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TheEnhancedExe said:
JustOppais said:
most liked arc since All Might vs AFO, was The Pro Hero Arc and i'm sure it will be season 5.

Yeah and I'm pretty sure it will be at the end of S4, because there's enough reasons why it most likely will be.

1. The current arc will most likely finish in the first cour or at latest episode 14.
We can be sure of that because they showed scenes from the finale of the arc in the PV and the PV only shows parts of the first cour. Also it's pretty obvious looking at how fast they're adapting so far. If they don't adapt the Pro Hero Arc, they have 21 chapters for the last 11 episodes.

2. The page count of chapters got lower starting from chapter 144 which will be next episode. So while there would be 21 chapters for 11 episodes (10 episodes if you count one filler episode), these 21 chapters have lower page count than chapters had up until this point. So the length of these 21 chapters is actually about 18 normal length chapters. 18 chapters is not enough to fill 10 episodes.

3. So far, every single cour of every single season ended on a climactic fight. The only time there wasn't a climactic fight in the manga (at the end of season 2), they rearranged the scenes in the anime to make one that arguably rivaled the Stain fight and felt like a huge climax. However if you put the Pro Hero Arc at the start of S5, the by far biggest climax would be in the first 3-4 episodes (depending on whether it starts with a filler episode) since you can adapt the whole arc in just 3 episodes. Also, have you ever seen a director of a movie or anime series put a climax at the start of a season instead of at the end?

4. The 10 chapters of the Pro Hero Arc are actually 8-9 normal length chapters and easily fit in 3 episodes. So it's not hard to fit them into S4 because it won't affect the pacing of the season a lot. In fact it won't affect the pacing of the first cour and the pacing of the second cour would be way too slow without it. Adding the 8-9 normal length chapters with the 18 normal length chapters of the arcs that will be in the second cour and you get 26-27 chapters for roughly 10-11 episodes. This is about the same pacing we had in S3's second cour and actually a little slower pacing than we currently have, assuming episode 13 will end on chapter 159.

5. The last BD/DVD volume which will include the last 3-4 episodes (idk the exact number but it's usually around that many), is confirmed to include Todoroki and Endeavour bonuses for fans. Proof:
This makes no sense if the arc doesn't get adapted.

Most people that think it will be in season 5 based on the chapter count, but they ignore that the page count of chapters got lower. Plus so far, they never put climactic fights right at the start of a season and ended a cour with sth not climactic. And from a directors point of view, it makes way more sense to end a season on a huge climax instead of starting a new season with a climax.

Plus, it makes no sense for a bonus for those two characters to be there if the bd/dvd volume doesn't include episodes about these two characters. Especially considering that volume 5 of season 4 also includes bonuses fitting for that specific arc.
season 5 will be just like sesaon 3, start with the big fight and the rest is overshadowed.
the most likely will put anime only scenes for the Overhaul arc, then we have that mini arc with Bakugou and shoto and the Gentle Arc < this should be the end of season 4.
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