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Poll: Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 8 Discussion

Nov 29, 9:21 AM

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Oh boy, Sherlock got busy this episode.

Same with Irene dealing with some blackmailer. Poor Sherlock, I bet he wasn't expecting to play with some kid.
Nov 29, 11:35 AM
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Isn't that cat too big?
Nov 29, 11:39 AM
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I am kind of bothered that Sherlock didn't get mad when the woman talked about her terrible husband. In the books, he wouldn't stand it.
Nov 29, 11:45 AM

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That Milverton guy is one disgusting guy, trying to sell off his daughter.

Jack the Ripper is back and it is after Irene.

Sherlock taking care of a child, now that's funny.

Nov 29, 12:19 PM

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Really happy that guy got shot. Rip Irene's friend tho. We might actually get some more plot focused episodes coming up, but I could see them doing one off cases that are plot adjacent like the last 2.
Nov 29, 12:31 PM

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Damn Milverton is really an asshole, this episode was a bit better than usualy it was captivating
Nov 29, 12:54 PM

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The show has been much better since the addition of Irene. She's a very interesting character. And now Jack's after him. Oh boy, finally a proper arc is coming!
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Nov 29, 1:05 PM
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FuMomo-kun said:
I am kind of bothered that Sherlock didn't get mad when the woman talked about her terrible husband. In the books, he wouldn't stand it.

I mean this Sherlock lives in a city that looks like one giant brothel. Maybe he's already seen enough bad husbands to bother.
Nov 29, 1:35 PM
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1.Poor old Sherlock, cooped up with a kid...
2.Like how they brought in Jack the Ripper into this looks like Jack would be the main next case.
3.Story adapted today...the Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton, the ear bit is from 'The adventure of the Cardboard box'.
4.Milverton was based on a real life blackmailer....Charles Augustus Howell
Nov 29, 2:44 PM
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From the looks of it ,it would be Agatha who may have killed that Milverton guy......or maybe not....
Nov 29, 4:09 PM

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We need more of babysitter Sherlock and Maki-fan Kyougoku. But man, that ending... just disturbing.
Nov 29, 4:26 PM

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I was thinking about dropping this one, but Irene is a somewhat interesting character and the plot is finally moving beyond the episodic cases..

BTW yes that cat was BIIG
Nov 29, 5:08 PM

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This was one the fastest and weakest both case and episode in this series.

Didn't enjoy it at all.
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Nov 29, 9:49 PM
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It was fun & disturbing episode.
Look like Jack is after Irene err the egg.
Nov 29, 10:05 PM

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This episode was pretty good, enjoyed it tbh. Irene is a sweet girl, she even gave a scoop on herself to help that mother and little girl.
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Nov 30, 12:39 AM

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Happy to see another female join the detectives. Irene seems on par with Sherlock, which this show was lacking. Milverton is disgusting
Nov 30, 3:42 AM

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lihle808 said:
This was one the fastest and weakest both case and episode in this series.

Didn't enjoy it at all.

I understand your frustration.

Personally I do think this episode had the potential to get extended to at least 2-3 more episodes, a mini arc if you will.
Nov 30, 7:26 AM

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Continuing the case from last episode, it seems that trying to crack the case just isn't probable, at least for Sherlock just yet. But Irene joins the ranks of the detectives, which is a nice addition.

And another client just has to knock on their door, a divorced mother and her daughter. The husband, a womaniser, aiming for the custody of the child with the weakling of a woman. What a bastard, this Milverton.

And faced with an obstacle, Sherlock has to babysit the daughter while the mother recuperates and the other detectives on the run for info, as Irene proves herself useful with her range of contacts, which have befallen under the bastard. Regardless, both Irene and Sherlock got what they bargained for and set the case ablaze.

NGL these past few episodes' cases haven't been the brightest, but with Jack the Ripper back once again on the scene, things have taken a dark turn. Hopefully this series could pick up on its feet once again.
Nov 30, 2:30 PM

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My god, I can't believe that piece of shit was going to sell his own daughter to a pedophile! Sick bastard!

This anime's been a lot more interesting since Irene came along so I hope she's staying. That scene where she and Sherlock were trapped in the sunbed was so funny!
Nov 30, 8:24 PM

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I'm calling it, Jack the ripper is James Moriarty
Nov 30, 10:08 PM
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going hype.. i'm curious with James Moriarty. is he Jack the Ripper..?
Nov 30, 10:53 PM

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Milverton dying was the best part, that fucking pig was selling off his own daughter to a pedophile. Then again, I'm not surprised he's selling off a lot of underaged girls.

Anyways, people are saying that James Moriarity is Jack the Ripper, it would be interesting if he was.
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Dec 1, 3:31 AM

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The "go cause chaos" was fun ha ha. Also I like that there is a bit more background story now with Jack and the usb stick.

Also some fun with the rakugo that got ignored by Irene. Irene is an interesting addition to the since she now does help with detective stuff.

Poor kid though having to eat Sherlock's food ha ha. And he made a rakugo figure.
Dec 1, 5:03 AM

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Irene tried to help her friend as much as she could. And her friend helped many people in the end, by telling her about that box, and by killing that despicable crook herself. But well, she couldn't escape. Jack the Ripper appeared again, and he is connected to the major, and that USB stick somehow.
Dec 1, 5:47 AM
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That episode was really good, I wish we would see more of sherlock's babysitting
That ending though, I'm really interested to see what sherlock would do with Irena now that jack's planning to get her
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Dec 2, 6:50 AM
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The amount of Sherlock Holmes lore in the last 2 episodes has considerably increased my standing of this anime especially since the episodes have been a lot better.
Dec 2, 10:16 PM

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So I guess we're into the real meat of the show now.
Dec 2, 11:42 PM
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I got a few things out of this episode.
Firstly, I'm sure that Agatha killed Milverton.(dropped earing and the talk with Irene)
and Lastly, I think that Jack works for Marlon. In the ending the letter said "Give the egg back" or something and the egg belongs to Marlon.
This is what I think and I would love to get some replies.

Also what I deduced seems sorta obvious but who knows?
Dec 4, 8:27 AM

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If show was popular twitter would be enraged that trans character was murdered.