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Monster & Girl's Story 'Kaiju Decode' Anime Project Revealed

Nov 16, 5:42 AM
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Special effects studio Tsuburaya Productions and Toei Animation have announced a CG animation production with the theme of "a monster & girl's story."

Tsuburaya Productions, with its experience in monster special effects, and Toei Animation, with its 60 year history of animation work including stories of young girls, aim to produce a high-quality work which can be enjoyed overseas for generations.

Original Creator, Planning: Tsuburaya Productions, Toei Animation
Producers: Kouichi Noguchi (Rakuen Tsuihou), Masahiro Onda

More details about the anime will be revealed on December 14 at Tsuburaya Convention 2019. A two-day event, the convention will pay homage to Tsuburaya Productions' creations, with particular focus on their signature series, Ultraman. As part of the franchise, the company released a 13-episode anime on Netflix in April and announced a second season in June. A special stage will also be held for SSSS.Gridman, a collaboration project of Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions.

Official site:

Source: Animage Plus

Kaiju Decode on MAL
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Nov 16, 8:18 PM

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So much mystery! Is a loli gonna hatch out of that thing?
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modboy said:
So much mystery! Is a loli gonna hatch out of that thing?

LMAO I sure hope not...