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Nov 14, 6:48 AM
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It's one of my favorite games!

If you have played, what is your favorite boss fight?

I would have to say either Cinder or Aldrich. I remember the first time I beat Cinder by myself and I will never forget the feeling.
Nov 15, 2:34 AM

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I would name souls series as my favorite games ever. Part 3 is my favorite for a lot of reasons. I have... 800 hours in it or so.

Pontiff Sulyvahn is my favorite, definitely. There are many cool bosses there but his bossfight is definitely the most enjoyable for me in series. Very dynamic and fairly difficult (if you're not a parry god/shield user haha), very stylish visually, hella epic soundtrack and his lore adds a lot to it.
Nov 15, 3:28 AM

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ive put over 1,000 hrs in dark souls 3

my fave boss is probably gael for dlc and for non dlc it would be the dancer
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Nov 15, 9:42 AM

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Nameless King definitely, it was like fighting Goku in the heavens with lightnings and stuff.

Nov 16, 1:34 AM

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I do it's my favorite Dark Souls game ^^


Nov 16, 12:32 PM

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probably abyss watchers. I like the concept of the fight
Nov 16, 1:26 PM

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I don't know, I never played the franchise before. If some nice people were to buy me the game, I'd be more than happy to try the game out.
Nov 16, 4:41 PM

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I really like the game. Not as good as Bloodborne or Sekrio, but it''s still pretty fun

Favourite boss is either Nameless King or the Lothric brothers because mess up your dodging and they 420 combo attack you. I'd probably put Lothric brothers ahead of NK only because the dragon part is really annoying to do because of the camera

Abyss Watcher's is most badass though
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Nov 17, 4:35 AM

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Slave Knight Gael is one of the best boss fight.
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Nov 17, 5:30 AM

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It was my first souls game I've played. Have finished 3 times, it's fun.

My favourite boss was Pontiff coz I remember dying like 50-60 times by him on my first playthrough, which was the most times I'd ever died to a boss in any souls game ever(I used a fucking Brigand Axe throughout the 1st time lol). Then on my 2nd playthrough, beat him first time with Fume UGS. Satisfying redemption!
Nov 17, 5:39 AM
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Only played through it twice and i like some of the bosses a lot, Lothric brothers being my favourite, but i hate how there's so many wide open spaces. Many areas just aren't to my taste. Boreal valley was beautiful though.

I can't decide on my favourite between Sekiro, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1.
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Nov 17, 7:48 AM

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Midir and Demon Prince
the most difficult and fun in my opinion. Choosing one is difficult too.
Nov 17, 12:30 PM
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Gundyr is the best boss fight by far imo.
Nov 17, 1:56 PM

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I love it, it's actually my favorite souls game! It's just behind Bloodborne as my favorite fromsoft game though.

Favorite boss would be Gael for sure. Because of how badass it is. Fighting him for the first time really was amazing tbh. 2nd could be sister fride or midir as they're harder in difficulty than the base game bosses.
Nov 19, 9:43 AM

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It's the second best Soulsborne game outside of Bloodborne, mostly because of the build variety, phenomenal boss fights and incredible soundtrack, which are some of the best qualities of the series.

Also, since we're naming bosses, I would say Blackflame Friede is easily the best boss fight in the series, because it's really not as frustrating as some of the hardest ones, being more an endurance test where you manage your resources than a skill test, but still manages to be really engaging. Also that moveset and boss special effects are really beautiful, so it's not only a pleasure to fight, it's also a pleasure to witness, you know?

Runner ups would be Gael and Lothric brothers
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