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U.S. breaks off defense cost talks amid South Korea backlash over $5 billion demand

Nov 19, 3:13 AM

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SEOUL (Reuters) - The United States on Tuesday broke off talks on increasing South Korea’s share of the cost of hosting a U.S. military contingent after the two sides failed to narrow differences in a row that has raised questions about the U.S. deployment.
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Nov 19, 9:38 AM

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wait a minute, is the US government currently asking the same thing to every single country they have troops stationed in now? AFAIK it already made news for Germany, Japan and now South Korea.
What kind of stupidity is this?
Literally the US is asking his various allies to PAY FOR ITS OWN TROOPS. Are they seriously thinking that they'll get a lot of friends like that? The US army is absolutely oversized to begin with, with ridiculous cost to maintain that just increase the global US debt constantly, and force them to always be aggressive to find new oil to plunder around the world; They're hated enough for that all around the world including among their allies, and now they're actually going to ask others to pay for troops that tomorrow may be their enemies depending of Diplomacy?
Is the US government for real with those ones?
It's clearly not the behaviour of a "world police" but more of a "world gang/yakuza" that ask payment for their (quite often not even requested) protection and rise the price as they see fit.

At this point what is differentiating the US army of a mere bunch of oversized and over armed band of thugs that threatens and ransom their own allies while plundering whatever they see fit?
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Nov 20, 1:17 AM

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Everyone should tell Trump to do one and then the US would have no bases around the world. Everyone wins except for Trump and the MIC.