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Poll: Diamond no Ace: Act II Episode 32 Discussion

Nov 5, 1:18 AM

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It looks like rival teams are also keeping up in shape this season. The real question is how skilled they are now compared to Sawamura's team.

Feels like this episode is building into something much bigger.
Nov 5, 3:40 AM
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I love Furuya playing as a fielder and super cautious if the ball will fly to his area, he's like scaredy cat.
Inashiro's new first year pitcher doesn't have voice actor yet, can we make a guess game?
I want this relaxed atmosphere to go on forever, but the intense arc is near, and my heart is not ready for it, I find tournament arc very hard to watch because of the unpredictable outcome because I don't read the manga.
Nov 5, 3:54 AM

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It was cool hearing about how the other teams were going. Inashiro looks as unstoppable as ever...
Nov 5, 4:29 AM

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Narumiya Mei got even stronger, whelp! I'll never forgive that bastard because he is what stopped the previous senpais from advancing to Koshien

Great build-up episode! Daiya no ace can replay the same damn themes as many times as they want to and they'll still be as hype inducing as the first time
Nov 5, 4:59 AM

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IT'S RAICHIIII!!! ...oh, he's gone already.

Why are we continuously skipping one, two, three, ten billion games, only to watch slideshows instead?

I hate to say this but I'm just really getting tired of daiya at this point. It's like a beached whale and I find myself praying for it to be put down more often than to be saved. Which is sad.
Nov 5, 5:12 AM

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Mei, Raichi, Amahisa r all getting stronger by the day and they have some great first years too. Can't wait to see Seido face off against them, thou proly not in this season sigh.
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Nov 5, 5:29 AM

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Was disappointed when Yakushi didn't win there, after Raichi hit that all the way to Mount Fuji, I guess it was a curse after all.

This Inashiro's Akamatsu is making huge waves, they will be a problem and stronger rivals for Seido, with also Mei on the helm.

But I'm commending Eijun's spirit and hunger, his eyes are already focused for the upcoming match. The coach should've started with him, but I'm not taking anything away from Furuya though.

I hated the fact Okumura had to start after the stunt he pulled last week, the coach should've let him gather mould on the second string.
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Nov 5, 8:04 AM

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That end card though. I actually went to try it and I had the same face as Furuya.
Nov 5, 9:40 AM
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I'm in love with the ED. Every week I enjoy it more. Ooishi-san is seriously a genius, and the animation is fun.

I really liked the scene with Haruichi and that annoying first year. Although every time someone mentions the third years retiring, I feel this painful twinge...
Nov 5, 9:42 AM

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Hey Diamond no Ace, that's cool and all but, you know, you could show me those matches, instead of summarizing them.
Nov 5, 10:05 AM

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Mima lost against Mei?! And what's more Inashiro seems to have another talented pitcher. I wonder how Seido will fare against them if they meet on the field.
Nov 5, 10:46 AM

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Holy shit, like for real? MORE build-up? Just give me a game, like actually any game from the start to finish. I feel like it's been at least 10 episodes since the last one.
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Nov 5, 11:48 AM

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Good episode I enjoy it, can't wait for the next week. And im sad for Miyuki because he leaving Seido. But WAIT just imagine having Miyuki,Mima and Narumiya end up in the same university?? and play together cs like.. we have THE BEST CATCHER, THE BEST BATTER AND THE BEST PITCHER IN ONE GO..
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Nov 5, 1:49 PM

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It was a good episode, anyway I want to see a good match.
Nov 5, 3:20 PM

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So many matches, it's almost hard to keep up. But I loved them, too bad for Yakushi though. xD Oh, and Narumiya avoided Itsuki's hug because he decided to keep it for the national championship. Guess I have no choice but to totally root for them now. lol Akamatsu is certainly an interesting guy too, and I loved that little exchange between Amahisa, and the new pitcher of his team. And what else... Oh, Furuya is getting back on his feet, and I felt that Sawamura is becoming his image of "the best in Japan", even if unconsciously.
Nov 5, 3:44 PM

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Good for Furuya getting better, but now I'am afraid about what's gonna happen with Sawamura?
I mean, we all know that Sawamura it's pitching really well, but at the same time he has the oportunity just because of Furuya's slow down.
Plus, the animation it´s not so good to show the matches,
I'am wishing for a real good one when next important matches come.
The ED it's enjoyable lol.

Nov 5, 8:09 PM
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The Yakushi team is so hilarious. How did they manage to lose a game they were up on? lol And Mei is an actual baseball monster!

I think the next episode shows some Furuya and "wolf boy" jealousy as Sawamura and Miyuki improve as a battery? Can't wait to see.
Nov 7, 1:02 PM

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look like Furuya will come back stronger than before.
Look like Sawamura will be left out once again but he will eventually catch up to Furuya and even surpasse him