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why do alot of women wear makeup but not much men wear makeup

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Oct 22, 11:18 PM

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one reason may be to look more attractive to the opposite gender, although there are of course other reasons (such as improving self-esteem or just wanting to look prettier. peer pressure may also be at play). guys also want to be more "attractive" to the opposite gender, but in this case, being muscular-fit is considered attractive, which explains many of them obsessed with abs and weight-lifting.

Oct 23, 3:03 AM

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Fauxgrandma said:

yeah I think mostly though its problem of what is considered ''dress'' or ''feminine''
because there is boxy dresses/tunics etc that resemble very much a big shirts that dudes could wear with like leggings or something just like girls do and i wouldn't think they look any less masculine for it

Of course it's not "feminine", not that it would matter.

Also btw my sis taught my school friends to put make up on, since nobody liked acne and other nasty stuff in puberty. Until you get medication that makes it better (that coukd take some weeks), it's really good to have make-up in the meantime. It helps a bit at least, so why don't use it?

Oh yeah right, because of no homo, that looks gay and so on. Like I said, this type of no homo-straight guys is just so boring and uninspiring. Just put a little bit color on their face or nails and they go through an existential crises. :D
Okay maybe not, but painting drunken, sleeping male friends nails was still funny tbh ... most didn't care too much, but still were "ewww I look feminine...?"
Before you say something, I woke up with drawings on my skin too, that's just fair.

DarkSyndicate said:
Maneki-Mew said:

True, although I dunno.. don't like him or his outfits, but true.

I mean, I don't particular like most of these skirt-styles on men, or maybe I'm not used to I dunno, but I found this guy. Can't tell he's looking bad. REALLY can't say that haha.

It just looks weird, if they wear dresses and skirts for women, since, as I already said, the anatomy is different and doesn't fit waist and hips and dresses have room for breasts, which they don't have. So it looks weird how the fabric falls. I mean, I must know, we tried lol.

There should be more dresses and skirts made for men, just for the people, who would like them.
If you don't like them, ignore them, simple as that.

I mean, I'm often thinking something about someone else's looks but for like 10 seconds and then minding my own business again.

Same, but now, if it's not done in max. 20 minutes, it's not worth it. I'm too impatient and lazy. Only for a ball or cosplay I'd invest more time. ^^"

The plastic doll-look fucks with my brain, but I think it was this guy whose video gave me eyeliner tips, so I'm still thankful, although I think he's the definition of TOO MUCH haha

By adding more colors, you make the world black and white. That makes sense.

Now if guys who are straight would get the confidence to go out in whatever they want to wear like James Charles does, we'll be making some progress

Of course, of course, props for his self-confidence. You take a lot for doing stuff like that.

Although it's not conducive for guys to wear make-up, if they always see men with so much overdone make-up.
There should be, besides people like him, also be well-known guys, who wear more of the "daily life make-up". A little bit more than the "you can't see it make-up", but something you can wear in your life.

But to think of that: the make up and style of many actresses, female singers etc. is also not something you could do in daily life. The fewest people get up two hours earlier or so, but I had a collegue in a course of university, she did that every damn day and looked gorgeous.
I don't know either what kind of life form these people are ... I'm always glad I'm there, awake and don't look like shit.

EDIT: I saw his new body paint, that's really stunning, woah!
Well, I view this kind of use / overuse of make-up much more as an art form than something you actually should wear.
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Oct 23, 3:25 AM

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Women wear makeup because it makes them feel good.
Men don't wear makeup because of socially constructed gender roles, they also might get bullied because of it(Toxic Masculinity) or be perceived as less masculine by other men.
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