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Poll: No Guns Life Episode 8 Discussion

Nov 28, 8:55 AM

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Cool, Juzo vs Tokisada. Tbh, Tokisada always felt like a huge adversary to Juzo so I'm glad they're settling their score this episode.

A pretty dark and eerie episode though. I feel like the humor is getting less and less every week. Tokisada is so intimidating.
Nov 28, 10:08 AM

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Good episode, Juuzo was really epic in this episode, that transformation too wow
Nov 28, 10:18 AM

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Juzo was a beast. He went crazy.

That ending...

Nov 28, 10:43 AM
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great episode today....also the ost was on point!!
Nov 28, 11:31 AM

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Oh shit, The Resolver went berserk!
Nov 28, 11:47 AM
Maki's arms

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Juzo has a lot of juice in that armor of his when he goes all out. Entertaining chapter this one. I'm pleased Olivier is hanging around.
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Nov 28, 12:57 PM

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That fight against tokisada was insane, Juuzou's berserk mode is very cool
So the another gun head finally enters the game

Nov 28, 1:08 PM

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Olivier solidifed herself as an A tier waifu for that smoke kiss. Shit's about to get tough for Juuzo seeing how the odds are stacked against him and how much power Behuren have, but we know he'll come out on top. Can't wait for the next episode. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
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Nov 28, 2:23 PM
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Nice flashback, nice fight, Beruhren is the main antagonist after all.

This show have a rule that losing antagonist must be killed.
Nov 28, 2:36 PM

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Best episode so far, love the ost and the battle.
Nov 28, 2:42 PM

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The animation and music in this episode were so good, loved the episode.
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Nov 28, 4:47 PM
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So Juzo also have his Vasto Lorde form? Not gonna lie Cool

Nov 28, 6:52 PM

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Episode a little too hard on the exposition for my taste, but enjoyable nonetheless.
Nov 28, 7:07 PM

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Didn't know Juzo had that kind of form, I thought it was kinda of cool.

Olivier's backstory was emotional, I wished she showed some though after her father's passing.

I guess the situation bigger than Armed, he was just another puppet. I hope Olivier is alright in that explosion.
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Nov 28, 7:15 PM
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Yeah, it was a pretty nice episode.
Still, I think that scene with Olivier's Can was pretty damn stupid
Nov 28, 7:18 PM
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Did Olivier just die?
This show is very dark for me,especially considering that the entire world is against our few protagonists and how cornered they have been since the beginning . At least I'll complete this season.
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Nov 28, 11:27 PM

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Finally that yellow guy is dead.
Olivier gave a smoke kiss to Juzzo. Nice to see some of her back history and her emotional side.
Tetsuro showing more how he cares about Juzzo.

Nov 28, 11:52 PM

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Great episode.....
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Nov 29, 12:03 AM

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Best anime episode of the season.
Nov 29, 3:25 AM

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OH HO, so the Nightmare of Norse Scott case was assigned to Director Olivier's dad, and I think we all know how that went with Hayden Gondry.

And back to the battle between Mega Armed "Tokisada" and Juzou, though both of them are manufactured and created under different circumstances, they don't think alike. While Tokisada found his place in creating a better "society", Juzo isn't in such a position to do anything, and can only see in comparison.

That transformation (or as the manga states it, transfiguration) of Juzou is just as scary, unleashing FULL MADNESS. To think that his actions would be in line with Olivier, it was all but a brief moment to serve justice for Olivier's deceased dad and Juzo's intention to go berserk. The smoke reel kiss though...just wondering if she survived from the gas.

But when it all comes into fruition, Mega Armed Tokisada is NOTHING MORE than the puppet of the Beruhren Corporation, so much for being a hero.

This episode was just simply fantastic, turning all the past episodes into ONE BIG PICTURE, and YET this is NOT the full picture just yet, with this creating the scenario that external forces are more rampant than what's going on at said corporation. This is what I was waiting for: a FULL-ON exposition that creates the biggest crime scene of all. Awesome and I can't praise this episode enough, THE BEST YET, the payoff so rewarding.
Nov 29, 4:23 AM

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Uneessh said:
Did Olivier just die?
This show is very dark for me,especially considering that the entire world is against our few protagonists and how cornered they have been since the beginning . At least I'll complete this season.

I doubt she is dead.

Hell, I doubt golden head is dead either to be honest.
Nov 29, 8:18 AM

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Wow, this was some solid episode!

Olivier’s smoke kiss right there though, loved Juuzo’s reaction to it as well!

Anyway, that was some fight between the two. Rampant Juuzo is bad news. Really liked how he managed to return back for a split second to re-ask that very question, goes to show how caring of a person he really is.

Got to say, listening to that hero yapping on about “justice” and the sort was really sickening. He’s clearly not aware of his crimes one bit as Juuzo pointed out with the apparent flaw with such ‘extremists’.

Interesting little reveal there in the end though, looks like he himself was just a puppet at the end of the day. I wonder who really is/are pulling the strings here.

Binge-watching this show’s got to be fab, I just stored up 3 episodes and it was an amazing ride!
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Nov 29, 9:25 AM

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"Restricted combat program initiated." Jesus, if that's Juzo when he's restricted I can't wait to see the full power he has.
Nov 29, 9:33 AM
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now i'm totally shipping Juzo x Olivier
this episode was really good ,the action scenes are intense and well animated.
i also like how every time they explain a mystery , new characters appear with new mystery.
Nov 29, 11:47 AM

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Pretty good. I like how they touched on Juzo's model basically just being a tool. It makes a lot of sense give his head is a trigger. When he went into that berzerk mode it was like he couldn't act without having a controller (hand) with him. Except that they apparently have some self defense features. I wonder tho is that the norm for a Gun Slave Unit? Do they normally not have free will like that? If so how come Juzo is basically free now? Also the unit with Pepper seems to have free will as well, so then why did Juzo end up in this "standby" state. Is it really a lack of cigs lol
Nov 29, 2:29 PM
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That kiss to pass the cigarette smoke was so cool. Glad to see the self-proclaimed hero brought low
Nov 29, 5:28 PM

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What a great episode for this series. A lot of reveals and action + a very cool moment with Olivier and Juzo - giving him smoke through a kiss.
Nov 30, 5:41 AM

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One of the best episodes so far.

Seven, the bishounen gunhead just killed off the only Jojo character in the series. lol

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Nov 30, 8:14 AM

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Best episode so far and berserk Juzo was amazing. Lol even thou he has a gun for a head he got kissed by Olivier even if it was only to make him inhale the smoke.
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Nov 30, 3:27 PM

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That smoke kiss was hot, not gonna lie.

As someone said, it was a bit heavy in exposition but still an entertaining episode nevertheless. Though I didn't understand how Juuzou managed to fight back. I mean, didn't they say those Units need a controller to activate that berserk mode?
Dec 1, 2:52 AM

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Berserk mode of Inui Juuzou was gloriously badass!!
that last part sniper was savage!! more enemies huh...
Dec 1, 6:16 PM

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Well, for what I understood, Army was keeping the secret of the extendeds, despite somehow, society still has problems coexisting with them, Army has been working to deconstruct the fear that society has, but an event, like a mass murder committed by an extended could result in the blame of Gondry’s situation as an extended and rekindle fear, what I didn’t understood is, Olivier mentioned that Gondry didn’t commit that murders, Army did them.

Why Army committed that murders?
Why was that necessary?
Army talked about the Guns Slave Unit being different from him, why was Juzo’s team different than Army’s team? They both became extendeds, or over-extendeds in the end.
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Dec 1, 10:05 PM
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That fight was intense and really awesome. Juuzo's berserk mode sure is scary and crazy powerful. Even the so-called Mega Armed Tokisada would not have survived if he hadn't tried and run away.

So it was Tokisada who orchestrated the whole Norse Scott incident, using Gondry. I thought he just didn't want Gondry alive because it would reflect badly on Extendeds, but turns out it's more complicated and Gondry was just used.

I hope Olivier is going to be okay. From the post-credits, it seems like she'll be able to recover, but it seems Tokisada is dead. I thought those two in the red robes were serving Tokisada or something, but it seems they're working for Beruhren. I guess it was also Beruhren who put Tokisada up as a hero. If Extendeds become good business, that means Beruhren becomes richer.

Great episode.
Dec 1, 10:45 PM

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I just want to point out that around minute 16:00 onward there was a song that was EXACTLY like L's theme, lmao.

Besides that this was the best episode, however I think the main problem of the series is that it feels hard to understand. There are episodes where nothing happens (and we got a little bit of information or names) and the next one is like this one, basically an infodump. Nevertheless this was fun to watch.
Dec 2, 10:35 AM
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This is definetly one of the most under rated's this season.
Dec 3, 4:54 AM

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I'm finally caught up with this show! I'm happy I caught up with it! This show has really shown it's teeth to me. It's more than one man vs. a big bad evil government company.There is more to it and I love it.
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