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Poll: Chihayafuru 3 Episode 5 Discussion

Nov 8, 8:19 PM

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OK, maybe my worries from last episode were misplaced because this episode was really good. What can I say, Sakurazawa talking about herself and Inokuma's resolve ... great stuff. Plus not to mention Harada - oh man, about him I clearly remember what happens in the manga, and I feel for him so much. Losing this match must have been super rough ... and then Hiroshi forfeiting against Chihaya too. I also think Taichi's match was done a disservice - we barely saw any of it and Chihaya slept through the entire thing, when I feel like he's gone through the most change especially with him leaning more towards a defensive style now. Still though, him beating Murao ... and Arata watching so carefully too. I wish we could have gotten some more insight on that match! (Also, clearly the OTP here is Taichi/Arata lol XD) Chihaya vs Taichi as the finals match should be great, and well, wouldn't it be nice if Taichi could fulfill his promise of beating her in a "fair" match? :O I honestly don't remember who wins, but I am HYPED for this match now ... OK, maybe another episode of tournament karuta is fine XD
Nov 8, 8:31 PM

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Taichi vs Chihaya in the finals is fine though
But it could be better if its Taichi vs Arata that would be more exciting, maybe they savin it for the finale or Chihaya vs Arata

Also Arata have a close game against the Queen Shinobu last season but in this ep he lost by 5 consecutive cards oh well they savin him for future matches
Nov 8, 9:54 PM

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I finally got some time and I did full re-watch of first two seasons before jumping into this one.
I don't know if I caught up at good moment or not because from what I remember in the manga, the next match is pretty much the best match in the entire series and it's pretty much, hands down best match in the entire series and it's best by a long shot.
That was just my impression from reading manga but I always liked Chihayafuru the anime far more.
I have waited 6 years for this season but even more so, I have waited 6 years for this match to be animated.

Ah, I still can't believe that we got season 3.
Nov 9, 3:55 AM

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the climax at the end of episode...hmmm
Nov 10, 7:16 AM

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You really get invested in these matches! So glad Season 3 is here.
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is shit
Nov 10, 4:30 PM

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Heavy breathing, That was such a slow, but well paced episode. By far, I was the most on edge even though I totally could see it coming. We're seeing Taichi become the mirror of his enemies. 10/10. (Also just me or they're investing more in more music?)
...can't wait until next episode. Guys. Arata is watching. (I think Taichi will win so then Chihaya can win queens? But dunno if the ironic plot twist is that she doesn't skip her field trip or Taichi will choke... he's good at winning streaks. EYELASHES FIGHTING!)

Nov 10, 5:07 PM
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I hope Taichi wins....
Yesterday, 8:08 AM

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The way Ayase won with that lightning-fast speed was very cool. And then she fell asleep right away, priorities. Intense match.
Oh, it's Ayase vs Taichi next episode. Speedy Offense vs Offensive defense seems to be their respective forte. I hope Ayase wins, though it will very likely be a close and intense match as it's been hyped much.
Yesterday, 1:08 PM
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ClickBaitBuster said:
rhaphazard said:
Who directed this episode? The mood and style was off the charts. And Chihayafuru is usually pretty good in that department already.
It was story-boarded by Atsuko Ishizuka, one of the most talented female directors in the industry.

Atsuko ishizuka and Morio Asaka both of them are a masterclass directors deserving of much more love and respect
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