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Oct 21, 6:02 PM
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I for one use to have no problems with fan service whether it was bad or not mattered little for me. Fast forward a few years later and now a show that features unnecessary and bad fan service is an instant turn off for me.

Ive also turned further away from action packed anime's. This isn't to say that I hate action but Im starting to find more and more enjoyment in shows such as kino's adventure and barakamon.

The only thing that really stayed the same is my guilty pleasure for romance and if the show can do it well romcoms. I love my little monster the relationship between two completely opposite personalities is a favorite of mines, and although sao gets a lot of hate the relationship between asuna and kirito is imo pitch perfect although you start to see less and less interaction later in the series.
Oct 21, 6:10 PM

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Before last summer I didn't watch any horror naime as I had the notion that just giving horror tags to an anime would make it scary, but now I know I was wrong and horror became one of my favourite anime genres so far! ;)
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Oct 21, 6:19 PM
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Horror is something I really want to get into. I watched another and the lost village awhile back and I really enjoyed them, and although those two weren't very scary they still held the supernatural and dark feel to them which I enjoy. Could you recommend me some horror shows to watch.
Oct 21, 6:38 PM

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I Was an avid Shonen watcher (Yu Yu Hakusho, Shaman King, Bleach). Now I don't really enjoy mindless action, I like more dialogue/character-driven shows.

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Oct 21, 6:42 PM
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Agree 100% a a good slice of life anime really hits the spots that action packed animes cant
Oct 21, 7:16 PM

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I want to watch almost any anime I see a sexy pic/gif of now, instead of looking for only the most porntastic.

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Oct 21, 7:48 PM

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When i grow i like shounen n action anime. Now i prefed cgdct n sol with supernatural.
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Oct 21, 7:58 PM

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Well, I discovered that I'm attracted to guys, especially Anime guys, so I ventured into BL, and all-boy Anime.
Oct 21, 8:21 PM

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Not really much for me, Im still big on the whole shounen theme series but my taste in anime has grew, I wasn't into SoL, romance, mystery and psychological shows but now I am into them as well and probably some more.
Im also more into the Seiyuu playing the characters and the direction of a show, as well as the animation being a big factor in some of the shows I watch.
Oct 21, 8:28 PM
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My tastes haven't exactly changed, but my standards have, at least with certain genres
Oct 21, 9:30 PM

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When I was a kid I used to think the idea of sexual comedy/ecchi was dumb and if you wanted sex you should just watch porn. Now I think good ecchi is fantastic, and trying to remove sexualization from comedy is puritanical and awful.

I enjoy a realistic SoL these days, and get bored by standard fantasy/adventure with something like power levels. Most action scenes bore me now unless they're ridiculously over the top or theres realistic weight to the violence.
Oct 21, 10:12 PM
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To barely keeping up in the late 2000's, to wanting to keep up in the early 2010's, and to saying "Fuck it" and not caring about keeping up at all since the mid 2010's.
Oct 21, 10:21 PM

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I've grown tired of typical Plot Armor Shounens. Now, I like Intellectual animes, Psychological Animes, Blood and Gore, Comedy and MYSTERY most of all.

-The reason why Shounen's nowadays are shit is because they are all Cliche as hell. Hero this Hero that, I wanna go to such and such to Defeat the bad guy, Same silly humor as every shounen. Im losing in the fight, Flashback, Determination. We win.
Its not really enjoyable anymore. Other Genres CAN be Generic too. However, Shounen's have it THE WORSE when it comes to actually being unique.
Oct 21, 10:23 PM

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Once upon a time I thought harems were funny. Now I hate them with a fiery passion. Other than that I've remained the same since I was 10. Literally
Oct 21, 10:27 PM

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I used to watch mainstream shonen a lot as beginner, not so much now. I mostly watch slice of life shows nowadays.
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Oct 21, 10:59 PM

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Uh... Not really. Okay I don't really watch long running shounen anime unless they are good. Rn I've only got Gintama.

Other than that I still love my SoL, CGDCT, mecha, comedy, and ecchi anime like always.
Oct 21, 11:03 PM
Haruna Sairenji

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Beginning (2005-2009): (Mahou) Shoujo/Ecchi/Sports/Romance
Midway (2010-2015/2016): (Mahou) Shoujo/Ecchi/SoL/Historical
Nowadays (end 2016-present): Pretty much the same as midway, but I also got more interested in the Space theme and Sci-Fi/Mecha.
Oct 21, 11:14 PM

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Kid me loved Shonen Jump Formula battle shonen, nowadays Hunter x Hunter is the only battle shonen I could say I'm a fan of.

Also I would avoid anything shojo unless it was a comedy because I ~wasn't like other girls~, now I can't get enough, especially magical girls.
Oct 21, 11:18 PM

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When I started watching regurarly, it was mostly ecchi because you see all those "interesting" amv's on youtube.
That was a good decade ago.
After a while that changed to me just watching anything, for a good 7 years now.
Oct 21, 11:29 PM

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Not really, I like a huge variety of things and still do after all these years...
Oct 22, 12:43 AM
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Well, There was a time I enjoyed SAO and Seven Deadly Sins. Now, I just think both are bad. For SDS its just fails to make me laugh nowadays.
Oct 22, 1:04 AM

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I have been watching as its own medium pretty much for over a decade now and i can defiantly tell you my tastes have changed since than.

I used to think every anime was great and i loved every one of them but than slowly over time i started to find the common tropes, learn to tell the difference from bad writing to good writing. What genres i prefer, what particular shows i wanna watch.

It just comes down to experience, i still have a preference to certain genres of anime but there a wide variety of shows i watched that effected me differently.
Oct 22, 4:06 AM

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My taste haven't changed much; Just my love for SoL/CGDCT/mahou shoujo shows grows more in the recent year
Oct 22, 4:30 AM

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When I first got into anime I only watched dark, edgy stuff. Horrors, thrillers, anything gory. Now I've branched out, I'll watch and enjoy pretty much any genre. I still avoided sports anime until quite recently, but now I can appreciate that too.
Oct 22, 4:38 AM

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Nothing changed much. But I do feel those anime with school settings is not for my cup of tea anymore, maybe because I can't relate to them. But nevertheless I still can enjoy them if I managed to pay no mind about it and only focus on the story which is a bit rare in my case.
Oct 22, 7:43 AM

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Like most of you, I've lost my taste for bad fan service. I've moved on from shonen to more introspective stories, appreciating socio-political and philosophical themes and all that. Although, I still enjoy the occasional shonen. I still love action. But I prefer it as a flavoring rather than the entire meal, so to speak.
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Oct 22, 8:25 AM

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My taste hasn't changed at all. I have simply become more tolerant of the things that annoy me. Since nearly every anime has a loli, high school students and fanservice I figured I would end up with nothing to watch if I dropped them all. So now I try to look passed these things. I even have a loli version of Stocking in my forum sig so there's that.
Oct 22, 11:40 AM

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FlowersInTheRain said:
Since nearly every anime has a loli, high school students and fanservice I figured I would end up with nothing to watch if I dropped them all.

Okay now, that's not true. haha

Of course my taste has changed, since I started with 6 or so watching tv kids anime.
Oct 22, 1:43 PM

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I think for me it's a mixture of this:

FlowersInTheRain said:
My taste hasn't changed at all. I have simply become more tolerant of the things that annoy me.

...and also that I've gradually figured out more about what my tastes are -- often by running into series that come close but are just off from what I want.

That doesn't mean that I don't like them though. I legit enjoy many of these narrative experiences anyway.
Oct 22, 2:01 PM

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I don't think my tastes have changed much. I've always watched a wide variety of anime (although mainly shounen), so that hasn't changed. I guess overall what I find enjoyable in a show changed, but that's just because I've watched more since I started.
Oct 22, 2:38 PM

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My tolerance for high school melodramas and harams has just about completely faded, since they are all the same show.
Somehow I still enjoy the repetition of cute girls sol shows.

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Oct 23, 8:53 PM

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I used to love watching
- shoenen
- Mecha
- Action

Now I enjoy
- Slice of life
- Fantasy or Isekai
- Comedy

Every other genre is just Meh.
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Oct 23, 9:07 PM

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I'm a lot less likely to watch something just because I like the way one or more of the characters look. Though I still do that with ecchi series because what's the point in watching those if you don't find at least one of the characters attractive.

Also I'm not strictly an action fan anymore, though the bulk of what I watch still tends to lean in that direction.
Oct 23, 9:09 PM

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Not much has changed, but I feel like I've grown more open to anime that I wouldn't have given a chance back in the day. Now I have access to a much more vast list anime that I wouldn't have in the past because I judged them before giving them a chance. I'm glad this happened because some great experiences would never have happened if it weren't for this change.

That and I've grown much more impatient with fanservice and ecchi shows in general. I still have some I like, but that kind of humor has grown really stale to me over the years.
Oct 23, 9:27 PM

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Hasn't change that much, i just become more open about what i would watch and give a try to pretty much anything.

Only considerable change i can think of is that i use to avoid long shows (50+ episodes) or genres like sports or historical just because i wasn't very familiar with any show of those genres until i decided to give them a try.
Oct 23, 9:42 PM

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I used to like Sword Art Online. Now I love Sword Art Online.
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Oct 23, 10:12 PM

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used to watch sol, ended up going the opposite way into psychological/horror
Oct 23, 10:49 PM

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I used to like yaoi manga/anime more as a teen. I'm kinda viserally repulsed by it now. Too many sickening tropes like rape stuff. There's a few I like but it's too much trouble to sort.

The doujinshi are still fine though. :^)
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Oct 23, 10:51 PM

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I've Switched From The Flash RPG Elemented Isekai's Like SAO Or Log Horizon I've Switched To Story Driven Animes Like Cowboy Bebop Or Monogatari Series..

Don't Mind Me Just Passing By
Oct 23, 10:58 PM

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Didn't change at all. I always loved fantasy/magic+action/adventure with interesting plot (thats also one of reasons why I started with anime because anime is best in my preferable combination in quality and also quantity)
Oct 23, 11:12 PM

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Used to avoid cute girl shows and slice of life stuff. Now I have an affection towards a few of them. Also enjoy certain shows more upon rewatch and am more harsh on shows I didn't really like. But I guess that happens eventually when you watch enough shows...
Oct 28, 5:56 AM

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I used to be into Slice of life mostly but now im into Shonen and Dramas.-J
Oct 28, 6:29 AM
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When I first started watching anime regularly I laughed at basically anything and a grand spectacle was enough to impress me.

These days my sense of humour is a lot more developed and the spectacle has to be accompanied by something of substance or it's not going to do much for me.
Oct 28, 6:30 AM
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I watched Gintama and it ruined my taste for other animes. Shows I used to think were insanely good just became good or ok. Only a few shows still give me the thrills anymore.
Oct 28, 6:35 AM
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I think the fact that SAO used to be my favourite anime (2013-ish) is saying enough.
Oct 28, 6:41 AM
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Well, I started when I was 11 and I liked magic genre, like Tokyo Mew Mew, Comic Baton Girl Comet-san, or Pretear.

Now, as I grew older, I prefer something action mafia, detectives, or girl-with-guns anime.

But, I always like slice of life and sports anime.
Oct 28, 6:46 AM

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I have gone from loving only shonen to now being able to enjoy any genre and any show if said show has interesting characters/premise/world/situations, etc. Honestly, I think I've seen at least one show from any genre, I think.....

Obviously I prefer wholesome more but at the same time I do enjoy harems and excessive fan service.
Oct 28, 6:51 AM

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I started off watching action packed anime such as Naruto, Blue Exorcist, and Parasyte. Then my freshman year of high school, I had first seen my ecchi anime, Highschool DxD. During that time, I tried to watch shows similar to that like Trinity Seven and To Love Ru. But now, I hit a phase for watching sports anime. I binged Eyeshield 21 this summer and tried to find other sports anime. Luckily, I came across Diamond no Ace and now I just caught up to the third season at this point
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Oct 28, 12:32 PM

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Water-sama said:
-The reason why Shounen's nowadays are shit is because they are all Cliche as hell. Hero this Hero that, I wanna go to such and such to Defeat the bad guy, Same silly humor as every shounen.

What about shounen like silent voice and haikyu and GTO
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Oct 28, 12:58 PM

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@Jese23 No idea. Never seen em.
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