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Poll: No Guns Life Episode 5 Discussion

Nov 7, 10:21 AM

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Seems the city still has shady punks picking on vulnerable women when they get the chance in the show.

On the other hand, there's also characters like Oliver who seems to have a history with Juuzo? I mean, a "promise"? Lol.
Nov 7, 11:03 AM

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Those corrupt officers... good thing Juuzou scared them off.

Oliver was introduced in this episode, she seems like an interesting character.

Nov 7, 11:12 AM

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Good episode, felt like 5 min. They even have a barber for Extendeds lol.
Nov 7, 11:13 AM

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It was a really good episode, the man at the end was kenshiro haha
Nov 7, 11:34 AM

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I just realised that Juuzou and Tetsurou actually has the same vibe as Abbacchio and Narancia
Nov 7, 11:41 AM

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Nov 7, 1:41 PM

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That escaped prisoner was something out of a nightmare and the last one doesn't look any better!

I already really love the barber, he's hilarious! Olivier seems really cool too and i looove her very blue and purple character design
Nov 7, 2:13 PM

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the episode took a turn for the better after a while. it was really good. looking forward to the next. curious to know about the remaining escapee.
Nov 7, 5:31 PM

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I'm really curious on about what kind of relationship did Juuzo and Olivier had. Pretty tense episode as we witness the consequences of Juuzo firing his lazor. We met some interesting fellows this week.

I really like Olivier's design btw, not only she's hot but doesn't feel like a fanservice waste like many other shows have.
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Nov 7, 5:38 PM
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Man, this is getting excited. Cant wait to see what will happen in next episodes.
Nov 7, 6:04 PM

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Hug bear going ballistic there was incredible, too bad Kronen had to suppress him and Juzo never got to pummel him. I'm hoping he'll be able to break out from that restraint and have a toe to toe with the big man.

This Hayden Gondry sounds interesting!
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Nov 7, 6:28 PM

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AHh it's getting exciting now.
Tetsuro's dialogues look so creepy lol, maybe if he just keep his mouth closed all the time it would look better.
Nov 7, 7:33 PM

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It was alright. Haven't been digging this series that much so far. I feel this series continues to do exposition in a pretty poor way. Did Juzo really need to monologue about that prison in the middle of the conversation? I would have got the picture anyway if they just let the god damn characters talk. Especially when she ends up ask Juzo to recover the last one.
Nov 8, 2:30 AM

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Pretty good episode for the week!

No wonder why Inui Juuzo is wary of anyone touching his gun forehead, seems like trouble keeps following him. Lol, looks like he's got a thing for Mrs. Scarlett though, so cute and vice-versa kawaii~

Really starting to appreciate Mary now too, poor Tetsurou xD.

EMS and Beruhren are apparently enemies but the whole foundation of EMS wouldn't survive without Beruhren's tech, now that's interesting. I wonder where this is going and I'm really curious to know how the remaining escapee will fare against the likes of Kronen and Juuzo, if not more.
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Nov 8, 5:33 AM

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I'm officially done with this show now. It just continues to get worse with poorly-written and presented exposition, annoying tonal inconsistencies and irritating characters. Mary is literally the only redeeming factor for this show, but she's not enough to counter Tetsuro or Juzo, so I'm done.
Nov 8, 8:07 AM
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Well I for one I'm enjoying this show. It's pretty old school in its sensibilities so I'm not surprised at it's lack of popularity in MAL. Art and animation aside, it reminds of kind of thing made in the late 90's
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Nov 8, 9:11 AM

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Oh great, jaz great a quintessential big boobed bimbo jaz showed up.
Nov 8, 4:46 PM

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An intriguing episode. We saw a little more of the city as the world is developed, and we're branching out into the politicals and macrocosms of the plot. Excited for next ep

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Nov 8, 6:53 PM

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I still wonder why everyone is so bouncy in this series. I am not complaining though.
Nov 8, 9:19 PM

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Good episode.......
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Nov 8, 9:47 PM

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Both Scarlet and Olivier are hot, Scarlet is really cute too. Well time for Juzou to catch the first renegade extended, pretty exited for the next episode.
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Nov 9, 4:11 AM

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Olivier looks like she belongs in the Jojo universe.

Nice to finally see Kronen, design-wise he's my favorite character.
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Nov 9, 11:36 AM

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Bibimbapski said:
Nice to finally see Kronen, design-wise he's my favorite character.

Same here! Looks like he's very confident in his abilities and has strict ideals.

Oh and looks like it'll be fun facing up with a troublesome prison escapee renegade Extended next time around.
Nov 9, 1:13 PM
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Even the law has a hard time dealing with Beuhren
Nov 9, 3:07 PM
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Juuzo in this episode stand out a lot, knowing a little more about him is not bad, also he feels like Tetsurou not wanting to hurt the people around him with his precense.

I was delighted to seeing how Scarlet was saved by Juuzo, it is also very clear that she is interested in him, that maintenance session that Juuzo had was interesting.
Finally the woman with blue hair and big breasts appears, Olivier seems to be responsible for watching Juuzo for not use his main weapon, the worst thing is that now his license was revoked and he will go to prison.

Olivier takes under arrest all the acquaintances of Juuzo, the fun was to see how Olivier flirted with Juuzo, this guy is a girls magnet, first Scarlet and now Olivier.
Beruhren seems to be causing problems to Olivier and EMS and Juuzo will have to deal with this disaster and capture fugitives to have his life back.

For a moment I thought Juuzo would tear the fugitive apart for trying to attack Scarlet, but another new character makes his appearance, Kronen stops the fugitive without problems, but he does not want Juuzo on his way to capture the last fugitive who seems to be an extremely dangerous Extended
Nov 9, 4:53 PM

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I really like all those new characters. Kronen is cool.
Yesterday, 5:42 AM

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oh yes, that blue lips girl is very nice. This show just got better.
Yesterday, 12:14 PM
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good episode really liked all the character especialy olivier and kronen.
this anime is the most underrated this season for sure.
Yesterday, 7:38 PM

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The episode was interesting, Juuzou is related to the EMS. Two more women related to the fanservice. The connection between Olivier and Juuzou is interesting and funny, it could be the engine that makes all the plot move, so Cronen captured this guy and I think our team is gonna work with the creepy one.
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9 hours ago

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Bibimbapski said:
Olivier looks like she belongs in the Jojo universe.

I am glad i am not the only person who thought this when I saw her.