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Oct 21, 7:18 AM

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Why download it instead of streaming in 2019? And why watch on a phone? I don't even like watching youtube clips longer than a minute on my phone.
Oct 21, 7:25 AM

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Streaming is more instantenous but the quality can be variable and ads are a pain. Torrents are more customisable with subs and you can find higher quality video and audio. There's also no dependence on internet speed (aside from the initial download) and you have the video files in case you want to use them. At least that's what my friend said... don't tell my internet provider.
I don't get watching anime on phones unless you have no other choice.
Oct 21, 7:37 AM

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I download torrents on my laptop as my main method of watching.

Far, far better quality than any streaming site.
Oct 21, 7:38 AM
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I download a few eps before I go to one of my relatives houses or just somewhere in general where I know there will be no internet or service. But sometimes I still choose to do something else than watch them, I guess it doesn't feel the same as watching anime at my own privacy.
Oct 21, 7:38 AM

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it's because Torrenting Anime gives you that nice portability for on-the-go Anime consumption without the tether of being online.

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Oct 21, 7:40 AM

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Because internet player is shit. I want to watch at my leisure without anything interrupting me and I can rewatch anytime I want.
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Oct 21, 7:43 AM
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Because streaming is garbage for all anime websites I've tried. And I have no intention of paying for a service that's exponentially worse than the free alternatives (without even mentioning that the internet connection at my disposal is often garbage too when I'm out and when I travel I may have no internet connection whatsoever. You know where you can stick streaming at those times).

I'll use my phone to watch when I'm, say, on a trip or in bed. feel free to lug your laptop when walking 30+kms a day or to put it over your head to watch anime in bed mate.
Oct 21, 7:52 AM

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1. I don't like online players 2. in my country it doesn't really pay off to buy subscriptions on official sites 3. I don't want to put my pc on risk by visiting crooked sites like kissanime, and yeah I know there's, its library is too small and it lags if you want to watch some popular seasonal right after it aired 4. my Internet usually allows me to download a 1080p episode in <1 minute so whatever

As for watching on phone, I hardly ever do this, usually when Im travelling because it's my only option then (I don't have a laptop).
Oct 21, 7:57 AM

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Downloads have way better quality especially old anime. I usually stream ongoing anime and torrent old rare animes.
Oct 21, 7:58 AM

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If you think anime streaming sites are superior, you've never used torrents
Oct 21, 7:58 AM

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Because I like owning the media I like. Relying on streaming services mean you are dependent on a host and a stable internet connection to access your shows.
If the show is instead stored on a physical storage medium, then I can access it whenever I want without being dependent on a third party.
Oct 21, 8:11 AM
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i just download anime that i really care and want to watch, my internet is shit, so i can only watch animes in crunchyroll in 360p, in other sites i dont have so much problems, but if i download, the video and audio quality is better than on sites, and i can download the episodes while i read a manga

about the phone, my phone is also a garbage, so i never use to watch anime, and even if my phone was good, it have the screen size problem
Oct 21, 8:13 AM

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I watch everything on my phone. I do stream it though.
Oct 21, 8:15 AM

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I don't really pirate much anymore, so I'm forced to stream most of the time. But when I do, I always download.

The quality is simply superior. Better than that... only when I pop the Blu-ray in.
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Oct 21, 8:29 AM
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I download all my anime on my phone because I just find it soo much more convenient. When I'm at school I'll download all the new episodes so that I can just binge them all right once I get home!
Oct 21, 8:37 AM

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I have been download since I got my computer and Internet connection back in 2006.

Why must I fix something that's not broken, like beginning to stream, instead of downloading.
Oct 21, 8:41 AM
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If the stream quality is bad I will download, but I have barely any storage so I don't do it often
Oct 21, 8:45 AM

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*Bad online players in streaming site.

* Malware in streaming site.

*Better quality.

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Oct 21, 8:54 AM
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Because I don't want to be interrupted each 2 minutes by ads
Oct 21, 8:56 AM

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I pause it like every minute to reflect and speculate what im watching. So I need local players.

I'm also super uncomfortable knowing it might buffer or freeze or lag any moment
Oct 21, 9:00 AM

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Shit quality of online web streams. No easy access to Bluray discs depending on which part of the world you stay in.

Also, the convenience of watching stuff from a hard drive at any remote location in the world.
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Oct 21, 9:04 AM

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I download episodes on Netflix and Amazon when I travel because I am never sure how good the connection will be during travel. Other than that, I only stream directly. I wish Crunchyroll would allow it to download episodes on my phone.

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Oct 21, 9:11 AM

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If you Download it, You don't have to deal with Buffering. or Ad-popups. Also, you can make GIFs and good screenshots or just save it later for projects.
Why watch on a Cell Phone? Probably for anime on the go.
Oct 21, 9:22 AM

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I mostly downloaded my stuff because i can only enjoyed any "decent" internet services at the public wifi. And country which i lived has really weak 'internet police' or whetever you called it.

Oct 21, 9:35 AM

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Because it's convenient to binge stuff offline plus it is convenient to binge stuff on mobile phone while relaxing on the bed.
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Oct 21, 9:40 AM

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I want to watch in the best quality possible, without watermarks or ads, and with fansubs instead of trashy official subs
Oct 21, 11:26 AM

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If they're going to pirate either way, why would anyone stream instead of downloading in 2019? Connections are fast, and hard drives are cheap. To add to what others have said about better quality, portability without relying on an Internet connection, semi-permanent "ownership," and being revenue-neutral instead of benefiting criminal streaming sites...

If you want to watch dubs and not pay for discs or legitimate streaming sites, downloading is the only sane option. This is because every bootleg streaming site, including the ones with "dub" in their names, is apparently incompetent, and doesn't bother to include the "Songs/Signs Only" subs that're present in most of the dual-audio rips they use as sources. Meaning that if you're watching dubs on illegal streaming sites, you're missing out on information that you would get if you were downloading or watching legally.

ShadowMonkey said:
I want to watch in the best quality possible, without watermarks or ads, and with fansubs instead of trashy official subs
Downloaded versions of most modern anime are either straight copies of official subs or edited versions of them, not fansubs. And there may be watermarks from TV stations, rather than watermarks from bootleg streaming sites. Granted, sometimes the fan-edited versions of official subs do make improvements, but other times they add liberal rewrites, stupid typesetting effects, epic maymays, and Twitch emotes.
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Oct 21, 11:31 AM
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Same as most here I suppose. For the ability to watch anime on the big screen without worry of being reliant on internet strength. Though I only keep a few that I download as a terabyte can fill up very quickly on a hard drive that also has a few games on it. My hard drive is reserved for the best of the best (shows that I usually end up buying legitimately if I ever come across them in a store)
Oct 21, 11:32 AM

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No ads, no buffering, better quality.

Only watch old stuff on phone that doesn't have a HQ version on my language.

Oct 21, 11:33 AM

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What'll you do when your streaming sites/internet are gone?

Also, watermarks + recompressing shit are pretty good reasons.

Oct 21, 11:34 AM

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How else am I supposed to watch hentai during the nuclear winter?
If it's not hentai it's bad.
Oct 21, 11:36 AM

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Zalis said:
ShadowMonkey said:
I want to watch in the best quality possible, without watermarks or ads, and with fansubs instead of trashy official subs
Downloaded versions of most modern anime are either straight copies of official subs or edited versions of them, not fansubs. And there may be watermarks from TV stations, rather than watermarks from bootleg streaming sites. Granted, sometimes the fan-edited versions of official subs do make improvements, but other times they add liberal rewrites, stupid typesetting effects, epic maymays, and Twitch emotes.
That's why I dig for legit blu-ray rip fansubs >:)
Oct 21, 11:37 AM

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Because I can watch or re-watch it anytime I want.
Internet access is expensive here.
Oct 21, 11:40 AM

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I only download episodes of anime from legal streaming sites, so I can watch them anytime even without internet. That doesn't happen often though, because I mostly watch them at home via apps on my PS4 or I watch anime that I bought on disc. :)

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Oct 21, 11:41 AM

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Streaming sucks ass. :p but I'll do it if I don't have the space...or the interest in owing the series in some format.

I REFUSE to watch on a phone though. That's disrespectful to the anime. xD

Iyya said:
Because I can watch or re-watch it anytime I want.


Oct 21, 11:59 AM

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What's so good about watching an over-compressed stream? If you download them, you can go as high as Blu Ray quality. Also the best sub groups only release for download and the stream options are either Crunchyroll or Crunchyroll rips. Stream sites also tend to stay on the lower quality and often censored broadcast version. Also if you have anything "productive" in mind, you have to have them downloaded anyways.
Oct 21, 12:05 PM

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If you're going to pirate anime anyway you may as well torrent it.
You wouldn't have to deal with buffering, quality is better you can download BD releases witch are always superior to the standard versions, multiple subs, signs/songs for dubs etc...
Also the pirate sites won't get any money in the process and you're going to be safe from viruses that ads on their sites often have.
Of course you should consider supporting the anime industry and watch it legally.

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Oct 21, 12:10 PM
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I'll just leave this here because, despite the unnecessarily aggro tone, it's mostly facts:

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Oct 21, 12:11 PM
*sips coffee*

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If it's on Crunchyroll I'll stream it with Firefox + uBlock Origin. That's basically a free CR sub, and most content is in 1080p. (bear in mind that this technique only works on Firefox)

Other than that, I torrent. Best quality overall, and I can watch offline.
Oct 21, 12:21 PM

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Because ads are annoying and streaming gives you trash quality.
Oct 21, 12:23 PM

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I stream back home because we've been fined when my roommate was torrenting before and I am terrified of wasting that much money again. I hate losing money and spending money on things that are necessities. Losing money when it isn't necessary is completely off of the table with that in mind.

During the time span I'll be studying here in America, I will be torrenting because the amount of advantages it has over streaming are pretty much in every possible area.
Oct 21, 12:24 PM

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What does it being the year 2019 have to do with it? I watch most anime on the free sites, but whenever I download it or any viewable content, it's because it's then saved on your computer and you alone control access to it. Is that in and of itself not a huge difference? You're not subject to the whim of a streaming site being taken down randomly or removing content for whatever reason they deem fit.

I download anything I want saved because I don't appreciate being bound to the whims and capriciousness of other people who can take anything down at anytime just because they're bored of maintaining it, they're not generating enough revenue off it, there is some bullshit copyright dispute, or just because they feel like it. I can also watch it if the internet goes down (and even if the electricity in the whole house goes out on my battery-powered laptop for a few hours).

You don't truly own something when you have to access it online. You're just getting someone else's permission to temporarily access it, which can be revoked at any time for any reason or none at all, and you will have zero recourse to do anything about it.

I don't watch anything on phones though because my cellphone doesn't have that capability. I don't own a smartphone, but a basic "flip" phone; a Samsung Gusto II.
Oct 21, 12:29 PM

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Why do I download? Several reasons -

>Quality. Can't get that in streaming.

>Fansubs. Can't get that on (legal) streams. And I need my subs to be as accurate as possible. Also OP/ED karaoke cause the type setting on them can get really damn creative. Like ANE's Bakemonogatari release or the fansub of High Score Girl. And typesetting in general.

>i like to have my favorite anime ready to watch at any time at the best quality possible. Whenever I travel I carry my anime with me. Cuz Internet is not exactly fast here to stream anything.

>Preservation of anime is good. And I can share it with people.

As for mobile, cause it's just convenient. I dunno what other reason you need.
Oct 21, 1:08 PM

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1. You can watch it in a much higher quality and without eventual cuts.
2. You can have it available if you ever don't have internet or are moving around.
3. You prevent all the chore of going through streaming sites with intrusive ads, "prove you're human" kapchas, etc. Which are a considerable waste of time if you just want to watch a single ep at a time.

Before DLing you think it might be a chore, but when you actually do you already have the stuff you want to watch most of the time. And seasonals take me less than a minute to download anyway.
Oct 21, 2:13 PM

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Maybe becuase those epiodes can be watched offline. Or while traveling (in any vehicle). I did that long time ago.
Oct 21, 2:57 PM
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Because you'll always get quality that is the same or better than streaming sites. More importantly though its much more convenient for me and download times are super quick and easy. There really isn't a downside to torrenting.
Oct 21, 2:57 PM
Bmob Yrrehc

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Because I can't edit a stream in Vegas Pro. I kinda need RAWs if said show isn't available at retail.
Oct 21, 2:58 PM

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I used to download anime because it was easier to watch, less ads and I didn't need wifi. Nowadays I only stream because I'm too lazy to download it.
Oct 21, 3:15 PM

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I can also upload anime if you want to
Oct 21, 3:15 PM
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well i re-encode anime to smaller size for archiving the shows i like so i have no choice to download the better source and not those bitrate deprive illegal streams (legal streams provided by HorribleSubs are better quality though)
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