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Poll: Dr. Stone Episode 24 Discussion

Jan 2, 9:12 PM

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Really lovely ending of this first arc, and with a direct second season confirmation this certainly will make it great!

The pacing and concept were great, really enjoyed the characters and the various problems they had to overcome!

Really looking forwards to see what the next season will offer!

But all in all a great watch!
Jan 3, 11:20 AM
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I don't care if he can make a phone or not the real question is can he make condoms?
Jan 3, 7:46 PM

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This was a nice way to end the first season. Even without any real progress with Tsukasa stuff.

I enjoyed the song :)
Jan 4, 3:21 AM
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BlindSniper said:
I'm just happy it's over. Absolutely garbage. Won't be here for Season 2... unsure why it's even here for season 2. It flopped.

f*ck u man... It's not a garbage u should stop watching anime
Jan 7, 9:58 PM

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I'm a late finisher, it has been a fun ride until somewhere ep16 after developed the medicine everything just start to go downhill from repeated science trope and unsynchronize flow of moments.

Overall worth the watch and hopefully S2 will deliver bigger blow than S1 since the introductory is now done.
Jan 8, 5:53 AM
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Right after finishing the first season the news of upcoming second season was very satisfying. It was a great ride watching this show, it's worth my patience waiting for its new episode every week. Can't wait to see what will happen between Tsukasa's Empire and the Kingdom of Science!
Jan 12, 1:26 PM

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I cannot wait for season 2! I love watching an anime and having to restrain myself from finishing it in all one go (because it's soo good) lol. I'm so glad I picked this up, I wasn't gonna because of the character designs (Which I've come to like) and because I assumed it would be boring but I was way wrong. Also, that bit at the end with the disk made me tear up. I loved seeing snips of the crew and Senku's father during this season, showing what happened to them and all.
Jan 14, 2:34 PM

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Great way to wrap up the season. Was a good adaptation, had lots of fun with it. Looking forward to second season!
Jan 22, 4:46 AM
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I seriously thought Suika was voiced by some big star, she was this good. Karin Takahashi, I gotta remember this name
Jan 23, 7:57 AM
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Oh dear gods, those feels with the record lol Like others said, this show really grew on me. I really enjoyed the music, science, and weird art style. I felt that this episode nicely wrapped up the season. We get a bit of a recap with all those feels and then hype for the upcoming war. Cant wait for season 2.

Jan 24, 10:47 PM

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Yeah, this show had a lot of flaws, but got dang it was so sentimental and heartwarming I lost count of all the times tears welled in my eyes or I got goosebumps -- this episode included. You've gotta have a heart of stone to not find it heartwarming Senkuu receiving a final message from his father millennia later.

Although I imagine I'm the only one who misses the early apocalyptic feel of the first few episodes. Oh well, looking forward to season 2.

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Jan 25, 6:34 PM

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Heard about manga, but anime and plot was a surprise for me. Most creative plot I've seen in anime for a while. Got me excited for anime again.

Feb 4, 6:19 AM

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Loved this last episode!! It was everything I imagined.
It was a wild ride with this anime, and I loved every second of it!
Can't wait for next season!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 6, 6:13 AM

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this was a very fun and enjoyable show. waiting for season 2 :)
Feb 16, 6:56 AM
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I didn't like it when i saw my friends talking about it but now after watching it.
it's really awesome i liked the song at the end and it makes me crying.
Senku's father is my favorite character in the show <3 <3 <3
I like Ruru she's so beautiful
I will be waiting for the 2nd season
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