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Poll: Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Episode 8 Discussion

Dec 2, 9:53 AM

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Fuck, Eldrie... why?! 😭

Alice's revenge was so fucking cool; i just hope that dark mage bitch dies a horrible death after everything she's done. Also Alice probably shouldn't have shouted her name out above the battlefield considering she knows Vecta is looking for her!
Dec 2, 1:30 PM

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Nice, all that animation flexing xD

If only other shows had animations like this :D
Dec 2, 8:49 PM

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Rob7 said:
Made-In-Heaven said:

I couldn't care less about Alice but in her defense it's not a double standard because the people from the Dark Territory are the ones who attacked them first while they only try to protect their homelands.

(Should i polemize? Should i? Come on, why not)

- Human Empire = Israel

- Dark Territory = Arab League

- Final Load Test = Arab-Israeli war.

The Dark hordes attacked first and with more men, but the Human Empire was just too strong.

You ought to look at the leaked CIA documents on Israel. It's actually the other way around, Israel invaded a territory which didn't belong to them. Also, I'd also avoid making such remarks unless you want to end up humiliated with a lecture on history and current events.

Back to topic:
You know the image of an honorable knight that often comes up in movies, scripts and historical events? Well that knight is Eldrie a true hero. Seriously, look at the amount of courage, respect and love he has for others. What an honorable person.

Also that statement where Gabriel calls Alice as Alicia. That's messed up, don't tell me he's going to do something very messed up with her if he catches her.

Also, the Dark territory people were not even interested in fighting it was the psychopath leader Gabriel forcing them to do it, most of them just wanted to live their lives in peace.

Finally, the last and most important question, where's Asuna? Seriously, when will the best girl show up? HURRY UP AND SHOW ASUNA!
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Dec 3, 3:46 AM

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What is it with this season trying to make it seem as though we should care about the deaths of characters we've just barely met?

If he didn't want his girlfriend to die, then send someone else to lead the meat squad. Hell, don't have anyone lead the meat squad at all. What's it matter?
Dec 4, 11:59 AM

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This was amazing. Absolutely stunning.

Asunas entrance is probably the pv next week and ep 10 is her for real.

Disgusting pig people got sacrificed, red skinned witch waifu uses the lifepower of her sidechicks to survive.
Damn Im so excited. Nearly forgot I miss Quinella.

I wasnt a big fan of alice last season, but this .. this is glorious.

PS: lmao at the score. Im glad the industry doesnt care about us.
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Dec 4, 8:55 PM

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omg R.I.P Eldrie, he fought to protect Alice till the end. I actually felt pretty bad for the orcs sacrificed too. Looks like Gabriel finally found Alice.

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Yesterday, 3:40 PM

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Yesterday, 3:48 PM

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What a great Episode.. that epic entry of Asuna at the end <3

This is really amazing, not like My Shithero Agaydemia 4
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