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Poll: Enen no Shouboutai Episode 18 Discussion

Nov 22, 8:49 AM

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Wtf is with Shirna's face...the dude is still so hotheaded.

Seems like a lot of training this episode. I have to admit, his personality got so excited, it's literally showing with all that fire. Kinda reminds me of Asta from Black Clover.
Nov 22, 9:50 AM

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this one was quite fun

shinra and arthur got some nice training
Nice to see vulcan getting along and helping the members of the 8th.

Also, Is joker going to turn out to be one of the good guys? I don't get that antagonistic vibe from him
Nov 22, 10:37 AM

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This was a nice training episode.

Funny when Shinra was like "rock and roll"
Nov 22, 10:38 AM

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Rock & Roll ! lol
That training part was really interesting, looks like they're definitely determined.
Nov 22, 10:46 AM

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Arthur and that donkey lol.

Princess Hibana made the guy from the 1st sit on the floor.
The various divisions of the fire force are working together now.

Benimaru training Shinra and Arthur. Interesting.

Nov 22, 10:48 AM
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I actually look forward to Arthur's stupidly charming every week! Other than Shinra, we don't know the family's situation of other characters, and Arthur is the first one I want to know.
Nov 22, 11:13 AM
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The next arc that will start in the next episode (and the last arc of this anime season) is my favorite arc in the manga series, i hope they will adapt it well.
Nov 22, 11:24 AM
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This show literally exploited idiotic manners from its characters....

I got sick of those....
Nov 22, 12:04 PM

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It's amazing how in a world with pyrokinesis, Tamaki's lucky lecher lure is the most inexplicable thing xD.

Hibana makes me feel things...

Maki looking great too. And OMG when she said her Sput-Flare-Witch line... <3 <3 <3. SHE'S SO FUCKING CUTE!!!

Very fun episode, I'm excited to see the result of the training.
Nov 22, 12:39 PM

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Arthur's really taken a real shine to the donkey huh. The captain's meeting was quite the interesting one given the unique nature of the participants. For not just the captain but also a number of their elite squad being exposed as traitors must be bad for the empire. Even though the rookies of the 8th have some skill its effectiveness is limited by their lack of combat experience. So focusing one's firepower and focus will allow a stronger flame. Vulcan's inclusion into the 8th sure allowed him to create some pretty neat gear. The witches hat though sure suited Maki pretty well. While its curious how a simple gesture can effect one's ki the effects that it had on Shinra's training was impressive. Overall an interesting ep that combined some much needed fact sharing between the different companies and some amusing moments between the team as they train up for the upcoming battle against the white clads. For the moment whether on the intel front or on training and equipment the team seem to be doing well.
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Nov 22, 1:48 PM

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God, I still can't get over how garbage that OP is, we waited 3 months for that bullshit. The song does give me an erection tho. Maki playing with fire was the cutest shit ever. That shinra face during the training session will definitely become a "when you trying not to nut" meme. Solid ep, nothing spectacular, but we're building up to something big. Still got 6 weeks of this to go because of the multiple delays. Final fight underground should be dope
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Nov 22, 2:37 PM

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Love myself some shounen training session.
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Nov 22, 2:48 PM
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aight the training arc is over in just 1 episode lol

Shinra got a new finishing move while Arthur learn samurai swordmanship

and damn Hibana is sexy hot again
Nov 22, 3:57 PM

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You would think that the interactions between Viktor and Joker makes it seem that Joker isn't actually a bad guy? I don't know, probably too early to tell.

An episode about training and I think Benimaru is definitely the best guy for that. Some scenes were pretty funny, Shinra's faces were so silly.

SkyLETV said:

Maki looking great too. And OMG when she said her Sput-Flare-Witch line... <3 <3 <3. SHE'S SO FUCKING CUTE!!!

I had the exact same reaction, her voice turned so god damn cute very quickly, I can't get enough of that adorable side of her!!
Nov 22, 4:17 PM
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Aniik8pv2 said:

Also, Is joker going to turn out to be one of the good guys? I don't get that antagonistic vibe from him

I don't really think he's gonna turn out good, at most he's going to help the main boi in his quest
Given the name he's more of a wild card, going for whoever suits him the most at that particular moment
Although you do have a point when you say he doesn't really give a bad guy vibe (apart from the first episodes where he pissed the crap out of Obi)
Nov 22, 4:42 PM

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For a moment I thought this episode was going to be all recap...

Time for a training arc! Sho is currently looking broken with his time stopping powers or whatever he does so they really need this.
Nov 22, 5:00 PM

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The finishing move is not bad at all and it's faster too, but something is missing though, I just can't put my finger to it. "Kicker-man kick" is witty and kinda stupid, so I like it, too bad it was overruled :-D

Funny how they didn't care about Arthur, poor guy all he got were those beatings and no finishing move, really sucks to be the side character.

I hella don't trust Licht!
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Nov 22, 8:38 PM

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Great Episode.......
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Nov 22, 8:50 PM

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I like training montages in shounen anime but they usually drag out way too long. I like how this one blazed through their progression pretty quickly in a single episode and will probably just wrap up at the beginning of next episode. Good pacing. Although some of the animation at parts were really awkward and low quality which was a bummer to see and I'm not usually one who is bothered by dips in quality here and there. Still loving this show a lot though.
Nov 22, 10:34 PM

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The "Rock & Roll" part was so cringey. I know humor is subjective but God, I can't stand it when it comes to this series. It's... very dumb and it just lessens or directly kills the impact/tension most of the scenes have.

Well, regarding the episode, there wasn't much to say if I'm honest. It was the typical "shounen training" one in which, as expected, Shinra learned a new move (in just a few hours) and Arthur... received the beating of his life? Uh... not really sure if he even learned something but I don't care much about it to begin with so...
Anyways, at least the few scenes with Joker and Maki being extremely cute were enjoyable enough.
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Nov 23, 4:42 AM
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Great episode, it was really wholesome when Benimaru and Konro ate watermelon while everyone else played with sparklers.
Nov 23, 4:51 AM

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ok, Shinra is improving. Sho probably could still wipe the floor with him tho.
Nov 23, 5:12 AM

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Shinra's ability getting much better but, he needs to connect to the Adolla burst link to reach Sho's speed.
Nov 23, 5:42 AM
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Arthur is officialy my favourite character of the series from last episode. I think that Fire Force is getting more exciting since the start of part 2. Part 1 was more of a 7 but now I think I could give him a 8
Nov 23, 7:03 AM

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Next episode to the nether!
And the week after to the end!
Nov 23, 7:22 AM

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Good episode. Loved seeing company 7 again.
Nov 23, 8:35 AM

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Fun episode, got to love these Shonen training episodes! Never sick of ‘em!

Anyway, that was some awesome new move from Shinra! Looks like he’s mastered this form of art pretty darn quickly, albeit a few hilarious facial expressions here and there xD. He was giving it all his life you can tell lol. Shinmon is a pretty fine teacher too I reckon.

Credits to that mysterious Forensic Scientist too. I’d a feeling he had a partnership with either Joker or the Evangelist and it seems like my intuition was right on the mark, I wonder what their end goal is here. Interesting reveal from Joker regarding Sho possibly being blessed with an Adolla Burst too, this really raises question over who their father is/was to me.

It was nice to see the former 7th Capt. send a death alarm like that though just in case he’s got ulterior motives, the little cooperation between the teams is going fairly well for now it seems too. Using that imposter 3rd Capt just goes to show how sketchy this whole backbone of the Organisation is, meanwhile.

Dat little Hibana moment plus Maki’s little adorable moments were just fab! I’m still not feeling used to the choppy-style directing but boy are these scenes in particular clicking. No comment on Tamaki’s little ‘lercher’ moment this episode, just wow how the bloody fudge xD.

And that little alarm on Shinra’s leg has finally rung again, I wonder what’s in store for us next week. Sho v Shinra rematch in the making, perhaps?
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Nov 23, 9:10 AM

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Weird, Hibana did not say something to Shinra even if they met at the entrance of 8th's base : though she remained herself in the next scene lul
Nov 23, 10:19 AM
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Well then after seeing Licht being with Joker, can we now say that he's one of the bad guys??????
Nov 23, 12:43 PM
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Kicker-man-kick Nice training episode
Nov 23, 12:50 PM

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Yesss! Beni's back and as fucking cool as ever! Shinra's ability is so awesome and that finishing move is on another level! The name definitely needs work though... haha
Nov 23, 10:35 PM

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Very Nice! it's training time! and of course Captain Shinmon is the one training them! how badass could that be!
Looks like Shinra will level-up but Arthus still has more work to do!
Nov 23, 10:40 PM

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I thought it was a pretty okay training ep. nothing spectacular, but it was nice to see some character development.

Nov 24, 1:05 AM

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Arthur is about to get left behind - Shinra is making the gap bigger between them...well it seems that way and I hope not.
Nov 24, 1:21 AM
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Aniik8pv2 said:
this one was quite fun

shinra and arthur got some nice training
Nice to see vulcan getting along and helping the members of the 8th.

Also, Is joker going to turn out to be one of the good guys? I don't get that antagonistic vibe from him
as a manga reader I can't answer that because it is a "spoiler"
Nov 24, 7:31 AM

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thehund said:
Aniik8pv2 said:
this one was quite fun

shinra and arthur got some nice training
Nice to see vulcan getting along and helping the members of the 8th.

Also, Is joker going to turn out to be one of the good guys? I don't get that antagonistic vibe from him
as a manga reader I can't answer that because it is a "spoiler"

I tried getting into the manga after the last episode. But to my surprise i did not like the manga as much as the anime.
The encounter with Sho, and then sho vs joker was so well done in the anime - i was disappointed with it in the manga.
so i decided to pick up the manga after the anime finishes airing
(hopefully after 2nd season if it gets one)
Nov 24, 7:36 AM

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I’m 6 episodes behind ughh.........
Nov 24, 8:03 AM

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Watched it late last night and already forgot about more than half of it lol.

Only remember how they trained, and MC used concentrated the fire beneath his feet.
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Nov 24, 7:26 PM

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Well, I am done for.

Dropped 5/10
Nov 25, 2:14 AM

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Any episode with Benimaru is good. Any chapter with him is even better.
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Nov 25, 7:26 AM

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Seriously, whats up with the direction in this show? The silent shots of characters faces is really jarring. On top of that, there was a scene between Obi and Hibana where virtually none of it was animated. Seriously, it was completely still apart from her mouth moving as she spoke. And I really don't like how they use that cat psychokinetic as fan service/cheap comic relief.
Nov 25, 8:57 AM

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Lol poor Arthur got beaten even when he attacked silently. Also nice Shinra became even faster but will he be able to keep up with Sho's speed, guess we'll find out soon.
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Nov 25, 9:26 AM
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Great episode!

Arthur is funy as always!

Seems i suspect well from Litch, he know Joker, hope Litch isn't panning something bad, seems Joker maybe is not in bad side!

Seems Obi sent Shinra and Arthur to be trained by Benimaru, and it was a really nice vibe, benimaru is no joke, also Shinra had improved with their flames!

Seems Vulcan is creating thing for everyone, and damn, that flying canons for Maki were really amusing!

And also Maki is so much cute!
Nov 26, 2:43 AM

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Good to see Vulcan and Licht being so useful in the team, as well as seeing Shinra getting a new move and Arthur getting stronger.
Nov 26, 5:20 AM

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With Vulcan being a nice addition into Company 8, the whole company's ablaze about him. All jokes aside, Companies 5, 7 and 8 are coercing on the white-clad Evangelists, while Licht and Joker are in neutrality (while Licht is being a spy). Everyone's on their own terms and intentions, all at the cost of catching up (essentially cat-and-mouse chase now).

With how unrefined Shinra and Arthur looks, they're posted out to Company 7 for Benimaru to train them up, a repayment of sorts.

What the rookies lack is commonplace Shounen traits: a finishing move...heck, as training tends to give.

Maki's twin Sputter-Flare power got a nice upgrade too, just wished there was more steam for her as the Sput-Flare-Witch.

Ooh, so the secrets of pyrokinesis are closely linked to the formation of martial arts, the ki driving power and tenacity. If anything, it's a taxing load of refreshers for both Arthur and Shinra, as well as a power upgrade.

Good setup episode for the future fights.
Nov 27, 1:34 PM

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it's always a pleasure to see Beni
Nov 28, 1:59 AM

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The engineer made his first gear and it looks awesome, can't wait to see them in combat.
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Nov 28, 11:56 AM

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Glad to see Beni back :)) but I feel their stay will be short lived!
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Nov 28, 12:05 PM

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This show tries Desperately soooooo hard to be Funny. But its really not. The "Humor" in this show makes me cringe so hard. You can be funny without making it look desperate. I'd like this show that doesn't even make sense to begin with better if it just kept things serious instead of the Unfunny tryhard comedy.

And it's almost every episode.

In my opinion, people who found this scene funny would laugh at anything. Which goes hand in hand with Immaturity. And lack of taste. And hyping bad content. It was so unnecessary and forced.
Nov 28, 1:03 PM

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There was a lot of Naruto vibe in this episode. By the way, the episode was pretty good after Benimaru appeared.
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