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Poll: Enen no Shouboutai Episode 18 Discussion

Nov 29, 3:39 PM
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Foi um episodio bem interesante.
Nov 30, 12:45 AM

Joined: Dec 2016
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I have a mixed-up feeling of happiness and disappointment. For once, we get Waka back into the scene, that's always good, I really want to see him go head to head with either the fake Giovanni, Sho, or Joker.
Speaking of Joker, I really wanted him to somehow take the mentor part for Shinra. The position he's in is very mystic and obscure that it makes me want him as an ally.
Dec 3, 12:03 PM

Joined: Dec 2014
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nice legs as usual Hibana, ahem i mean, acting as usual Hibana

its funny how Licht just sits in front of Konro blocking his view as if it was normal

the twins are adorable as usual

and Maki, ooof <3
Dec 3, 7:40 PM
Joined: Mar 2017
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I think a training episode dedicated to Shinra and Arthur was necessary, since in the fight against Dr. Giovanni and the evangelists I feel sorry for both of them, but out of that the laughs were not lacking in this episode, since Tamaki's perverted accident at the beginning of the episode (the ways she and Shinra end up being ridiculous) or Arthur contemplating his former comrade Silver.

Hibana has spectacular legs, it is always a pleasure to contemplate her beauty and I love how protective she has become with Iris, poor Karim who ends up sitting on the floor to please Hibana's whims.

Apparently, little by little, new information is being gathered about the cult of the evangelist and, on the other hand, Dr. Giovanni saved his position through a substitute.

Licht still does not convince me and less when I see him chat so calmly with Joker, even Hibana does not trust him since he worked for the Haijima company, it seems that Joker for some reason tries to cooperate and asks Licht to help Shinra too.

Vulcan already feels at home and the new fire tools and gadjets for squad members that he created have resulted in something phenomenal, especially the Tekkyo that he prepared for Maki, I love how innocent and adorable she looks when she play with her little flames and that final line: Sput-Flare-Witch ... she is so precious.

Benimaru is a teacher without mercy, in a way he enjoyed training both boys, but in turn he gives them a lesson to realize all the potential they have. Apart from this, the faces that Shinra made when he concentrated his flames were too funny, but finally and thanks to Benimaru's guidance, Shinra finally mastered his special technique and already finishing his training, he receives a signal through the adolla link, so in the next episode it is most likely that Shinra will go to where his younger brother is, but now he is more prepared.
Dec 9, 4:10 PM
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This was a great episode. Loved how all the people at the 8th are training hard especially Shinra with faces he made. Wonder what that interaction between Joker and Licht was. Let's see if the next episode has any fighting.
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