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Oct 29, 1:53 PM
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Fate/zero was unbelieveable. Tho it had flaws they were irelevant compared to how good the action, setup , story and characters were
You get a clear setup with motivated character that have purpose and it feel like they fight for the most important thing
Blade works starts well. The prologue was awesome and the 1st episode was also very nice but DAMN the rest of the season is so mediocre and stupid at times
First of all...WHAT ARE THE RULES? in fate zero there is stated that there is a 60 year gap between grail wats but there we go having one after 10 years (that would not be a problem if it was the only sore thumb sticking out). Since when killing the master is enough to kill the servant? This was clearly not the case in Zero and it seems to he done for plot convenience
Another huge issue is the setup. High school setup was a terrible idea. Not only the characters chosen were not that interested in the grail but it made the plot feel sooooo felt like i watched some supernatural teen series were some brats get superpowers and start fighting when that period of the month hits hard
The characters...oh ...dear...god... how should i start...the MC is probably one of the least interesting and most retarded characters i've seen in my life...he is literally the embodiment of absurdism and stupidity ...rin's whole character was flushed... she had promise but turned into shirou's tsundere that had a crush on him for NO REASON ..also she called shirou an idiot but she acted like an idiot all the time too
Saber was better than in fate zero but still boring
Assassin and caster were upgrades but rider , archer and lancer were huge downgrades. Archer is actually cool but no comparisson to gilgamesh...talking about gil...he got 30 seconds of screentime in 10 epusodes which is dumb...he is by far the most interesting character of the series...we instead follow a bunch of highschool kids treating the grail wat like a fortnite lobby
The animation was amazing...but cannot save the huge huge downgrade from fate/zero
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