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Nov 18, 2019 11:19 AM

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Breadwinnerr said:
GamerDLM said:

As long as a significant portion of the work is done in Japan then yes. Some examples of what you described could be The Big O season 2 and FLCL seasons 2 and 3 were all co-produced between Japanese studios and Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.

Unless you mean the animation was primarily done in America and then outsourced portions to Japan in which case the answer gets really sketchy but would again fall under the amount of Japanese involvement. If the Japanese studio was just say doing clean up work or in-between animation frames the answer would likely be no, but if they handled like key animations or entire episodes that would be different.

Granted the phrase "American produced animation" doesn't really make sense in the context. Because produced is a very loose term.
Okay, but it would be unreasonable for one to expect the average anime fan to go research and find out who had the most involvement: Americans or Japanese people?

Then you can reference sites like anidb or this site which has a definitive criteria for what counts as significant involvement and presumably people who are actually interested in researching staff involvement.

In general staff involvement is not that in depth of a research topic because all it requires would be reading the credits which can be cross referenced to catch all sites like wikipedia.

But it's no more unreasonable than every fan deciding arbitrarily what counts as anime because they're using a subjective measure such as style which is not a consistent thing in anime (unless you just want to pretend like several decades of anime don't exist).

Nov 18, 2019 11:14 PM

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Does it matter? Anime is practically a coined term for Japanese animation, which gained prominence rather being called cartoon in any other countries. Avatar was inspired by Japanese animation, like how Panty and Stocking is inspired by Western cartoon, are we to call Panty and Stocking a cartoon now? Semantically, they are just both animations, just with derivatives, and it should stay like that. Not like being an anime or cartoon can be interpreted as superior, it's simply a placeholder, so I don't understand the pointless buzz.
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