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Dec 2, 1:19 PM
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Hi, I'm pretty new to mal and figured I should introduce myself.
I'm awkward and shy at first, but if you get to know me that will change pretty quickly.
My manga list should be pretty complete, maybe I forgot two or three that I read. For the anime list... well, I don't have a list of what I watched so far, it will be hard to remember everything. I will add more to it in the next few days.
Dec 2, 2:40 PM

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Hey Lucas, welcome to MAL! I hope you enjoy your stay and hope you make some new friends on here and have a good time in general.
Dec 2, 3:29 PM

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Hey, have a good one here. Good luck updating your lists.
Dec 2, 11:50 PM

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Hi aye Lucas, Welcome to MAL! have fun on the forums =)
Dec 3, 11:45 AM
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Thank you for the warm welcome!
Dec 3, 12:33 PM

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Hi, Welcome to MAL forums and have fun^^


Dec 3, 12:48 PM

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hello and welcome to MAL! people here are quite open in general so i hope you have fun here -w-
Dec 3, 1:23 PM

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Hi lucas147 welcome!I am also quite shy myself so I completely relate!But on the internet i tend to be pretty vocal so there is that.Really nice favourites list,I like that you have one piece and oyasumi punpun on there.Can’t wait to see your anime list!
Dec 3, 3:16 PM

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Hello and welcome to MAL!
Dec 3, 7:13 PM
Cute Cat

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Hi lucas, welcome on mal and enjoy your stay here !

Dec 3, 9:11 PM

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Welcome to the Forums !

I hope that you enjoy your stay here.
Feel free to add me~~

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Dec 4, 2:14 AM

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Welcome to MAL bro!!!

Dec 4, 1:04 PM
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Thank you everyone :D
Dec 4, 2:47 PM

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hello and welcome to mal c:

                              past forum sets · extended manga list ·                              
Dec 5, 4:57 AM

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Welcome :) ! Take your time to update your lists ;) ...
Dec 5, 6:06 AM

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Hello Lucas, nice to meet you and welcome to MAL

I hope you will enjoy your time here.

Feel free to add me if you wanna talk about Anime, games or whatever ^^
Dec 5, 7:36 AM
Haru Choi

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Welcome to MAL!! > u <)/

Glad you kept your Manga list up to date...

I always forget to update stuff for that area.
Dec 5, 7:43 AM

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Enjoy your stay here in h̶e̶l̶l̶ MAL Lucas.