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Have you ever taken a brake from anime? Why did you get back into it?

Oct 22, 2:22 PM
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I have for a couple of months and got back cause other mediums got pretty stale to me. With anime I think it hits the perfect balance of unique and interesting to keep you hooked for far longer, as long as you don't focus only on one kind.
Oct 22, 2:33 PM

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When I wasn't really that much into anime, i started watching One Piece. I reached the end of the Alabasta arc, but then took a break from it, because i was busy with other things at that time. I almost completely forgot about it until a year later, when I started wondering why i even stopped watching One Piece. So I resumed during the holidays and caught up with the latest episode in about 3 months. This is also the show that got me into anime and is the reason I'm writing this comment here at this moment ;)
Oct 22, 3:17 PM

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I’ve only ever taken a break after a burnout or a really great show.
Oct 22, 3:40 PM
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I take breaks because I have to. When school is in session anime became a very big distraction. I have to stop watching so I can focus on my studies. During summer or winter break I go back to watching anime.
Oct 22, 4:20 PM

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I've gone through many burnout periods from anime throughout my years as a fan, but now I'm trying to at least watch one episode a day. Nowadays I don't force myself to watch anything I wouldn't like to help reduce burnout.
Oct 22, 4:26 PM
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When I started to see anime I saw too many in a short time for the emotion of see so many new things, about a month after that I burnout, apart I was starting first year of high school and it was a very stressful time and stop for about a year or less.

For all the problems I had at that time I needed something to distract me and started watch anime again and after that it hasn't happened to me again.

For me apart the anime is the most varied medium the series and even the movies sometimes become too stale and there are things I would never see if it weren't for anime, I think that's another reason why I go back and keep watching it until now.
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Oct 22, 11:38 PM

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ever since I started watching a good amount of it? not really

i don't watch a massive amount at a time anyway, so at most it'd be not watching any of it for like 2-3 weeks max, which isn't all that hugely different from only watching a small handful of episodes each weekend back when I was a lot busier

and even if I don't watch it, there's still the presence of its discussion and other media from social media/friends/etc

it's just a large amount of my entertainment/hobby, and that's pretty much it
Oct 23, 12:02 AM

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The only time I take significant breaks from anime is when I temporarily lose my means to watch it for whatever reason.
Oct 23, 12:07 AM
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Well, There was this pirate site where you could watch anime, I started One Piece and watched about 200 episodes. The suddenly all the anime went missing so I stopped. Later on about 6 months I found out that all the anime had been moved to another site, so I started watching it again. Nowadays I only take about few days brakes from anime.
Oct 23, 12:49 AM

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I actually took a 4-year break from anime since May 2016. I got a bit bored and found other interests that invested my time and attention.
I just got back into anime in July this year. Reason is because I miss watching anime and reading manga. There's so many series I need to catch up on and a lot more to watch/read. I feel a bit left behind now. lol Also, I was getting a bit bored and wanted to do something different from what I was into.
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Oct 23, 12:55 AM

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Took a break from anime as I'm not able to complete them and my hold rate increased too much. I tried to involve myself in other hobbies but they aren't for me.

I knew I had to come back to anime but as soon as I start something, I wont hold on for more than 5 episodes and keep searching for different anime putting it on hold. This is getting frustating. I tried doing challenges and stuff but didnt work.

Now I'm in a zone where I force anime into my system, trying really hard to complete it even if I dont wanna see any more episodes of said anime.

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Oct 23, 12:59 AM

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Most often I take breaks of a few days when work piles up and I'm too tired to focus when I get home. But during these times I usually read a short (1-volume) manga to make up for it, so it's not like I abandon weebness completely.

One time I watched a lot of anime in a few days and got burnt out, so I took a 2-week break.
Oct 23, 1:02 AM

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i take a break for 2 years now. i only watch popular shows, ill get back when life does not need me
Oct 23, 1:31 AM

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I take a break from anime whenever the seasonal anime are airing, since I marathon anime, so about two months plus. In the mean time I either watch movies, tv series, YouTube, maybe read manga. Or I pick a random old anime and give it it's obligatory episodes and either finish it or drop it. I sometimes extend my break to three months, just so I can shorten the time until the next season's anime finish airing and I can start them.
Oct 23, 1:42 AM

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I've not taken a single break yet (because I'm fairly new to anime, started Fall 2017).
Although I do plan on doing so in a few weeks/months to watch and read all the non-anime/manga stuff I've been interested in for quite some time now.
Oct 23, 1:45 AM

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I only take brake if if there's something important than anime that needs my attention. Last time I took brake was during our general elections.
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Oct 23, 2:08 AM

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I take breaks pretty frequently, varying from weeks to months. Anime has never become stale for me, it's just I got other shits to spend my time on as well.
Oct 23, 2:14 AM

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I don't think I've ever taken a break before, if not watching a seasonal anime until all the episodes airs is one, then I suppose I could call it a "break".
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Oct 23, 6:21 AM

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a little while back i got into a really bad depressive/anxiety-ridden episode and found it was mostly based around me liking anime (and other stuff but liking animanga was the main reason) and i got super worried that people only saw me as some weeb and that that was my only like.. character point? like that was all there was to me. so i stopped watching anime and hid all my stuff for about two months until i felt better. i know its not that big of a deal now but when your mental health sucks, you find a reason for anything lmao
Oct 23, 6:26 AM
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One year break, I was losing my interest watching anime after finishing one piece so I didn't watch any anime in 2017.
Oct 23, 6:35 AM
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This year was the year i watched the most ammount if anime, watching like 40 anime in 6 months or something including some gigantic stuff like one piece but then all of a sudden i just got bored and stoped watching but i feel like watching again but am just so freaking lazy i feel like maybe i dont like it anymore
Oct 23, 6:49 AM
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I tend to just jump out of anime and into something that isn't japanese.
Like binging on season after season of tv shows from the west. Then after I have caught up I go back to anime. Or gaming for a while then back to anime.