. We'd really love for you to subscribe to the Youtube, and if you got a Facebook, join the Facebook Group. Youtube will be the center source of most information. We're planning to do chapter previews with videos. We will update this post with replies showing updated info. Thank you for being interested!
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World of Archipelago (13 Islands)


Knight Order in Pandoras (In order of highest to lowest rank)

Class Systems

Other Artwork

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Dec 27, 2019 8:34 AM

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Honestly, I would read it.
The artwork seems a bit crude but the city is nice to look at and I like the overall style.

The island world idea is good but I would make the island smaller and place them farther apart. Seems a bit crowded.
The islands are vastly different culture, geography and climate wise so it would be nice to place them logically on the map
Dec 27, 2019 9:26 AM
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Thanks Mida! We're building up everything. I was a little hesitant to start posting info on it, but went ahead. Thanks for the input, and more will be soon to come!
Mar 26, 6:57 PM
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The 1st Chapter is in production. We are looking for it to be released in the Summer and latest being the Summer-Fall. Also, the cover was revised and redone and audience demographic.

We've made some updates to the main post. However, we have taken down quite a bit of information to leave it for the chapter releases and to clean the main post up a bit. Youtube and Facebook will be our two main places of news and info when we start to get the ball rolling with chapters. Before chapter one releases, we'll be giving updates, videos, and more on where to go to read the chapters.
Mar 29, 5:12 PM
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Some vids have been posted on Youtube.

Check them out here