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Poll: Dr. Stone Episode 21 Discussion

Nov 22, 5:23 AM

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Santa? Just kidding.

Ever since they acquired hydroelectricity, it looks like Senko is trying to expand more with more facilities. I kinda like how this episode used trial and error with an experimental like format of storytelling dealing with science. Classic Dr. Stone.
Nov 22, 7:53 AM

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Nice to see everyone working so hard.
So two months passed by so soon but we have lightbulbs yay

ALso, conveniently enough we have a lot of tungsten now .. so that's nice
Nov 22, 8:04 AM

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They have batteries and light bulbs, now time for some exploration to get more tungsten.
I love the way Kaseki works hard every time.

Nov 22, 8:17 AM
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Kinda sad that everyone's being shoved to the background except Senku and his contraptions.
Most interesting part was Magma being chosen to team up with Senku. Wonder how they'll work together. I imagine there will be conflict in one way or another (in which case Gen should come too). Or maybe it'll be Magma's time to shine. Oh, and the air pump got me hyped as well.
Nov 22, 8:18 AM
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The "Christmas" scene was pretty beautiful. Now they managed to get tungsten and need to collect more since it can sustain the heat that vacuum tubes produce. The character selection in RPG style made me lol and Magma being chosen at the end as the third member caught me off guard as well. Pretty enjoyable episode.
Nov 22, 8:29 AM
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I can't believe they put Santa in a SCIENTIFIC anime! This is infuriating!

Nov 22, 8:34 AM

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Seems like they found the final ingredient to store the heat used in vacuum tubes. I love the character selection screen and the Christmas scene.
Nov 22, 8:35 AM

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Definitely saw that Christmas lights coming since it was in the opening (which was kinda a spoiler I guess) so I didn't felt much during that scene.

I was hoping to at least see Senku has, or come up with, some alternative plan (even if it has a lower success rate) in terms of dealing with Tsukasa. Him having no backup plan at all just feels weird for someone as intelligent as him.

With that said, it's still a good episode nonetheless.
Nov 22, 8:36 AM
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Really enjoyable episode as we get to see a bit of progression towards the smartphone.

Thank goodness I'm doing science as a career pathway as it helps me understand everything Senku says, makes me appreciate this show even more
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Nov 22, 8:37 AM

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Hoooo, we found traces of tungsten! Now it's Spelunker time.
Nov 22, 8:43 AM

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...yeah, right, coincidence. Senkuu's cute li'l butt. :3
Nov 22, 8:53 AM

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Nice they are progressing much faster now that they have hidroelectric power plant. Lol Senku chose Magma of all people for the exploration, there will be trouble for sure.
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Nov 22, 8:57 AM

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Wow the christmas tree !
They're definitely progressing, I wanna see how the cave exploration will be.
Nov 22, 9:06 AM

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Cool episode for the week!

Christmas tree, certainly didn't see this coming. Presentation of the whole scene was just beautiful, props to TMS for this delightful treat! Old man Kaseki is a superhuman, officially confirmed now xD.

A rare slump or is it as a result of being overambitious? Whatever the case, good thing the New Year's sunlight plus the Mentalist's ploy, Suika's find and Chrome's searching have cracked the case! It was nice to have a change for once and seeing Senku struggling a bit albeit brief, nonetheless.

Looks like we've got some mischief right around the corner building up, meanwhile. Magma, in other words. Lol, hopefully my fears will be for naught.

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Nov 22, 9:14 AM
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I was surpised to see Senku so discouraged
Nov 22, 9:15 AM
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sht bois we're collecting tungsten next week!
Nov 22, 9:22 AM

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Just realised this season ends in 3 episodes. I don't think we'll see Senkuu vs Tsukasa war this season.
Nov 22, 9:28 AM

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They made a Christmas tree! I loved that scene.

Suika wanted to contribute so badly, and finally after rummaging through those rocks she struck gold tungsten!

3 episodes left. What are the odds we get a season 2 of this?
Nov 22, 9:32 AM
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best episode so far
Nov 22, 9:51 AM
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This episode was as exhilerating as the rest!
The trial and error work with finally the 'modern filament' showing up.. Just amazing.
Nov 22, 10:01 AM
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Suika is the MVP of this episode since Senku almost given up on making cellphones lol

so Senku is 17 years old then when this number of the screenshot is divided to 365 days

Nov 22, 10:13 AM

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So looks like this season will be when they meet the spies while in season 2 we will expect this battle between Senkuu and Tsukasa, so after the battle I suppose they will hopefully show us the reason on how everything turned into stone?
Nov 22, 10:13 AM
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God this episode was amazing, with the lights being made for Christmas, it really does hit you in the heart when the entire village doesn't know of the holidays we grew up with.

Also looks like we need some tungsten for the smaller lights to work, and that character selection scene like an RPG was funny. Nice to see Senku pick Magma and getting him involved, since they're gonna need a lot of strength to move the ores.
Nov 22, 10:23 AM

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Hey old man stop complaining about working too hard because you may die after winter if you don't :)
Nov 22, 10:30 AM

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LOL even Suika's attack (3) was higher than Senku (1).

How convenient, though. They happened to find tungsten at just the right time. What's with the Santa tho.
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Nov 22, 10:31 AM

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Funny how a shounen series manages to do slice of life scenes better than what is supposed to excel at.
Nov 22, 11:06 AM

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It's getting very difficult for Senku to do the experiments, but Suika's gemstone gave him a light of hope.
I wonder if it's going to be ok bringing that guy to go help them find that rare gemstone after all he had done during that battle to be the next Cheif ^^; I don't trust him, but I hope everything goes well while exploring the cave.
Nov 22, 11:17 AM

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I did Senku’s day math and I’m 12,229 days old.
Nov 22, 11:45 AM

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I really liked this episode because it made Senku more human; it's the first time we saw him get frustrated and down about the trial and error process. Also this ep made me feel super christmasy! hehe
Nov 22, 12:04 PM

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Only 3 episodes left I should just go read the manga already but this show doesn't
seem to get me bored.
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Nov 22, 12:04 PM

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I really thought Senku was about to give up, Suika saved the game
That christmas tree scene was a bit of a nonsense but it was beautiful
New quest : tungsten

Nov 22, 12:28 PM
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4 more to go, so more Senku's invention to come.
Nov 22, 1:21 PM

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I love this series so much, the interactions and expressions of the characters really just make it a great time. It's a fresh type of story, for me anyway, as well which I really appreciate, haven't really seen anything since Log Horizon where a guy wins with his brain and strategy instead of power ups or combat.

If you're not, I really recommend reading the manga as well, Boichi's art is God tier.

Can't wait to see the current arc animated
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Nov 22, 1:49 PM

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AntonioWux said:
Just realised this season ends in 3 episodes. I don't think we'll see Senkuu vs Tsukasa war this season.

Not happening. Hopefully we just get science team for the final episodes anyway
Nov 22, 1:50 PM

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The stats for the possible members of the exploration team were hilarious. I paused the episode to read them all
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Nov 22, 2:24 PM

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this show is really at its best when theyre inventing new shit. Mixed in with the feel good moment with the christmas tree, this episode was great. I dont really care about tsukasa's threats at all lol
Nov 22, 2:33 PM

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Santa made an unexpected, but well-timed cameo as Senku turn on the lights on the big tree on what was Christmas Day. Not only did Christmas arrive, but so did the snow as Senku's group continued to make steady progress with their production work on light bulbs and their ultimate quest of making cell phones.

However, they did hit a big hurdle as the bamboo used for their light bulbs just couldn't handle the temperature needed for the light bulb to operate. Even Senku wasn't sure on what to do and had the look of a defeated man.

Luckily, one of the gemstones that Chrome brought back from his cave gathering that Suika brought with her for the first sunrise of the new year turned out to be tungsten. Knowing just how beneficial tungsten is, Senku and Chrome were ready to go on a treasure hunt and, after a really funny RPG-style character selection showcasing the strengths and weaknesses from all candidates, Senku ultimately chose Magma to help him and Chrome on the treasure hunt.

Only three episodes left now. I'm sure these last three episodes will be as fun as this one was. =D
Nov 22, 3:19 PM
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All I got to say is...

That Jump Force character select screen tho.
Nov 22, 4:20 PM

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I swear this anime is a conspiracy to make everyone into science classes.
When I finished Darling of the franxx, that was definitely a message to have more procreation in Japan lmao.
Nov 22, 4:29 PM

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Finally, the age of manpower is in full force.

> All sorts of their former manpower are sorted out.
> Damn, that light bulb really took some time. Two months to be exact.
> Chrome's flexing the light for mining. lol
> For the first time, Senku have encountered a setback on making things.
> But, an answer to that came at the start of the New Year. Suika's Tungsten.
> Finally, cave exploring huh? It's been a while since that last adventure of acquiring sulfuric acid.
Nov 22, 4:39 PM
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OveReAction10 said:
All I got to say is...

That Jump Force character select screen tho.

Haha so nice.Magma is the Bonus Character in this Episode :D.
Great Episode as always.Love the Christmas Tree Scene.
Nov 22, 4:42 PM

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How they go from electricity through waterworks, to batteries, to finish with a bloody Christmas Tree.. Well pretty much just lights, but the coincidence was real. That small appearance of Santa though XD

But damn this was beautiful!!

Seeing the village covered in snow is also quite the sight!

So they found a rare gemstone, good call on Gen to go and watch the sunrise together. Suika did very well to find that. Now I hope we get to see some cave exploring.
Nov 22, 4:49 PM

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Fantastic episode.

Loved all the montages of the spartan crafting club and everyone working together.

The Christmas scene with the lights was beautiful and the final New Year's sunrise was awesome as well. Tungsten!
Loved the character select screen, that was hilarious.

Looking forward to more, this show is at it's best when they're inventing stuff like this.
Nov 22, 4:50 PM

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That was the first episode Senku has ever been stuck in of ideas, but thanks to Suika for that little divulgence. Either way I'm psyched fro the exploration, especially since Magma will join up too.

I wonder how is the Tsukasa kingdom doing?
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Nov 22, 5:10 PM

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Well Christmas is right around the corner so that part of the episode came in a pretty timely manner.

For once Senku seemed to have trouble figuring things out but thankfully Suika came in clutch at the end with that gemstone.
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Nov 22, 5:51 PM

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Manga readers: will there be more to this series later on? Like, will there be more tension, conflict, and character drama?
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Nov 22, 9:43 PM
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Senkuu should really write down everything he knows. Memories are not very reliable, and if he gets old, Science will basically disappear. (Also, I hope some of the revived people end up teaching everyone how to read and write so that Senkuu's knowledge can be passed down.)

What happened to girl who was spying on them? She couldn't have stayed there on the trees during the snowing winter.

Nov 22, 9:47 PM

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Hatsuyuki said:
Funny how a shounen series manages to do slice of life scenes better than what is supposed to excel at.

Exactly. This should be a SoL + some little action.

Dr.Stone feels excelent when they are making shit and explaining the process behind it, but the shonen or action arcs involving Tarzan have been extremely bad IMO.

The episode was really cool, I am not sure if they are going to announce a second season right away so I guess I will go to the manga after it finishes. It just feels right to see Senku and co. interacting.
Nov 22, 10:03 PM
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RealTheAbsurdist said:
Manga readers: will there be more to this series later on? Like, will there be more tension, conflict, and character drama?

yep and to me the manga is close to ending or maybe there is like 50-70 chapters more remaining
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