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sakuga aka good animation and its not just very fluid animation

Nov 30, 2019 5:23 PM
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so this has been discuss on another thread but lets make a dedicated thread about it

i talk to the sakuga community that made or contributed regularly to sakugablog, sakugabooru and even this new one and they say sakuga is simply good animation and not just high fluid animation like google results wants you to believe

and they also say that art is subjective so good animation (sakuga) is subjective too

so whats your subjective standard when it comes to sakuga? you can post examples like get one here or just link a youtube video and give few explanation as why you like it

for me i like animators like Imaishi and Kai Ikarashi they do not have that fluid animation but they make up for it with a lot of poses like explained on this video

this sakuga scene is controversial like a lot of fans says its not sakuga at all but ye its just the animation style of Kai Ikarashi

for fluid animation i like Naotoshi Shida along with his circus camera work and beams like shown here

sakuga also can be considered the animation (as well as the art) style of a specific animator

so your thoughts?