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Nov 19, 3:28 AM
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I'm seeing a lot of complaints about this show regarding awkward directing, unfunny jokes, no feels, low BD sales, Kyoto Animation Fire stigma, opening 2 animation is trash.

I'm seeing a lot of negative reception here, not much of a future for this series if that's the case.
Nov 19, 3:42 AM

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Considering the extremely low sales it's very unlikely.
Nov 19, 5:31 AM

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Yeah it doesn’t matter if the show is trashed on, all that matters is if it sells. As stated above, low sales so no season 2.
Nov 19, 5:44 AM

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The premise is cool and the fight scenes are great, but something just feels off about this show. The timing of scenes is really weird, with all the weird static frames. I sometimes minimize this to check my internet connection because they'll pause on Shinra's face for 5 seconds with no sound and no movement. If there is a second season, hopefully they fix that
Nov 19, 10:17 AM
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i say yes

a CrunchyRoll employee in Japan says this

Blu-Ray sales aren't everything for an anime these days, especially with streaming involved. Fire Force is currently free to download on Amazon Japan, and is on a lot of streaming sites here, including DMM.

and this is from a sakuga expert

In case you're wondering how would people watch Fire Force in JP if they're not buying home video releases, here's all the services it's streaming on in Japan:
(domestic streaming rights are same company as home video rights, so they benefit from this)

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