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For those of you who collect Anime physically, do you only buy the shows you really love?

Oct 22, 8:28 PM

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I own a fairly significant Anime DVD/Blu-ray collection. I've been collecting seriously since 2014 I wanna say.
(A rough estimate would be around 268 series/movies that I own currently.)

But....I've come to the realisation that a lot of the purchases I've made have been out of impulse and that I probably won't watch half of the stuff I own.

So, it's been a long time coming but I'm downgrading & only keeping my absolute favourites.
Sure, some of the impulse purchases I've made have turned out to be some of my favourites, but I can't take that risk any longer.

The hobby is getting far too expensive and not worth it in the long run. Especially here in Australia, prices for Anime are ludicrous at times.

I prefer streaming these days. Even though Blu-ray is superior in terms of quality, streaming is where things are headed imo.
Oct 22, 8:40 PM

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Blurays...yeah. And I normally won't buy one unless it's a series I KNOW I'll like.

Regular DVD...nah, sometimes I impulse buy since it's less expensive.

I really hate streaming. I use torrents for everything else.

Oct 22, 8:41 PM

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I buy the ones that don't fit on the computer.

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Oct 22, 8:50 PM

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Most of the anime I own are shows that I like the most, though if I find a good deal on an anime I want to re-watch then I will purchase that as well. I just started collecting a few years ago and most of my collection is on Blu-ray.
Oct 22, 9:01 PM
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mostly yes, at least the recent stuff

the one with red dots are anime that i bought before i seen them(some i still haven't seen)
Oct 22, 9:01 PM

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I only buy second hand at a price that I could resell for a profit
Oct 22, 9:15 PM
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I own roughly 75% of what I completed on either DVD or Blu-ray (granted that 75% out of 66 shows/seasons and movies isn't much compared to the majority of people here), and picked up a few things from my plan to watch list that I know I'll like and will watch eventually.
Oct 22, 9:19 PM

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Yup, most definitely. I also buy ecchi stuff to toss western money at these kinds of series on principle, about that's more with manga because it's cheaper overall and I'm not made of money.

But I don't buy everything I watch, obviously no. I've only bought series I liked well enough to want to financially support.
Oct 22, 9:32 PM

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i buy most of my anime secondhand, and the prices are usually good enough that i'll buy pretty much anything if it looks somewhat interesting. as to just how much i've bought, it's .. uhm.. a good bit. my watchlist here is actually my catalog :P

of course, i do have a secondary reason for collecting so much.. a year and a half from now i'm taking a year off work and traveling around the country via various state parks in a camp trailer. most places will be remote enough that streaming will be out of the question, so my dvd/bluray library will save me from withdrawls. haha
Oct 22, 9:53 PM

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The ones I love are definitely prioritized, though I'm willing to buy stuff I know I like (or even if I dislike it maybe I appreciate in some other way) as long as it's at a good price and I have the money for it.

ubernewb said:
of course, i do have a secondary reason for collecting so much.. a year and a half from now i'm taking a year off work and traveling around the country via various state parks in a camp trailer. most places will be remote enough that streaming will be out of the question, so my dvd/bluray library will save me from withdrawls. haha
That sounds like an awesome plan. I'd love to have some time to myself to appreciate both nature and art at my leisure.

Wishing you all the best on your trip!

(That said I would think that hard drive copies would be more convenient than DVD/blu-ray discs...though arguably less satisfyingly tangible I guess.)
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Oct 22, 10:23 PM

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Most of it are series I had watched 10-15 years ago via fansubs.
Though I only buy during Christmas when I go abroad because where I live anime shops and publishers are non-existent and I don't want to always order.

Only issue is with region 1 dvds where I have to use a computer to play. Region 2 Bluerays are plenty
Oct 23, 12:22 AM
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So far I only have bought few anime dvds and those are: Howls moving castle, Totoro, Spirited away, Tekkonkinkreet and JoJo part 1 and 2. Most of the Ghibli movies I bought because I liked them, I found Tekkonkinkreet in a flea market for like 2 euros so why shouldnt I buy it (It was actually pretty good) I bought JoJo from this anime/game shop located in my city. I loved JoJo so much so of course I had to buy it. I am thinking of buying Monster Musume, 3 first seasons of DxD and Part 3 and 4 of JoJo after I get the money for them. My only problem is since I live in europe it is hard to find Blu-Rays/ DvDs that work here since I most of the time find region 1 copies. I will have to buy most of the stuff from Madman entertainmet that is located in australia, I can find 3 of the things I find from the anime shop in my city.
Oct 23, 1:14 AM
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Considering the german market is rather tiny, I usually buy favorites only but movies I will generally grab if I think they're good. Want to support the market. Even though I hate that they only have german subs available. Sometimes I buy in eng overseas when there is no release here, but only if the translation is good, the dub isn't awful (ex: Funi Dragonmaid propaganda-team), and it's less pricey than buying here. Usually they are more expensive.

Currently not buying anything because of money shortage and I don't really watch them since my internet friends only know english, so I never get time to watch them.
Oct 23, 1:23 AM

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Personally I buy when I am able to and only merch that has some form of significance.
Oct 23, 1:27 AM

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I'll get pretty much anything I can get my hands on as long as the price is decent. More than anything; I enjoy collecting rare things for the sake of preservation and to have the weirdest collection of any anime fan. You probably won't see many people who own a copy of Bondage Japan.
Oct 23, 2:22 AM
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Yep, i sold tons of dvds/blu-rays of anime i don't really care about watching again. I only buy my favourites physically nowadays.
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Oct 23, 2:27 AM

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Of course if I'm going to spend money on anime it's going to be on anime I really loved. You know how much it would cost to get everything I rated a 7 or higher,and that's just for the stuff that was actually licensed over here which is still a lot.
Oct 23, 2:30 AM

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Like others have said, if I can get my hands on an anime at a decent price, I wouldn't mind buying it. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to get my hands on older dvds, so I have to stick to online.
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Oct 23, 3:55 AM

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If I actually buy a series it's one I really enjoyed whilst it aired, and I know I'll watch again. They're quite expensive (especially Bluray) so I don't really want to spend money on something that's just going to sit on the shelf and never watched again.

Oct 23, 4:06 AM

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Yes I like buying Dvd/Blu-ray whenever I can.
Oct 23, 4:10 AM

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Not exactly but I do always buy shows that I know I will keep rewatching like
-Hataraku Maou sama
-Dragon Ball and DBZ
-Yu Yu Hakusho
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Oct 23, 4:35 AM

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Sort of. I only keep things that I know I'm going to watch multiple times and things I really like and wanted to support. I try to limit my purchases to things I rated an 8 or above though since shelve space is at a premium.

I've been a collector since around 1999.
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Oct 23, 6:30 AM

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i only buy waifu/fanservice anime and i focus on the shows i love the most lol
Oct 23, 6:37 AM

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I used to "blind buy" everything, but then I discovered that a couple of the LDs/DVDs I bought were of Anime I ended up not liking at all.(Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2)

So these days, I always torrent an Anime and watch it first, and if I like it, I'll buy it, if it's affordable. I plan on buying the first season of "Free!" in the near future, as I recently watched and enjoyed it.

I'll never buy something if it's licensed by Ponycan USA or Aniplex of America, because they charge "Japanese Prices" for everything.
Oct 23, 10:01 AM

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Yeah, I do. It's more for the sake of collecting physical copies of anime I love now really. With things like streaming being a thing, I don't have to waste money on shows that I won't end up liking. Back in the day, you'd have to either buy physical copies, rent them out, or borrow from a friend. Streaming services like have really helped out on that front.
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Oct 23, 10:52 AM

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I bought BD only for anime I like the most. However, in my country aren't too much the anime to being released physically. Only anime that makes a great success were released, like SAO, Death Note, Steins;Gate (not too much success, in fact 0 wasn't released) and a few others.
Oct 23, 11:09 AM

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Nah, I just bought So Ra No Wo To because it was dirt cheap. Never even heard of it before.
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Oct 23, 11:24 AM

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I remember I wasn't that concerned with the actual content at first -- early 2000s .. you know, I was still a teenager and actual merchandise was hard to come by back then, so I wasn't really picky and I just got whatever I could get my hands on .. obscure titles like CLAMP's X/1999 (which I only barely read .. to be honest .. wasn't really into it)

But these days you can find just about anything, sites like Pl○yasia for example, directly from Japan even, almost everything you want is within your reach (if you can pay for it) so I can get a lot more selective with my purchases that's for sure.
Oct 23, 12:24 PM

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I usually get something I like. I do try to get my favorites, but sometimes I have a few stuff that I don't like as much as the others.
I end up usually going second-hand though, since I usually can't find any anime brand new, I don't know how to shop online, and most if not all anime is really expensive anyway.
Oct 23, 2:58 PM

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Yes and no. At least I really liked all the shows I own pretty much, but some aren't my favorites. I found them for a very fair prize and wanted to buy them.
Oct 23, 4:08 PM

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Yes, I only buy my favorites. I am still missing many I want to get.
Oct 23, 4:16 PM
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I haven't been buying as much physical anime as I used to, and these days, I pretty much only buy things that I've seen before and actually like.
Oct 23, 4:37 PM

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I buy manga for shows I really loved. I'm starting to just buy manga and skip the anime part though. Collecting things can be addictive by itself. Also if I don't keep buying all the ecchi, all the cute girls doing cute things, and all the isekai, Japan might stop making these wonderful things.
Oct 23, 6:58 PM
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I've also been collecting since 2014. I also went through a phase where I was just purchasing anything that looked interesting enough to watch. It is indeed an expensive hobby and not worth it to buy every anime you might want to watch. I only purchase blu-rays for the anime I know I really want to watch and will like. If it's just a run of the mill anime then I'll just steam it.
Oct 23, 7:05 PM
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As much as I'd love to have an extensive collection of anime on blu-ray, I can only really afford to purchase the series that I truly love. And that usually means shows I've already watched, but ones I know I'll want to return to at some point.
Oct 29, 9:50 PM

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Well sure if it's an anime series I really love and enjoy I buy it. I try to reserve money to buy series that really mean a lot to me and that I know I want.
Oct 29, 10:29 PM

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When I started buying BDs, I started with my favorites. After that, I'd pick among the other ones I really loved in the 9s. However, I also have to be careful since I only have so much living space at the moment. Perhaps my collection rate will increase in the future with larger living spaces.
Oct 29, 10:52 PM

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I look for books that have high scores on MAL and that I haven't read.
I think buying books that you've already watched the anime for is a waste of time, that's what manga sites are for. Regardless of the anime being your favorite.
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Oct 29, 10:53 PM

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I usaually only buy the anime of those I really like since I import it from US and the shipping fee can be very expensive (sometimes more than the amount of what I paid for the item).