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Poll: Val x Love Episode 7 Discussion

Nov 16, 6:12 AM

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That mouth checking lewd.

The Super Saiyan joke though. I swear, this anime throws in jokes with any chance it gets that it gets weird. Such a cringe worthy episode with absurd humor.
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Nov 16, 6:59 AM

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I am ashamed but I actually really liked the part with Doctor Takuma, second part was a bit boring though.
Nov 16, 7:05 AM

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Playing doctor I see. What a lucky guy.

Nov 16, 7:18 AM

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When its cold and you feel low on energy nothing beats lounging under the Kotatsu. Playing doctor huh lol these trials really are quite surprising huh. Kururi though is quite the inventor though her results are quite inconsistent. Though his doctor mission ended up misfiring at least he was able to enjoy being taken care off by the girls and fulfilling the trial conditions. Misa's lack of combat skills was quite surprising though in fairness not being able to beat boars the size of buildings is quite normal. In a way it can be said that Takuma prior to him meeting the girls was quite similar to Misa in that both were equally busy and not able to enjoy the life that they deserve. Overall a decent ep that managed to expand upon Misa's character while formally introducing Kururi. When not in her usual calm self Misa's actually pretty cute.
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Nov 16, 7:23 AM

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I actually enjoyed the doctor part, ancestors of mine are probably disowning me rn
The second part was pretty boring but it had fun moments

Nov 16, 9:59 AM

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ok the doctor bit was something
Nov 16, 10:03 AM
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I really like doktor part.
Nov 16, 10:07 AM
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Is here somebody who likes Fairy Tail. I hope I am not the only one, guys.
Nov 16, 1:18 PM
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Good art and fanservice and average animation and sound wasted because of a bad main character.
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Nov 16, 7:43 PM
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Val × Love passes the halfway mark with yet another stupid and pointless excuse for an episode. Right now, I'm just watching this show to make fun of it. While some of the moments were actually funny, especially when Takuma played doctor, for the most part, this episode was an agonizing slog to the end. I wanted this episode to end as badly as Misa wanted to end her date with Takuma. The best thing Val × Love can accomplish at this point is being bad in a good way, but this time, it failed to even do that.
Nov 16, 11:04 PM

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It was a good episode.
Just playing with each other, had good ecchi parts and like everyone is saying, i also think that the doctor part was the pinacle.
Nov 17, 8:00 PM

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lolz at the doctor play! epic fail and all girl have different reactions!
i never knew Misa was this hot in her erotic red sweater outfit!
Nov 17, 11:53 PM
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how i wish, i am takuma right now playing that doctor game. hahaha
Nov 18, 4:10 PM

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That was a lot of salvia.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Nov 21, 3:09 AM

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HAH playing Doctor? And Takuma being a doctor for lewd reasons. @HeroVladimir93 this is the only fun part, and agree wholesome.

Futaba, boobs, glorious boobs!
Misa, slippery oil on the back...
Itsuyo, asking her to pee herself?
Mutsumi, teeth, could be great if we had the Monogatari toothbrush reference, and lots of saliva.
Natsuki, always the extreme with 3 sizes.
Yakumo, doesn't care but does anyways, Takuma ends up being the one thrown out.
Kururi, that Super Saiyan reference with her usual experiments always going wrong 99% of the time.
But in the end, Takuma still gets his harem.

1st half, somehow completed with laughs.

2nd half, more on Big Sis Misa. She's the Saotome babysitter and caretaker, basically, Mother status. But a girl, no matter her aesthetics, is STILL a girl, and Takuma is cringing SO BAD (and same here likewise). For Itsuyo to learn from this, I'm afraid she just learnt to be more lewd. Not as boring as I'd assume from previous episodes, but still, for the most part, mildly enjoyable.
Nov 22, 6:44 PM

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This somehow rivals Nisemonogatari in making a teeth related scene very erotic

Shame no kiss in the 2nd half though
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Nov 23, 10:57 PM

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Takuma has to be the worst male MC in recent memory. Such an incredibly bland dude with zero personality. Self-insert of the highest order.
Nov 24, 6:59 AM

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Misa's short back story was funny.
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