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Nov 19, 10:53 AM
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After reading it the second time in the same weak, I came to an understanding that Homura posses that power to manipulate time as a result of the contract made with kyubey. Her second power, the power of memory manipulation and the power to pierce through wraiths, was given as a momento by Madoka before they parted. Homura became powerless since her Shield was stolen by Giant Wraith, her momento stolen by Wraith Madoka, who is also a conscience of Homura.

But I have some doubts. Why was the bow of memory manipulation granted to Homura in first place? I understand the power to pierce through wraiths makes sense, but why memory manipulation? Also it seems the power to remember Madoka, was granted to Homura by herself, completing the incomplete magic somehow.

This all is a bit confusing to me. Please help.