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Poll: Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 7 Discussion

Nov 30, 12:50 AM

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Yeah, Deku is going to need some powerful allies if he wants to save Eri.

We got investigations going on with a somewhat slow pacing. Nighteye made me laugh a little when he isn't serious. Seems everyone is on the same page this time so it'll be interesting to see how much the other heroes have improved. Oh and Ryuko's dragon form is pretty badass.
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Nov 30, 1:46 AM

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Great Episode as always, (All might voice) hahahahaha
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Nov 30, 2:41 AM

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Sleepy Nejire was soo cuteee.
The mission finally started and Ryuukyu bodied that guy in her Dragon form....

Next week we'll finally se some more ofSuneater! (100% my favorite hero name in this show)
well that's just my opinion.....
Nov 30, 2:52 AM

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It feels so weird being able to watch an episode before most people... lmao simulcasts are awesome..

Still excited to see how this season goes :oo
Nov 30, 3:26 AM
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the pacing is slow i think they added a lot of filler scenes that are not in the manga from what i remember when reading this arc

but anyway Suneater hype next episode
Nov 30, 3:26 AM

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Finally the raid on shie hassaikai group started. Deku and Mirio can finally go and save Eri. Also lol the big three is really interesting, waiting to see what they can do. Really hyped up for the next episode.
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Nov 30, 3:29 AM

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The dragon looked so awkward lol
Nov 30, 3:30 AM
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CondemneDio said:
The dragon looked so awkward lol

lol in the manga i did not notice her dragon form got boobs

but damn her human form is sexy though im a sucker for sexy slanted eyes women
Nov 30, 3:43 AM

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I like how sleepy Nejire had her long hair wrapped around her like a scarf.

Time for this arc to FINALLY kick into action.
Nov 30, 3:43 AM

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Ryukyu is hot, that is all.
Don't believe the hype.
Nov 30, 3:54 AM

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Great episode, it's so heartwarming to see so much heroes here to save Eri, and i'm sure the fights in the next episodes are going to be awesome
Nov 30, 4:19 AM

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Mirio should've been the protagonist
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Nov 30, 4:32 AM

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amazing loved every bit of it and now from here on all the action is coming

am looking forward to next ep!
"one step at a time"
Nov 30, 4:44 AM
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This is the arc I don't want to watch because I'm spoiled, but they portray the feeling of regret perfectly. I also work in the field of life and death situation, and when mistake happen I always ask myself if I could do better at that time, and it make me can't sleep.
Nov 30, 4:58 AM

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Deku is trying his best here, and it's so great he has such great friends like Shouto and Iida to help him feel better and cheer him up. This scene is even more touching in animated form :')
Nov 30, 5:01 AM
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DedPanda said:
Ryukyu is hot, that is all.

preach but just ignore her dragon form lol
Nov 30, 5:36 AM

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Yeah, after seeing how things seem to have really picked up in this episode, whether be in terms group dynamics or the action, I can see things just getting better and better from here on. The transition from comedy to action, a.k.a. the action-comedy blend was simply top-notch in this episode, reminding me of why MHA is one of my most favourite anime despite being "generic" in nature.

I expect this season to be one of the major AoTY contenders in 2019 when it finishes.
Nov 30, 5:39 AM

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Not a bad episode.

The heroes can finally go save Eri chan.

Nov 30, 5:54 AM

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next few episode going to be a blast........................................ ahh, what if we get to see overhaul vs deku ^_^

deg said:
DedPanda said:
Ryukyu is hot, that is all.

preach but just ignore her dragon form lol


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Nov 30, 5:58 AM
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Yes, im so excited about the next weeks episode as this time it will be the battle mode... as an anime only i can see how the big 3 of UA will fight against those villains. Yeah.
Nov 30, 6:18 AM

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Pacing was really slow this episode, but hyped for Suneater next episode
Nov 30, 6:35 AM
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Hype for next episode
So we get to see really how good a big three is compared to pros.
It was a tad slow but OK.
It's picking up the pace now.
Man Ryuku is hot. Nejire's hair can be wrapped a s a scarf lol. That was cute.
Deku is getting more cringy in this season.

I'm really looking forward to the All might death arc if that ever comes up. That will be the biggest arc in the series so far I guess. Biggest as in most hyped.
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Nov 30, 6:45 AM

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The build up to this operation was quite long, I hope it will be as epic as promised, I don't know why but I feel a lot of goodies might die, not main cast but secondary heroes.

Too bad All Might wouldn't be able to save the situation anymore if things go to shit.

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Nov 30, 7:30 AM

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emraanash said:


This is definitely something I can get behind
Nov 30, 8:02 AM

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Again, the pacing was slow in the manga but the anime really doesn't help speed it up at all. They even add filler in to slow it further. TV ratings in Japan for this season are higher than usual though so it might not matter for viewers.
Nov 30, 8:03 AM

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It seems like the entire operation will take like less than 2 hours but more than 10 episodes in the anime, if they are going to highlight specific heroes doing things (and there are 8 sub villains as well).

I don´t know, I am still not feeling this season yet.
Nov 30, 8:06 AM

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I'm more excited for next week's episode. I can't wait to see the upcoming fights in this arc because they were pretty awesome in the manga.
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Nov 30, 8:07 AM

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Good episode.

Was the scene where Deku cries anime original? I don't remember it from the manga. It was nice of Iida and Todoroki to cheer him up. :)

The raid finally begins, things are gonna get exciting.

Nov 30, 8:26 AM
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you would expect the anime to fix the slow pacing of the manga... oh well at least we are finally here.
Nov 30, 8:36 AM

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Good luck too all the heroes raiding Overhaul's hideout because that place is a freaking maze with enemies around every corner. The enemy seems to know that the heroes were coming and they might take the opportunity to mover Eri to another location.
Nov 30, 8:48 AM

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Holy shit, my heart is pounding! Next weeks episode is gonna be insane!

I felt so sorry for Mirio and Midoriya at the start of the episode; i can't imagine being that young and inexperienced but having the deal with such huge emotional situations. They're both so incredible!
Nov 30, 8:58 AM

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Of course it wasn't going to be that simple. Villain side's got their own intel and also was a step ahead.
Nov 30, 9:11 AM

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Hmm... Honestly, this episode bugged me a lot.

Man, why didn't they make a surprise attack in the middle of the night and instead waited for morning AND waited in front of the building for HALF AN HOUR and gave them just enough time to prepare? Could they be more obvious? They had the warrant, they could do it at night...

But hey, gotta stretch the arc like a gum, right? There's no fun if they're caught unguarded. It's either that, or there are more traitors than it seems.
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Nov 30, 9:12 AM

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They finally started the raid. Now begins a fight that will blow many people away. Dang. Don't remember much but it will be a big blast.
Nov 30, 9:13 AM

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Although I think the pacing for this season is quite good, I really thought this episode was slow, there were some anime only moment, which is nice, but they really took their time with character discussions.

Now that the raid started, the hype and pace should pick-up quite a lot, and I believe we can expect a LOT of sakuga for the next 6 or so episodes.

And I HOPE they'll reorganize some moments that really need it, the arc is good but flawed, and I think it'd be really easy to make it better.
Nov 30, 9:42 AM

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This episode felt better than the last one. Good to know this anime isn't falling down
Nov 30, 9:59 AM

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Damn looks like things are finally gonna start heating up next ep, can't wait to see how this all plays out
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Nov 30, 10:08 AM

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Lmao why did they give her dragon form huge tits smh. It's a good meme how they're about to go on this big raid of a super evil organization and they still all wait around outside the front door to show off their search warrant.
Nov 30, 10:19 AM

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G_Spark233 said:
I like how sleepy Nejire had her long hair wrapped around her like a scarf.

That was the cutest face i've seen today, with a close second place going to Ishtar in FGO.

Sometimes, when it's cold, i do this too with my hair - feels so fluffy and nice...
Don't have enough for the shoulders though, only around my neck.
Nov 30, 11:46 AM

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And finally, it begins! Unexpected of the villains to attack them first though, makes it even more exciting!
Nov 30, 12:00 PM

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Sleepy Nejire was adorable AF!

Shit is going to go down next week! Build up is over, now it's time to get excited!
Nov 30, 12:18 PM

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Would watch no cap.

Nov 30, 12:27 PM
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I wonder if any heroes will actually die seeing as the enemies look like they are no joke and want to kill them.
Nov 30, 1:25 PM
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They keep setting red flags by saying "We'll definitely save her next time!"

they probably won't
Nov 30, 2:42 PM

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This build-up towards the upcoming fights during this raid should be pretty awesome. The preparation towards the raid was longer than I thought it would be, but it did help to escalate the hype even more.

Ryukyu's one pretty sexy hero in her normal human form, but her dragon transformation was pretty badass. Despite that, her opponent from the Hassaikai will be tough.

This raid will be challenging, but I hope the heroes can win this and save poor Eri. Just seeing her terrified face during the post-credits scene just makes me want to see her get rescued even more.

Nice episode overall and sleepy Nejire was super cute! X3
Nov 30, 3:14 PM

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Sleepy Nejire was cute :3
Finally it’s start to go serious but I found Deku and Mirio saying always that they will save Eri start to annoy me. I don’t read the manga so I don’t know if they will save her now or something worst will happen but we will see.
Nov 30, 3:18 PM

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Ok, seriously why are the normie police without any powers getting involved in what's supposed to be a covert operation? They literally signaled to the bad guys that they are coming from a mile away by doing that.

Also it's incredibly dumb to send in regular people (police) in after criminals who have super powers, they will just get hurt or get in the way of the heroes who have to rescue them as we saw in this episode.

Another thing is that makes no sense to read a warrant before raiding the bad guys headquarters. These aren't regular ppl, they are villains with powers, you're just giving them more time to react and hide the girl or use a power to escape or even set up a trap.

So many little unrealistic things that just makes me cringe. If you're gonna make this a dark serious story involving heroes and villains where ppl actually get hurt, at least make it somewhat believable.
Nov 30, 3:29 PM

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Why didn't Aizawa just erase the big guy's quirk right away when he was just standing around?
It would have been way easier and safer than letting Ryukyu handle it.
Nov 30, 5:06 PM
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I love these references
Nov 30, 5:25 PM
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An awesome build up episode!

Nighteye was awesome, using his quirk to locate Eri, i am glad he didn't use it in reunion!

Also sleepy Nejire was adorable!

Finaly raid as started, and i am so fired up for the following episode, i can't see anymore that terrified look in Eri's face, hope they rescue her!

Seems next episode is time for big three to shine!
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