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consistently better vs. starts off best ends up worst

Nov 13, 11:18 AM
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which one do you prefer, watching an anime that starts off kinda average but consistently getting better on each episode or watching an anime that starts off so great but after each episode it's getting worse?
Nov 13, 11:24 AM
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I prefer shows that begin meh and only get better as they go.

I hate the ones to begin strong only to end up as a giant disappointment.

Also this should have been a poll imo.
Nov 13, 11:28 AM
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If it gets better then that gives me a good reason to keep watching, but if it gets worse then I would probably end up dropping it. Also I think the ending is crucial so if it's bad then that kinda ruins the whole anime for me.
Nov 13, 11:32 AM

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@Dakago: I have no freaken' clue why anyone would vote for the latter. I mean, is there any point of this thread?
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Nov 13, 11:42 AM

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As you could guess from my favourite I prefer anime with a mediocre yet close to bad start. The progressive build-up to a fantastic final arc is fantastically rewarding. The early episodes had a satisfying payoff toward the end of the anime. So in the end you watched it for a reason. Clannad after story wouldn't be as praised as it is if it wasn't for all the build ups included in the first season.

I also don't mind strong start with weaker ending. Sometimes the journey may be a good enough experience that overcome the destination.
Nov 13, 12:14 PM

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I prefer the one that offers me more time worth a good show, meaning that my decision depends on how long the show stays "mediocre" until it improves to be a fine show, compared to how long it takes the other show to outrun its initial intrigue.
Also, from experience, I haven't seen an anime that was able to heavily improve in quality, meaning that a show starting of great but having a bad ending with only 1-3 episodes being a disappointment, will probably be a better experience overall, despite the bad aftertaste, as I still had 9-10 episodes of good to great entertainment (depending the decline in quality) until the show went "downhill," whereas a mediocre title might improve over its runtime and give me a satisfying conclusion, but even then, never reach the same heights, and therefore not offer me an equal amount of entertainment the title with the disappointing ending had.
Nov 16, 2:47 PM

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i prefer watching shows that are consistently great throughout kek

but yea i prefer the former
Nov 16, 2:48 PM

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i prefer shows that are amazing all throughout but i understand we don't always get what we want
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Nov 16, 8:33 PM

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I prefer anime which are straight up good. But if I had to choose between having a promising story ruined later on or just playing it safe overall I take the latter. Having a decent start, getting a bit better towards the middle and falling off drastically at the end is kinda standard by now.
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Nov 16, 9:19 PM

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I actually thought Angel Beats had a really weak start. The first four episodes failed to grab my attention and I stopped watching for a few weeks. When I came back and started watching again though it started getting really good and the ending was amazing. Thus I gave it a 9 out of 10 score.

So to answer your question. Starting off boring or mediocre and getting better is definitely the way to go.
Nov 16, 9:30 PM

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Consistently better since if it starts at meh which is around 5 and consistently improves slightly after each episode, the show gets at least a 5.6 score experience on average after the first cour (~12). Multiple cours in and the score only improves from there.

The latter option seems to imply a 10 or close to it as possible to then a 1 or close to that as possible at the end (since there's no "0" in MAL). Assuming the episodes of 10 vs 1 are equally balanced means you get a 5.5 at best and can't go any higher than that.

Obviously the consistently better option.
Nov 16, 9:32 PM

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Starts out meh and gets better. A lot of my favorite anime are exactly that.
Nov 16, 10:20 PM
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In terms of satisfaction obviously those which get consistently better
No debate
But here’s the thing,in terms of enjoyment it can be the latter one too(not always tho)
A show that starts off with a banger and you know this will be in your memories for a long time gets average at the mid point and ends badly can be more enjoyable than those which get better by each eps.When a show already reaches certain heights,even if it ends bad that surprisingly makes it more unforgettable
Enjoyment over satisfaction?It’s up to you
Usually the ‘masterpiece’ shows are enlisted in the first category
Nov 16, 10:28 PM

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Unless the ending is a spectacular dumpster fire, the kind where you just can't look away eventhough you know it's bad, then I'd say starting off okayish and slowly getting better would be my choice.
Nov 17, 12:31 AM

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i prefer starts off boring and consistenly better, thats worth to wait and watch
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Nov 17, 3:31 AM

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Consistently better is my personal
preference, examples:
Grisaia no Rakuen
Darling in the Franxx
Evil or live
Kanata no Astra

Now series that start of strong but begin to fester as the story progresses:
Zetsuen no Tempest
Sword Art Online
91 days
Akame ga kill
Dies Irae
Gate: Jieitai

I will add that series who progressively degrade I still sometimes rate high because of how brilliant they were in the begining. Or sometimes I rate low out of spite, even though they were greate for two thirds of their duration. Its disheartening to witness something you love getting worse as time progresses.
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Nov 17, 3:46 AM
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It's in the title, ends up worst. Who would pick that? Might as well call it good vs bad anime.
Nov 17, 3:56 AM

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The first one will probably be episode one dropped unless I hear some great things about it later. The second one will be dropped once it goes to crap.
In other words, indeterminate. I can't know because I'll just drop these shows.
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Nov 17, 3:59 AM

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Why is this even a question? Do you prefer good anime or bad anime?
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Nov 17, 4:03 AM

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I like my anime just like I like my coffee: avarage from the first sip to the last.