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which anime characters have the most punchable face?

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Oct 22, 3:15 PM
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Can be based on their actions (please tag spoilers) or just based on appearance.
I'll start:

monoma from my hero academia
Oct 22, 3:16 PM

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That otokonoko with the terf bangs from Blend S.

And Umaru-chan. And all the girls in GochiUsa.

Really so many modern anime girls that are supposed to be "cute" have such smug, punchable faces.
Oct 22, 3:25 PM

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and Steely Dan

Just ask Giorno and Jotaro

Oct 22, 3:32 PM
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Bakugou Katsuki from Boku Aca with his godawful personality and writing.

No katsushit fangirls, he isn’t hot, he’s a hideous version of Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay night.
Oct 22, 3:33 PM

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The MC of Master of Ragnarok my god

Also, all those characters who act so innocent/naive yet end up inadvertently destroying relationships around them

HeruruMeruru said:
And all the girls in GochiUsa most CGDCT shows

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Oct 22, 3:41 PM

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Mineta Grapeshit from Boku/Hero- who doesn't want to punch him dead?

Oct 22, 3:48 PM

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Baka from Wasteful days of high school girls.

She has an annoying personality in the story. I like her as a character and i think she is one of the best characters in the story but i wanted to punch her in many situations in the anime. She is a punchable character in a good way.
Oct 22, 3:56 PM

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I feel like this question will stir up some character bashing, hopefully i'm wrong and people keep it clean lol

bungou stray dogs dazai

cause he can take a beating from what I've seen, or Alucard from Hellsing cause that guy lets people beat him up (into pieces) before he fights back.

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Oct 22, 4:04 PM

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Oh, it's definitely this f*cker! Spandam takes the cake for this easily, even more so than Shinji from Fate and Bakugou.

Oct 22, 4:12 PM

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Mantle from Dr. Stone. I wouldn't mind him if that wasn't for his personality and his actions though!

Oct 22, 4:16 PM

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Fucking Tsubasa

I can't be the only one who desperately wants to punch him when he makes this stupid face:
Oct 22, 4:16 PM

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Emma from the Promised Neverland

Deku from MHA



Jaden Yuki from YGO GX

That hypocrite chick with the dog from Akame Ga Kill

Bakugo from MHA

Tajiro's sister Nezuko from Demon Slayer

Eren from AOT

Joseph Joestar from JoJo Part 2

Naruto from his own show

and the cast of MHA besides Tokoyami
Oct 22, 4:26 PM

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MeisterDM said:

Bakugou Katsuki from Boku Aca with his godawful personality and writing.

No katsushit fangirls, he isn’t hot, he’s a hideous version of Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay night.

Also Sugou Nobuyuki (->check Griffith's section->, Griffith (disgusting rapist demon) and Shinji Matou (disgusting incestuous bully coward rapist).

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Oct 22, 4:28 PM

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Definitely that troll Izaya Orihara from Durarara!. If there was anyone who I wanted to punch it'd be him.
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Oct 22, 4:29 PM

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Hate to be the party-breaking soyboy but the sentiment of wanting to punch anybody in the face (especially non-villains) seems kinda gross and counter-productive
Oct 22, 4:29 PM

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Zenitsu from KnY. The whining, all the stupid faces he pulls, that silly hairstyle that's the same color as his outfit... Urgh.
Oct 22, 5:48 PM

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This excuse of a MC

Enduring this one is a true test for your sanity

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Oct 22, 5:49 PM

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Roberto from Monster, don't think anyone else comes close
Oct 22, 5:59 PM

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As a proud person with a fetish for watching people get punched in the face, I'd pick Tomori Nao from Charlotte.

Oct 22, 6:13 PM
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Spandam from One Piece
Most side characters from OreGairu
Monoma from MHA
Otae from Gintama
MeisterDM said:

Bakugou Katsuki from Boku Aca with his godawful personality and writing.

No katsushit fangirls, he isn’t hot, he’s a hideous version of Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay night.

this too
Oct 22, 6:15 PM
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Definitely Dr Ver from Symphogear, I wanted him dead so much the entire thing

Oct 22, 6:22 PM

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For me "Melty" from Tate no Yuusha, the face that i really want to punch in reality.
Oct 22, 9:27 PM

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Monkey "the big D" Luffy.
Not because I hate him, but because punching rubber is easier on the knuckles. Don't wanna break em.
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Oct 22, 10:50 PM

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Natsuo from domestic na kanojo.

It's a nice punchable face.

I would say all of those harem MCs have a punchable face but they get punched regularly by tsunderes either way.
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Oct 22, 10:56 PM
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That bootlicking tool from Psycho Pass who always shits on Akane even if shes nothing more than a puppet of the sibyl system
Oct 22, 11:00 PM

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The guy from SAO in the Elves-game arc.

btw Monoma for me is freaking hilarious.
Oct 22, 11:01 PM

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Oct 22, 11:19 PM

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Himejima Akeno and don't ask me why I just dislike thots. Her face is off putting imo.

Don't quote me her fanboys I won't reply.

Also Bakugou as well as other people above me mentioned.
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Oct 22, 11:24 PM

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The MC from Kurogane no Linebarrels. I refuse to remember or look up his name.
Oct 22, 11:30 PM

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Hmmm... this bitch right here for me.
Oct 22, 11:37 PM

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s1 design. he's constantly drawn with a fat chin, square glasses and buzzcut at the sides.
Oct 22, 11:53 PM

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Subaru re:zero.... Who else? This isnt because of Rem. Its because himself.
Oct 22, 11:58 PM

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-Stray said:
Hmmm... this bitch right here for me.

I second this. It's surprising that no one said it yet.

Also Nina from Code Geass. Also maybe Suzaku.
Oct 23, 12:08 AM

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Shinji Matou eww gross
And yeah Bakugou Katsuki

Oct 23, 12:10 AM

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Rintarou Okabe. His ugly, stupid face with that silly haircut is the reflection of his incredibly annoying, immature, childish personality. I have no idea why do people like that fuck.
Oct 23, 12:11 AM
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Steely dan, Child Dio, Bakugou, Natsuki Subaru, Bitch/Slut also Spandam
Oct 23, 12:14 AM

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nendou riki's otouto from one punch man

Oct 23, 12:14 AM

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Clementine from Overlord.

I love her so much that I want to keep torturing and punch the life outta this woman.
Oct 23, 12:20 AM
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Shinji from the Fate series. God that fucker just pisses me off. What I only like about him is that he's voiced by my favorite seiyuu.
Oct 23, 1:02 AM

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This little shit right here:

His face is begging for a Kamijou Touma tier punch.
Oct 23, 1:10 AM

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There was a spoilt, whinging, dickwad that appeared in Fruits Basket for an episode. He was so annoying that I was going to drop the series if he became a permanent character.
Oct 23, 2:19 AM

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There's already a few who mentioned my least favorite character and that is bakugo. His loving fanbase makes it worse. Also krillin from the dragonball series.
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Oct 23, 2:20 AM

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And a voice from the background whispers: ... Mineta.
Oct 23, 2:23 AM
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Lelouch. I used to be a big fan of Code Geass when I first watched it, but even back then I hated Lelouch. I don't hate him as much as Rolo but hitting Lelouch just seems like it'd be more satisfying
Oct 23, 2:42 AM

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Meh, another "Which anime character you hate the most?" thread in disguise but I'll bite since I have nothing better to do :/

This one, this one,

And another one.
Oct 23, 3:01 AM

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That jackass lin kaifun, because he is a crook and destroyed our main lovers' relationship
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Oct 23, 3:38 AM
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Suzaku from Code geass
Sakikabara from another
That mc from say i love you
Subaru from re:zero
Oct 23, 4:08 AM

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I can't stand Nafoumi from Rising of the Shield Hero
Oct 23, 5:50 AM
Blade Runner

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I want to put Makashima's face on my punching bag so badly...
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Oct 23, 5:52 AM

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Renkini said:
another one.

Why would you punch a character who is about to die? I don't mind that you are edgy, but at least be practical.
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