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Poll: Dr. Stone Episode 22 Discussion

Dec 1, 11:49 PM

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I love how Chrome both pukes and smiles lol
Dec 2, 2:00 AM
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It was nice to see more of magma, definitely evolving from just being an annoyance to an actual enjoyable character. Gen's calculation and plan was awesome and that he remembered senku's into astronomy.
Definitely in the top 3 episodes of the season.

Need a season 2 announcement ASAP.
Dec 2, 9:12 AM
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kangaetemo said:

I love how Chrome both pukes and smiles lol
I didn't even notice that lmao.
Dec 2, 8:41 PM

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Dec 3, 4:32 PM

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Had a feeling Magma would establish himself as an ally this ep, I just hope Tsukasa can eventually see eye to eye with our heroes and rekindle that friendship.
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Dec 4, 5:45 PM

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Dang, the entire village celebrated Senku's birthday.

And Gen... didn't even think he could calc the days to figure out Senku's birthday.

And looks like even Magma is starting to respect Senku and recognize him as the leader.

Now that Senku has a cave of mineral supplies, he can make a lot of other modern day stuff.

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Dec 5, 8:41 AM

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Magma you fool! You could have had it all!
Power, wealth and women. A simple life, but a good one none the less.

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Oh well, youre only human, I guess.

But soon you will realize, that all those inventions make your chores easier, but your life more complicated. That if you dont want for food and shelter, youll replace those needs with others.

But it will be too late by then.
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Dec 6, 3:52 AM

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Very emotional and beautiful episode. Finally everyone in Ishigami Village became united. What to say more? This adaptation is excellent. :)
Dec 6, 3:59 PM

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As expected, a cave episode would be an interesting one, and it was! The ending was pretty sweet.
Dec 6, 5:36 PM
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_MushiRock11_ said:
BlakexEkalb said:

Manga readers say it’ll happen in season 2. There’s no way a fight can break out within 2 episodes unless they legit rushed every single scene.

Yeah, I had a feeling it was more probable that they’ll be setting it up for a possible season 2. With that said, it’ll be a pity if there’ll be no season 2 after this ;-;

It's highly likely there will be a second season because the show is clearly popular and sales are okay.
Dec 7, 9:59 AM

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I was really digging this up to the cell phones thing.. I mean, walkie talkies would've been more realistic

cell phones require infrastructure

i know thats nitpicky for an anime about an entire world being petrified.. but still.
Dec 8, 6:39 AM

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Was looking forward to Magma redemption and it was really awesome.

And boy, the anime made me truly realize how emotional this story actually is. Happy birthday Senku;_;
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Dec 8, 1:22 PM

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Such a touching episode. The surprise at the end was magnificent. I adore Senku's reactions.

Omigosh, Magma's expressions in the cave. This anime has a gift for drawing emotion. I love it so much.
Dec 11, 4:32 AM

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I say it again, Gen is best character in whole show.
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Yesterday, 5:03 AM

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It is hard to trust Magma after everything he did.

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2 hours ago

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That really was a lame line by Chrome lol

The ending with everyone celebrating Senku's birthday was touching.
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