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Poll: No Guns Life Episode 4 Discussion

Oct 31, 9:51 AM

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Man, this show gets more and more serious each week. The result transformation form of that spider proves to be a huge consequence.

Dunno how I feel about Tetsurou in the show but he's definitely a guy to keep an eye on. The way he deals with those Extended beings was hard to watch though. What a desperate situation this episode.
Oct 31, 10:57 AM
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I thought it was just half of episode before ED started, went really fast.
Tetsurou is acting like your usual idealistic teen character, but at least this time there is someone who will show him how things really are.
Oct 31, 11:03 AM

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I like how battle shounen mcs are always useless, then they meet people who told them how useless they are.. and at the end they even accept how useless they are. This level of self pity cannot be found in any other medium only in anime lol. But a big breasted chick is gonna show up, so this show still may be saved.
Oct 31, 11:20 AM

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They finally used his big ass revolver. I wonder who that was at the end.
Oct 31, 12:01 PM

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This show immediately gets worse when little shit is on screen. What he did last episode and what shit he was spouting in this, made me hate this character a lot. I would actually rather have this be an episodic series with gunhead solving cases and that's a pretty boring plot scheme. Yes, that twerp is that bad.
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Oct 31, 12:08 PM
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Juzo Finally has his body back! The part with Anne & Ende was a huge tearjerker for me.
Oct 31, 12:31 PM

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Wow that episode went fast, Juzou wasn't as angry as expected and he finally used his big fat canon

Oct 31, 12:52 PM

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This episode was amazing, best episode so far.
Animation was incredible and really nice developpement, I'm looking forward for the next episode.
Oct 31, 1:38 PM

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I feel like they really underplayed how serious Juzo was when he told Tetsuro to never use Harmony on him.
In the manga they make Juzo look absolutely terrifying when he says that.
Here it's like he's scolding a kid for eating a cookie from the cookie jar without permission.

Also good job Tetsuro you fucking dumbass. He should have given control back to Juzo the moment he got the scene and Juzo could have handled the situation without the sister dying. - anime | manga | reviews
Oct 31, 1:44 PM
Maki's arms

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DOn't like Tetsuro too much to be honest. I hope Juzo schools him properly over the course of the series.
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Oct 31, 1:55 PM

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Now is when it gets good!
This episodes where fun to watch but the good stuff starts here.
I can't wait for the next episode

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Oct 31, 2:07 PM

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Pretty tense episode, It seems people judged Tetsuro pretty fast, not that I can blame them, he is pretty stupid, but hopefully Juuzo can shape him for the better. So as far as he develops then it shouldn't be that bad.

Best episode so far.
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Oct 31, 2:39 PM
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Whoa Ende is still alive after receiving a shot from Junzo's Head Gun????
Oct 31, 3:28 PM

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I thought Tetsuro was pretty cool this episode even though he was super naive (but what do u expect from a kid?). He's not quite Juuzo level cool yet though haha. They got kicked out of the Kyusei pit though so i can see a lotta shit heading their way!

There has been one bad episode yet and the Op is such a fucking tuuuuune!
Oct 31, 3:49 PM

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dammit did not expect this so call "hardboiled" show to pulls up such typical shoujo esque tear jerker plot twist! :o everything went so predictable like when the moment introduced the two characters in last episode I already predicted these typical scenarios (from watching other shows) and it happened afterall on this episode. What a originality lol.

Tetsuro seems your typical greedy anime character too :\
Oct 31, 4:06 PM
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I thought Juuzo would be more angry with Tetsurou, but after he let the boy shoot his trigger, I think a friendship will form, but Tetsurou will have to do his part and stop putting him and Juuzo in trouble.

Cunnigham deserved a shot of the great weapon of Juuzo in this episode, what a nasty and repulsive character, there were gestures that this scumbag did that really disgusted me.

I was sorry that Anne died, since she was the one who worried most about Ende, at least Juuzo didn't kill Ende with that great shot and apparently Mary would take care of her and her recovery.

Who will that mysterious lady be at the end of the episode and what business does she have with Juuzo? At least we know how she looks physically thanks to the Opening and she is a very attractive girl.
Oct 31, 4:21 PM

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Gotta wonder why Juzo is so particular about his trigger. Makes me think there might be a limited number of shots (like 6?) before he dies or some bs. Especially with the kinda dumb cliffhanger chick looking at his bullet trail or whatever.

Also Endo (or Anne; the blonde one idk) is alive. She must be like entire cyborg now right because her entire body from like collarbone down was blasted. I mean I guess she was entire cyborg before, but it more looked like she was flesh and blood but transformed into semi spider. Ya i know it's sci-fi whatever but I'm curious if there is actually some set of logic and rules to these extended ppl or if it's just gonna be "rule of cool" for everything.
Oct 31, 4:36 PM

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Man, this show was kinda good before Tetsuro appeared... I like Juuzo, but he behaves kinda out of character when talking with Tetsuro. I would just say that this show would be much better without Tetsuro, but we shall not get that.
Oct 31, 6:45 PM

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Something I think most of us weren't expecting on episode FOUR. Getting Juzo to shoot his head gun. I really thought they were going to save that for something a little later, especially since it seems like Juzo doesn't like trusting people to use it. Tetsuro on the other hand just spells bad news, and he is a little annoying in my opinion. That ability Harmony seems very powerful if he is able to somehow heal and control it though. Definitely seems important later on in the series.
Oct 31, 8:11 PM

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The only tears I shed for Ende and Anne's story was from yawning, I never felt any ounce of remorse for those two. I wished they both died along with the annoying Tetsuro, so this series could only focus on Inui, because he's the only decent thing about this show.

Miss busty-blue-lips at the end?
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Oct 31, 8:44 PM

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Thinking about dropping this. I liked the first episode but found the next three episodes incredibly boring. I also don't like the look of the show. There isn't much variation in the setting.
Oct 31, 10:43 PM

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For a moment, the show portrayed how fucked was life to Anne and Ende, but in general terms, it was kind of boring, I think that Juuzou is a much interesting character than Tetsurou.
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Nov 1, 3:43 AM

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finishing this episode was a real annoying kid who wants to save some 2 girls he just met that are trying to kill him after he saved their asses while putting juzo's life on the line.
AH YES! the cliche chitchat about freedom and "help me help you" and the stubbornness of the victims.
and ofc our generic villain Hugh Cunningham who's goal is to capture tetsuro just left the scene letting ende to kill them...wait what?
and juzo is still babysitting him...
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Nov 1, 5:22 AM

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Tetsuro pisses me off so much. Well it's nice that the kids still lives and ende is on their side now, hopefully.

Nov 1, 10:13 AM
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The boy needs to learn to stand on his own 2 feet Glad Mary could save the girls
Nov 1, 11:24 AM

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I get what this show was going for with this episode, but there are two problems with that: firstly, that the show hasn't earned that sort of pathos or emotional payoff, and secondly that it was poorly executed anyway.

This show is trying hard to be something interesting and special, but it's struggling to pull it off so far.
Nov 1, 2:49 PM

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This show will be great so long as we never give Tetsuro that level of focus again.
Seriously, just go back to focusing on Juzo. We can do without all these badly-done friendship speeches which go nowhere. It doesn't even fit in this show.
Nov 1, 3:58 PM

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This has been so disappointing. You wouldn't think a show about a man with a gun for a head could be this boring and dialogue-heavy, but here we are. It just isn't good. The dialogue is bad, the script is beyond bloated with dialogue that getting through episodes feels like a chore, its way too light on action, the characters suck, the humor is dull, the character drama is outright terrible, the story is dull, and overall it feels like just another generic seinen.

I'm not usually one to do the hyperbole thing but it's worth asking at this point if Madhouse really is dead. All they pump out is mediocrity these days.

The fucking Cautious Hero isekai show is more interesting than this. How the fuck does that happen?
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Nov 2, 12:43 AM

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Tetsuro is the type of character that I absolutely HATE. The over idealistic type of character who must do something at all costs because reasons. But hey, at least he ain't as bad as Emiya "I must become a hero and save everyone just because" Shirou, so I think I can stomach this anime for another 8 episodes without ripping my dick off every time he opens his mouth.

If that wasn't enough to grind my gears we also got some fuck logic moments in this episode. That fatso not capturing Tetsuro and leaving him there to be killed by Ende was just...Ugh. Holy fucking shit, I have no words to describe how much I hated that.

The inconsistencies about how the sub-brain affects Extended was another weak point of this episode. From what I understood from the previous episodes, if Tetsuro's sub-brain was overheating then he shouldn't be able to control ANY modification on his body instead of just not being able to use Harmony. Yet he was able to control his body perfectly, even though some hours ago he couldn't even hold a fucking spoon.

But the one thing that really pissed me off on this episode was Juzo being way too forgiving with Tetsuro. What the fuck dude, this retarded kid almost got your body destroyed and instead of lashing out on him you just give him some pep talk? Fuck off.

If it turns out this anime is about Juzo babysitting Tetsuro then I'm just gonna drop it. So much for the good vibes that I got with episodes 1 and 2, what a fucking letdown.
Nov 2, 4:54 AM

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I've read ahead in the manga and spoiler alert, Tetsurou will always be an annoying and overly idealistic type of character, as many have pointed out. That scene towards the end, when Tetsurou was yelling at Juuzou for dropping him looked off because his lips weren't moving like Juuzou's lips move when he talked, his mouth was just open.

Juuzou had a more menacing look in the manga when he warned Tetsurou never to use Harmonie on him ever again. This anime version made it seem like a slight annoyance and didn't really bother Juuzou.
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Nov 2, 10:58 AM

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Juzou whole perspective will probably be:

"Hey, I am Juzou, and for some reason I keep adopting the most problematic kids in these city"
Nov 2, 10:48 PM
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Did you guys watch the same show as me? The whole "You did the same thing they do" was just about as harsh as Juuzo could be, the kid got the message.
Nov 3, 12:37 AM

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All of the kids in this show r so naive and annoying. Anyway Juzou saves the day and his gun head is really powerful.
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Nov 3, 2:04 AM
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lol big oof for Tetsuro. For so long even after he admitted his worthlessness, he didn't disengage harmoney, is the tech that hard to go offline or he just consistently dumb?
Some weird pacing going on with the long shounen talks. Then this Anne just showed up & died. Ende shot thru body but lived, at least the revolver shot was great.
Nov 3, 6:11 AM
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Antanaru said:
This show immediately gets worse when little shit is on screen. What he did last episode and what shit he was spouting in this, made me hate this character a lot. I would actually rather have this be an episodic series with gunhead solving cases and that's a pretty boring plot scheme. Yes, that twerp is that bad.

Honestly I'd like that way more, gunned is a pretty cool character but Tetsuro is a little bitch.
Nov 3, 4:17 PM

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This adaptation so far has been pretty disappointing. I'm probably going to drop the series not because of the story or anything.
_Peksi said:
I feel like they really underplayed how serious Juzo was when he told Tetsuro to never use Harmony on him.
In the manga they make Juzo look absolutely terrifying when he says that.
Here it's like he's scolding a kid for eating a cookie from the cookie jar without permission.
Yes, and much of the show has just fallen flat compared to the manga which I don't even really keep up with.
Nov 3, 4:58 PM

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Ah, here we go. With Tetsuro STILL in Juuzou's body, it is merely child's play to think that he could control another entity and emit justice on his whims.

BUT THANK GOD, that Juuzou the badass is back, not just to lecture Tetsuro, but also to end this farce. Seeing the head trigger being triggered was one eventful moment of these 4 episodes being Volume 1 of the manga.

Next episode, Volume 2 with more plot that I'm anticipating for more.
Nov 3, 8:28 PM

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I was tolerating this show, as the first 3 episodes were okay, but this recent episode was just awful. The Tetsuro kid has to one of the most annoying main characters this season. He's basically Eren Jaeger v2. Juzo is the only bright spot so far, alongside that Mary girl. I just feel like this show is going to be Juzo and Tetsuro defeating an enemy from Beruhren every so often until he eventually encounters the final boss.
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Nov 3, 11:46 PM
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I love Ende and Anne so much. I got really invested and what happened to Anne after everything broke my heart. I'm really glad Ende is okay because her character design was really intriguing but I'd almost rather she'd be dead than alone in the world without Anne...
Nov 4, 11:35 AM

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Tetsuro deserves to be heavily scolded for what he did.
Nov 4, 1:43 PM

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Glad this part ended soon. Now I'm curious to know what is going to happen.
Nov 5, 1:05 AM

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So villains come there to take the boy only to let him go just because if that's not plot armor I don't know what is.
Villains are so one dimensional, oh let me shoot one of my subordinates for no reason just to show how evil I am.
I dislike Tetsurou and overly idealistic one dimensional characters in general.
This anime would be so much better without him.
There is no real reason for Juzou to help him after what he did or even before I mean what does he stands to gain from helping him anyway.
Also how did that spider girl survived and the other one didn't oh that's right reasons uh.

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Nov 5, 6:22 AM

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Gotta credit the animators for making Tetsuro yell at Juzo, but only opening his mouth and not moving his lips.
Nov 5, 6:57 AM
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Getting better every week for me!! Before it started I really thought I'd drop by maximum 5 eps, but it's the complete opposite, I'm really digging this show
Nov 6, 11:20 AM

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really cheesy medium boiled egg resolution that isn't even worth tipping. i already hate and regret that i started watching this series.
Nov 7, 6:35 AM

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They finally used his head revolver. It's quite powerful.

I feel sorry for the two girls.

Nov 8, 2:48 AM

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Honestly dont even care about Tetsurou wellbeing anymore. He legit bit the hand that fed him. Rip sister
Nov 8, 2:22 PM

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Wow. I'm impressed. Everything about this adaptation is horrible, and I'm enjoying the manga a lot despite its massive plot holes. Horribly stiff animation, absolutely horrendous pacing to save money (I feel like watching DBZ at some points), incredibly obnoxious and cliché soundtrack, meh voice-acting, complete aseptisation of the setting. While the characters are really talkative in the manga, the delivery in the anime is so stiff and forced and overdramatized and drowned in shitty forced soundtracks and generic-shonen-y shlock that it's just frustrating to watch. I have no idea how this is possible lol.