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Dec 17, 2019 3:14 AM
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A friend tipped me off to this as lost media. I did attempt to add some details to this listing but just in case MAL never updates it here what I know:

Producted by Mushi Pro, and/or Leo Productions, which was headed by Leo Nishmura, who is listed on some other hentai productions.
Distritubuted by Toei (not sure which, just Toei)
Director was Ueno Haruraki (上野春楽)
Screenplay: also Leo Nishimura
Music: Kanari Yoshinori and Five Sons
Art: Joji Katsumata
Audio production: Tone Studio
Editing: Teruo Nakajima

Characters: Shinsai/Shunsai the painter, Maboroshi o-ryū (Karou Taki), Umi no maboroshi Hitoshi (Ippei Tsumaki), Fukusuke ()

Voice actors: Kaoru Taki, Shin Okubo, Ippei Tsumaki, Takuji Yamada, Ryuta Nosaka, Masao Wakayama, Yukiko Miura, Michiyo Hara, Keiko Fujiwara, Tominaga Kimiyo, Hideo Machida, Katsura Tarō, Akiyama Rensaku

I haven't seen any reason to believe this had anything to do with Senya Ichiya Monogatari. In fact, I've seen it said that Leo Production was the sole production house. The film also attempts to connect itself with Teruo Ishii's Horrors of Malformed Men.

Very long synopsis: Edo during the Kyoho year. Ukiyo-e artist Haruhi who lives in Shimomachi Totonbe Nagaya is worried that he couldn't draw well whether he was secretly asked by an important patron kimono wholesaler, Kanedo Edoya, It was. Kansuke comes with her beautiful daughter, Oyuki, along with the model of Shunsai's painting, but the virgin maiden's daughter is still unable to draw a good ambition. However, at that time, the voices of men and women were heard through the wall from the side. Nekichi and Otoyo, who lived next door, had been playing in love at daytime. Shunsai used this fool as a model to draw a ukiyo-e secretary and named the secretary men and women “Harushin” and “Otama”. Nichikichi and Otoyo, who continue to work every day, finally, Harunobu and Otama escape from the screen and kill them. The incident that started from here is complicated by the relationship between Nami Nakai and Nami, who are in love with Shunsai, in the same tenement, and Sajin Shigeto, who is lying in love with Nami. In addition, the Edo beauty concentrator and illusionist “Phantom Flow” and his apprentice Fukusuke came to investigate the incident. At that time, the left villain, who was a villain roamer, committed Oyuki, who had come to Shunsai, and took her virginity. Well, Harunobu and Odama go through the current investigation, attack young men and women in the bustling downtown area and kill them after the affair. At last, the phantom flow has caught up with them, but the left horse has intervened and can escape. Left-handed horse learns the secrets of the folding screen at Shunsai's house and takes out only the ladle. Yuyuki helps the remaining Harunobu, but Harunobu commits and kills Yuuki who was surprised by Harunobu who jumped out and fainted. The escape is being chased by the current ...

Some stills: Lastly, seems it's not just missing on our side of the great pond.
Dec 28, 2019 1:59 AM
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Here's a Reddit post someone may also find informative. I'm wondering if it was made by the same person that tipped you off, @cabit.
Jan 28, 2020 3:15 PM
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@agthist no but I did check it out. I saw this thread when I was looking into it. I know on the Japanese side of the web they're doing the rounds on this, unlike Saki Sanobashi.
Above lists even more characters than my previous search. This guy is the main person doing foot work to find this. Apparently it was the first anime to ever be defined as an adult video, so kind of like being the first hentai.