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I've been on mal for about an year now....thought i should finally introduce myself

Nov 15, 8:43 AM
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Hi, i'm Jayansh
I'm 18 and from India
My hobbies are watching anime (obviously), reading manga, speedcubing, origami and i have recently started a light novel.
I'm also up to date with some of the seasonal anime.

I'm new to the mal forums and feel free to add me as a friend...
Also, i enjoy almost all genres and some of my favorite anime are....
Monogatari series, haikyuu, 3-gatsu no lion, Steins gate, aot, durarara...etc
And my favorite manga are vinland saga, berserk, otoyomegatari, oyasumi punpun and grand blue.
Nov 15, 11:27 AM

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Welcome to the Forums !

I hope that you enjoy your stay here.
Feel free to add me~~

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Nov 15, 11:38 AM

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Hello and welcome to the MAL forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
Nov 15, 2:27 PM

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Hi, Welcome to MAL enjoy your stay^^


Nov 15, 10:17 PM
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Hi jayansh ! Welcome on the forums and hope you'll make some friends here !

Nov 16, 5:14 AM

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Hello Jayansh, nice to meet you and welcome to MAL forums

I hope you will enjoy your time here.

Feel free to add me if you wanna talk about Anime, games or whatever ^^
Nov 16, 12:15 PM

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Hey bro :D. I'm new to the site myself, but still: Welcome to the forums.

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Nov 17, 1:48 AM

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Hi Jayansh, nice to meet you and Welcome to MAL

hope you enjoy your time.

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Nov 18, 2:31 AM

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Welcome to MAL bro!!!