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Do today's global protests have anything in common?

Oct 21, 11:27 PM
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In recent weeks, mass protests have broken out in countries from Lebanon to Spain to Chile. All are different - with distinct causes, methods and goals - but there are some common themes that connect them.


Many of those protesting are people who have long felt shut out of the wealth of their country. In several cases, a rise in prices for key services has proved the final straw.


Claims of government corruption are at the heart of several of the protests, and are closely linked to the issue of inequality.

Political freedom

In some countries, protesters are angered by political systems in which they feel trapped.

Climate change

Of course, many of the protests that you hear about will have been linked to the environment and climate change. Activists from the Extinction Rebellion movement have been protesting in cities around the world, as they demand urgent action from governments.

will more protest comes up? high chance especially that the world economy is slowing down and might risk recession too

The global economy is in a synchronized slowdown and we are, once again, downgrading growth for 2019 to 3 percent, its slowest pace since the global financial crisis.
Oct 21, 11:48 PM

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Representatives not representing the interests of the larger majority?
I'm sure we can think of other things but that's just off the top of my head
Oct 22, 3:06 PM

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People will protest, nothing new. We’ve seen these kinds of protests for decades.
Oct 22, 4:14 PM

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1-3 are related, 4 is actually a product of flawed news, some facts, and far left rhetoric. Climate change has been handled poorly on all sides including the activists themselves, to address climate change you need a middle ground and good solutions, some of the latter has been achieved by science but cannot be implemented properly because there's no middle ground in the subject of climate change anymore.

Oct 22, 7:10 PM

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All people have a right to freedom, lack of oppression, freedom of religion-hey I'm quoting the declaration of freedom, something that trump wants to abolish.
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Oct 22, 11:17 PM

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1-3 are common everywhere in the world but 4 is only addressed by protesters from developed nations. Political freedom is probably the most important reason for protest in my country tho.
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Oct 22, 11:38 PM

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I can’t empathize enough how GREAT it is to see all these protests!

The people should NOT have to wait around for their useless governments to do nothing...the only way to get them to notice is ACTION.

Hong Kong, Catalonia, Chile...KEEP protesting until they can’t deal wit it anymore.

We live in an age where EVERYTHING is online, the world is watching...this is important...and the citizens SHOULD demand what is best for them whether that’s freedom of speech, no more corruption, or even wanting full autonomy.

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Oct 23, 12:08 AM

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For us, in Lebanon, we want to be free from political corruption and sectarian division which politicians use to create division among citizens and loyalties to different groups so that we’re always drugged and never united. The government which has ignored its duties when it comes to social and healthcare safety nets, electricity, water, waste management, and there’s also bad services despite taxes and heavy bills and stealing people’s money. The so-called WhatsApp tax was merely the final nail in the coffin. Prior that, there was also wild fires that devastated Lebanon, and everyone was shocked at the government’s incompetency in dealing with them. Several fire-fighting helicopters were incapable of being used because they were not maintained. The wild fires were quelled with the help of Cyprus, Jordan, and Palestine as well as a huge effort from the citizens which cost the life of a person. In other words, it’s a whole build up process till people couldn’t take it anymore. Also, wishing safety for our Iraqi brothers who are also fighting their own battles.

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Oct 23, 1:26 AM

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Just wait until they Cancel Brexit and then you can add the UK to that list with the politicians completely subverting democracy.
Oct 23, 1:46 AM
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i lol at that WhatsApp tax as the tipping point it reminds me of the Jokers phrase "all it takes is a little push"