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Dec 9, 2019 1:58 AM
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Joined: Aug 2007
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Min-Max length (episodes/volumes): None.
Likes (genres, demographics, themes): Interesting settings tickle my fancy (e.g. Toshokan Sensou, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita), romcom is nice (though most harems are out), family/friendship themed series often have appeal when done right (e.g. Uchouten Kazoku, Kyousou Giga (TV)), fantasy/adventure series with excellent supporting casts (e.g. Durarara, Tokyo Ravens), and I'm really into male seiyuu (check my profile for a selection). Feel free to recommend anything similar to series I enjoyed. My favourites are all recent watches.
Dislikes (genres, demographics, themes): Ecchi without plot/purpose (Horizon was acceptable because everything else was epic); horror; yaoi/yuri/shounen ai/shoujo ai. Please no idol anime.
Any sub/stream restrictions? (e.g. must it be available on CR): Must be completed and fully available in English.
Can the recommendation be on your Plan to Watch list? (Yes or No): Preferably not, since I choose what to watch next from there using That said, if you're having a hard time or want to say "watch this now!!!", feel free to use it~
Number of Completed entries on your anime list: 490
Does your list include everything you've seen (except childhood anime)?: Yes.
Link to anime list: Anime

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This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.
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