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Does the anime that got you into anime still holds up?

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Nov 16, 2:27 PM

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Hmm... Not really. My first anime was attack on titan and i dont think i ever watched the second or third season. I've heard they've done well so idk.

The others I watched were SAO, free!... which... I guess they are good but don't really hold up as much as they did before.

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Nov 16, 2:32 PM
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Ouran, so pretty self-explanatory lol. Yes, since romcom is my genre of choice this is still my favorite anime and the one I compare my watch experiences to :)
Nov 16, 2:36 PM
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SAO, so no. But Clannad was my 2nd, and still my favorite to this day
Nov 16, 2:46 PM

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Nichijou got me into anime (it wasnt naruto or dbz cause i never liked those as a kid) , mostly cause of the amount of memes the anime spawned into this cursed world, still in my favorites list here, gave it 9 stars

I also use sakamoto as my desktop wallpaper to this day, and sometimes use him as a profile picture in social media
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Nov 16, 2:50 PM

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Gintama got me into anime. And yes, to this day, it gloriously holds up. <3
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Nov 16, 3:07 PM
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I honestly couldn't tell you the first anime I watched. It was either Pokemon, Sailor Moon, or Yu Yu Hakusho.

Pokemon (first season) still holds up imo, so does Sailor Moon and Yu Yu Hakusho. So I had a good introduction to what anime has to offer as a wee tike.
Nov 16, 3:11 PM

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Parasyte was the first anime that I watched, I still feel that its great, the OST , the plot etc.
Nov 16, 3:17 PM
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It was either Pokemon, which does somewhat hold up as a kid's anime, or Dragonball Z, which I actually don't think holds up as well. DBZ is still fun, but after the Frieza saga it has a bit too many examples of lackluster writing. If instead of being introduced to it early on if I had watched it for the first time today I would nitpick the hell out of all the post-Frieza sagas.
Nov 16, 3:20 PM
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JMV1997 said:
The one that got me into anime was Neon Genesis Evangelion back in 2013. I still watch it from time to time so I would say it still holds up lol.
i tried to get into eva so many times i stoped at ep 14 i just couldn t finish it i dont know
Nov 16, 4:01 PM

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I grew up watching Ghibli movies and Pokemon but they were basically just a normal part of my childhood so they didn't 'get me into anime'.
The anime that did get me into it was Baka and Test and I still find it really funny even after rewatching it twice so, at least in my opinion, reckon it holds up pretty well.
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Nov 16, 5:05 PM

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I feel like Bakuman is still a pretty good anime so yes.
Nov 16, 5:39 PM

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Death Note.

I guess. Darker Than Black, an anime I watched not too long after Death Note left a bigger impression on me though. I don't expect the same quality, but I'm always seeking to replicate the feeling I got watching it. It was the first time I had an adrenaline rush from watching a show and it was also then that I discovered i liked the action genre.

Nov 16, 5:47 PM
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I still consider SAO to be a good anime, with Alicization being the best season so yeah
Nov 16, 6:16 PM

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I had been watching hentai for years, and slowly getting more into anime. But the series that really got me hooked was Elfen Lied. It has some issues, but it's still really good.

And I totally agree, whatever gets you hooked is the kind of anime you'll look for and be really into.
Nov 16, 8:28 PM

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If the question is about the first anime I ever saw then IDK, I think it was Sailor Moon. Maybe it holds up? Another choice could be DBZ, which is definitely still amazing for me but wasnt what got me into anime.

It was actually rebuild of evangelion back in 2012 or 2013 I think. So yeah it definitely still holds up.

Also to a degree Inuyasha, I remember watching it as a child and it was airing again on TV later, but only half the episodes actually got dubbed so I was forced to start watching subs. I still like it but I havent seen it in ages. I actually wanted to rewatch it at some point, but these kind of long anime dont fit into my schedule when there are new shorter ones I still havent seen at all.
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Nov 16, 8:46 PM
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Yu Gi Oh was the first anime that I saw, but I guess you could say it died out a little.
Nov 17, 3:06 AM

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AxxLife said:
InTheDatabase said:
My first anime was the smarthpone isekai and it was shit. My 2nd anime was Infinite Stratos, which was also shit.

Was a valuable experience since I'm much more capable of picking out better anime nowadays

oh boy what a horrible introduction to anime. surprised you even continued watching anime lmao

I sometimes wonder too, but luckily I got some very good recommendations after that
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Nov 17, 3:08 AM

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johnbradshaw said:
InTheDatabase said:
My first anime was the smarthpone isekai and it was shit. My 2nd anime was Infinite Stratos, which was also shit.

Was a valuable experience since I'm much more capable of picking out better anime nowadays

Yeah when you stop picking shitty harem shows, You sure are capable of finding better anime

Ngl, occasionally I still watch a shitty harem just for heck of it
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Nov 17, 3:18 AM

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Mine was Naruto. I haven't watched it for a long time but I've seen parts of it. It's still serviceable, has moments where it shines, and a few enjoyable side characters. My childhood fascination was giving it too much credit though.
Nov 17, 3:57 AM
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K-ON! still gets me emotional everytime I watch it so, I can say it still holds up.
Nov 17, 4:06 AM

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For me it was Dragon Ball Z. I still like some clips. But it's way too bloated. Doesn't hold up for me at all. On the other hand, the manga holds up really well. Toriyama has an excellent sense of how to construct a dynamic, high impact fight scene in the medium of comics. There's nothing really intellectual to the narrative but the art gets me going viscerally.
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Nov 17, 4:19 AM

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No. My first anime (''Hotarubi no Mori e'') was very boring to me. Today, I blame this anime for ''not getting me into watching anime''.
Second anime (and I consider them to be the first anime, from which I started my adventure) was ''My Hero Academia''. I still have a good memory with it and watching third opening makes me feel so nostalgic <3
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Nov 17, 8:29 AM

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I've been exposed to a lot of anime on TV at a very young age which I took for granted.

If my memory serves me right, I actually got into anime with either Crush Gear Turbo or Rave Master, because I remember following each episodes interested on what's gonna happen next after school. I honestly don't have anymore attachments to either of them these days, but nonetheless, they were a gateway drug.

One anime though that got me more into anime when I went back to the medium is Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Still holds up since the characters were fun to watch, apart from the ecchi aspects of the show.
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Nov 17, 8:36 AM

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The original FMA. Not quite as good as brotherhood but still a solid 8/10.
Nov 17, 12:20 PM

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Toradora is what got me into anime. I loved it at the time and I still have it as an 8 now. I've found better anime than it, but it's still pretty high up there.
Nov 17, 2:56 PM

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I still havent downloaded and watched the entirety of your under arrest, before that it was all just cartoons for me. Its still a top 10/10 bcz I like the art animation of the era far more than these flash/3d/cgi mmo game shits pumped out these days.
Nov 17, 9:14 PM
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Hmmm yeah I think so. Also the nostalgia bias thing is probably applicable. I watched Yugioh, Dragonball and stuff on TV before I knew anime existed so I am not really counting them.

My first anime would be Bleach. I don't rate it particularly high as I recognise the numerous plot issues, but I do still like alot of it. Some characters, some action scenes, etc. I rate the first 63 episodes very highly, probably an 8 or 8.5 or so.
Nov 19, 10:52 PM

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parasyte , death note....... madhouse made me love the anime, i still love them.. without a doubt they both are 10/10
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