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Poll: Dr. Stone Episode 21 Discussion

Dec 2, 8:48 PM
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The deformed twins wish they were Suika
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Dec 3, 2:46 PM

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Christmas scene was cute, sad Dr. Stone will end soon as I've really loved this anime :)))
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Dec 4, 9:46 PM

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deg said:

the manga is awesome it became one of my favorites already

Great to know fam, thanks!
Hope i will start reading it after the anime ends.
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Dec 6, 3:33 PM

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Fun how they ran into christmas at such a time. The next episode looks very good, the premise is just nice.
Dec 6, 11:28 PM

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The little village is really developing quickly in this episode. I like how happy everyone was when they realised that they don’t need to do so much extreme labour.

Christmas is here!
Dec 8, 6:09 AM

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The Christmas part was so damn beautfiul, makes me wish for a whole special holidays episode.
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Today, 5:01 AM

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Christmas episode, huh.

SOL episodes are are definitely better!
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