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Poll: I believe the formation and development of my personality is mostly affected by/based on:

Nov 19, 9:37 AM

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basically a survey and it's not entirely professional

you can only select one and it's not an examination of nature vs nurture

to you personally, which of the following factors affects the formation and development of your personality the most?

why though?

to me it's my desires
i'm always driven by intrinsic needs and wants instead of being pulled toward things that act as incentives
i've noticed it when i turned 13 or so that my immediate redirection of attention and goals are what truly shaping the formation of my personality traits.
Nov 19, 10:09 AM
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genetics i got some hereditary diseases but since the fear reaction is either fight or flight (also add freeze) i usually go for flight response in the end that made me asocial but not yet on antisocial level
Nov 20, 4:13 AM

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Honestly all of the polling options definitely not just one; obviously there's a lot of factors.
Nov 20, 9:14 AM

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True, I think all of the given options have an impact on the personality, more or less so. I adopted quit e alot of traits from my parents and developed my own opinions on the way I've been raised, though I think genetics play quite a role too.
Nov 20, 9:32 AM

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I know I wasn't born a godless monstrosity; I become one.

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