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Nov 19, 1:00 PM

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This is the second part of the Frost Caverns.

Shea has come far from being a "worthless rabbit" to being an important member of the party. Hell, she even fought Yue one-on-one and pretty much made it into a draw.

In this volume, we learned Yue's real name which is Aletia and the name of her country was Avatarl. It was sad reading the way Yue was betrayed by her uncle. He even killed her parents. I'm interested in knowing why Yue' uncle betrayed her since it was hinted that he may had a reason for his actions. I'm guessing the demon king is Yue's uncle..

We got to read more about "Super Tio". Honestly, we need to see of that side.

Best girl Shizuku confessed her feelings to Hajime again, and this time in front of everyone. Kaori was more supportive of her.

Everyone apart from Kouki managed to get the accident magic "Metamorphosis". They managed to get some monsters from Verbergen.

Hajime and Yue quickly made a concept magic, a "Crystal Key" that allows them to teleport. Accidentally opening a portal where Cam was whipping the hell out of Altina. She whole scene was hilarious. Poor Shea for witnessing that.

Freid Bagwa just had to show up at the end, and so did Eri Nakamura, with 500 apostles. Damn, a great way to end the volume lol. Now I have to wait for months for volume 11 to be released. The wait is going to kill me. In the meantime, I'll just read the manga and Arifureta Zero.

The bonus short stories were again a nice addition to the main story. I found Yue’s Magic Lessons part quite funny. Yue and Kaori understand each other a lot. xD